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The German “Mercur” website revealed that many residents of the German state of Baden-Württemberg reported seeing poisonous “Nosferatu” spiders in the past few days, adding that these spiders were found in the dishwasher, bathroom and garden of the house was seen.

The Nosferatu spider is six centimeters long and has a brown color. These poisonous spiders usually live in the Mediterranean region, and are believed to have arrived in Germany from southern Europe by transporting goods or in the luggage of travelers, according to “Mercur”.

And BFAO 24 reported that only (as of September 1, 2022) about 70 people reported seeing the eight-legged spider, as it managed to reach the bedrooms of some people.

The same source added that the increasing talk of sightings of venomous spiders has created a state of fear on social networking sites. And the website quoted a person who wrote on his own account on “Facebook” saying: “I would go crazy if I found one of these spiders in my house.” Another wrote: “I will pack my bags and leave immediately. This is disgusting.”

In the same context, the “IRB Online” website revealed that the “Nosferatu” spider was also seen in several cities in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, such as the cities of Münster and Leverkusen…. Several people reported seeing it has. spider in their homes and in various places.

Spider expert Robert Vail said these spiders use their venom to trap their prey. He added that it is capable of penetrating human skin, but its sting is relatively harmless as it resembles the sting of a bee.

Another spider expert, Stefan Luxa, says that because of the cold weather outside, spiders are looking for a place with a more stable climate, which is what they find inside houses and apartments. “It is very likely that the spider will be discovered indoors more often in the future when autumn comes,” he added.

On the other hand, some conservation groups have requested that the discovery of “Nosferatu” spiders be well documented to learn more about them, and their possible spread in Germany due to climate change and other factors, according to the Mercure website.


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