Design features of the luxury reception room in 2022

Some homeowners want the reception rooms in the interior spaces to be luxurious; The latter has several definitions of interior designers, some of whom link luxury to comfort and technological solutions in the control of homes, while others focus on materials used in architectural spaces, in this context, and on the choice of specific textures for furniture and specific colors that promote radiance.
Regarding the luxurious reception room, the Egyptian engineer Basant Bahaa El-Din told “” that the aforementioned room should reflect the general taste of the owners of the house, adding that “the luxurious decoration does not mean that the architectural space with many elements, colors and details, but instead focuses on appropriate, harmonious and comfortable options.” “.

Reception room floors, ceilings and walls

Wooden “parquet” is enough to give a special elegance to the floor

There are three main elements in any space: floors, ceiling and walls; In this context, Engineer Basant calls attention to his design, without neglecting the complementary elements, which are represented in: furniture, lighting, accessories…
She talks about the main elements in the contemporary reception room as follows:
1 Floor covering: This is the base on which all the elements rest. For flooring, there are many options, and these include:

  • The parquet, or multicolored wood, is enough to give a special shine to the place in which it is located.
  • A luxurious choice for flooring, marble is also characterized by high durability.
  • “Ceramic”, which can imitate marble or “granite”, and also includes “mosaic”.
  • “Granite”, which offers many options in terms of color and degree of gloss and has larger sizes compared to marble, and aligns with the latter in terms of durability.
  • “Porcelain”, which is one of the types of artificial stone with many options, adds luxury to the space in which it is located, and can imitate marble, “granite” or “ceramic”.
  • Other options for floor coverings include: epoxy, stone and rock tiles… Therefore, it is important to consider the functions performed in the reception room, to choose the floor, in harmony with the walls to create harmony in the decor to obtain. The engineer pointed out that the carpet could cover the floors, with countless shapes, patterns and colors. He explains that it is possible to combine more than one material with each other, in the floor covering, in the spacious reception room, without exaggerating the patterns and colors, when the goal of the interior design is to achieve luxury.
    Consistency in design between the elements of the luxury reception room

2 Ceiling: In a luxury home, the ceiling is characterized by simplicity (white color is a suitable option because it suggests space). It can be covered with wood in some parts, while working with hidden lighting and modern “spots” (track lights, for example), interwoven with colors represented in gold, silver and black. The chandelier is also chosen according to the design, ceiling height and “style” of the place … in the reception room Classic or “neo-classic”, the architect advises not to exaggerate by adding details to the ceiling and to take into account the height of the space take, knowing that the low ceiling with many decorations causes distress for the seated people.
3 Walls: The “banquets” on the walls achieve classic luxury, and they are used alone or together with other materials to double the sophistication in the place. Other wall covering materials include: marble, wood, wallpaper, paint, mirrors or “steel”. In addition, lighting is applied to the walls, whatever material they are covered with, with the attraction of bringing the materials together (wood and wallpaper, for example, or marble, wall paint and steel).

The TV wall is important in the design of the reception room

In addition, the engineer attaches importance to the wall receiving the television, as this surface can turn into a point of attraction in the room, especially when it embraces a library, and calls attention to wall accessories, including: wall lighting units ( devices) and artistic paintings and their frames, with the distribution of paintings in his way Regular and focus on neutral colors.

A model of the design of the walls with the striking “bananas”

Furniture in the luxurious reception room

Various lighting elements are important in the luxurious reception room

Whatever furniture is chosen for the reception room, it is necessary to distribute the pieces with curved shapes and neutral in terms of color, in a way that takes into account the ease of movement, while coordinating with the added cushions and curtains, and the gold is used. color without excess. The accessories on the side tables, the most important ones, with marble (or glass or wood) tops and the TV wall are important, they complement the luxury. The decorative elements include natural plants, which bring joy wherever they are, while being planted in appropriate seasons with a luxurious decor.

Engineer Basant
The Egyptian engineer, Basant Bahaa El Din


  • Pictures from the work of the Egyptian engineer, Basant Bahaa El Din

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