Designer Lulwa Al Wazzan: My grandmother’s jewelry fueled my passion for innovation

Kuwaiti jewelry designer Lulwa Al Wazzan majored in Business Administration and Finance from the American University of Kuwait, an inclination she inherited from the family’s love of business and entrepreneurship. But she has always been into the jewelry field since childhood, and being the only girl among her young brothers, jewelry and watches had a close relationship with beautiful memories with her mother.. Here her story begins with the jewelry we look at in the following..

Jewelery designed by designer Lulwa Al Wazzan

Why did you turn to the world of design?

I have known my passion since childhood, from my fascination with the beauty of artistically crafted jewelry and watches, which always caught my eye. My mother used to take me to jewelry stores and fairs in Kuwait and abroad, to buy her own jewelry and gifts for family and friends on a permanent basis. I don’t miss my memories of going to jewelry fairs with her, and from there I started thinking more about how to make them. After university, I took courses on precious stones, such as diamonds and pearls. I traveled to India, Italy, Paris and London to attend some practical and scientific courses on the history of jewelery and stone design.

My teenage fascination with jewelry developed into a passion when I was introduced to my grandmother’s heirloom pieces, and became more fascinated with them after college. In 2014, I started looking for educational institutions to design and study diamonds and gemstones. It was then that a small brand was born from my home in Kuwait among family and friends, and the project developed after several visits to jewelry fairs around the world, and knowledge of some of the mysteries of the market. Until the launch of Lulwa Jewelry on 12/12/2018 from the State of Kuwait, and from there to Dubai in 2020, and the following is even more beautiful.

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Career challenges

Designed by Lulwa Al Wazzan

What were the main challenges you faced as a jewelry designer, and how did you overcome them?

My journey in the world of jewelry began in 2014, just after I finished my university studies, as there were not many jewelry designers available like now, and the field of self-employment was not as easy for young people as it is today. The profession of “jewelers” in the Gulf is inherited from families who practiced it and became famous for it, but the time has come for young people to enter this field, and to put confidence of external funders. It was very difficult, I challenged and resisted these difficult thresholds, with continuity, try and change. Traveling to attend international exhibitions outside the country played a big role in opening the door to dealing with dealers and factories, and also getting to know design ideas. My journey started in a field where only a small minority believed in success, and my mother has always been the main supporter of me and the believer in my passion, as she is the pulsating faith, no matter how difficult things are not. always told me, “You are strong and can go on.”

What is your design style?

The design is a reflection of the soul, and everything else is simple, beautiful and eye-catching. The beauty of the art pieces caught my attention when I was young. Today I create designs that are not repetitive, as is the case with my “Plexi” collection, which has become a boom in the world of jewelry, combining the beauty of the Arabic language and its letters with modern jewelry. Today, it has become internationally known for its beauty and the difference in incorporating the unusual materials used in it, in a creative and delicate way that exudes beauty and craftsmanship.

Where do you get your design inspiration from? Are there certain rituals in which you prefer design?

Inspiration comes at any time, and a creative person sees beauty anywhere and everywhere. Everything that is beautiful and attractive revives the mind, thinking and spirit, so the design journey begins from this point of view. People, nature, experiences, travel, language, books and music play an essential role in reviving creativity in the designer.

How do you choose tools in your designs? And which stone do you prefer?

At the moment I rely on 18 karat gold, and precious stones. My favorite stone is colored diamonds, first green, then pink, then yellow, and of course the green emerald because of its spiritual beauty with the reflection of its natural green color full of life and hope, and its association with my birthday in May.

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beautiful meanings

Jewelery designed by designer Lulwa Al Wazzan

Preparing a new set can take 6 months depending on the stones used, and there are pieces that can take years to complete

Inspiration comes at any time, and a creative person sees beauty everywhere. What is beautiful and attractive revives the mind and soul

What is your favorite piece of jewelry?

Jewelery has always had beautiful meanings, each piece is associated with beautiful spiritual memories. I love my grandmother’s emerald and aquamarine ring, and I love my emerald ring, because the stone was a gift from my dear mother on our first trip together to the gem and jewelry fair in Thailand and Hong Kong. I then designed it for myself several times with different designs.

How long does it take to set up and finish a new batch?

Depending on the group and the stones used in it, there are groups that take 6 months, others 12 months, and there are pieces that take years to collect their stones.

What do you advise novice designers when starting their projects?

Creativity, continuity with change, and keeping up with any circumstances.

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Jewelery designed by designer Lulwa Al Wazzan

How do you deal with competitors?

I don’t see competition as part of my vocabulary, I’ve only been competing with myself since yesterday. I see her condition today with the same thought, and I reflect it on my brand. I believe that today we are in a world that accommodates everyone, and everyone has his direction and existence of creativity and goodness, and who focuses on himself , they don’t worry about him.

How has your profession affected your life?

I would like to turn the question around to “How has my life affected my profession?” My love for travel, discovery and aspiration, and I am social by nature, love people and learn about different cultures and civilizations from a young age… All this is an essential and big part of my personality, and it reflected on my professional life today positive.

What sets your brand apart from others?

Lulwa Jewelery is a trendsetter. Kuwaiti women are known to love fashion, and they even come up with new things in terms of fashion, beauty, bags and jewelry. And because I am a Kuwaiti woman with a taste for all that is beautiful and elegant, I have created plexi designs that are different from the usual ones in the jewelry market. These designs have met with unparalleled popularity in the Gulf region in particular, and the world of jewelery in general. “Lulwa Jewelry” also reflects my creative vision, as I transform any piece of gold and precious stones into a piece of jewelry that reflects the personality of its owner, and the designer produces from it pieces that catch the eye and fascinate hearts with their beauty.

How can readers of «Ms.» magazine follow you and get your designs?

Right now they will find all that is new on our LulwaFineJewelry social media page, and make a special appointment to view the pieces; Or via the website

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