Goodbye back pain.. Mattresses and chairs designed to comfort your body

10:03 AM

Wednesday 07 September 2022

Mattresses and seats are not one-size-fits-all, some cause physical pain, and others work to comfort your body.

Here we have selected for you a set of mattresses and chairs designed to comfort your body, and support your spine so that you do not feel back pain, through the Amazon online shopping site.

– Comfortable medical seat to provide comfort for long periods of sitting

It is a medical chair made of memory foam material, with German manufacturing technology, and it is safe and hygienic, with an inner cover of cotton and an outer cover of soft, washable velor.

It can provide you maximum comfort while sitting for long periods of time, effectively relieve fatigue, and there are no limits to using the seat to relieve pressure on the pelvic area and lower back.

– Medical foam mattress

The mattress comes with a compressed foam “Rebond” bed, with a height of 20 cm, and a 10 year warranty with the right to replace the first two years if a manufacturing fault is found.

In most cases, doctors recommend the use of hard mattresses to straighten the back, reduce curves and relieve pain. This is why this mattress is made of compressed medical sponge, a type of sponge distinguished by its hard surface .

This type of sponge is also characterized by its bearing of heavy weights, and its composition includes compressed sponge with a density of 80%, which is a good percentage that gives the mattress an appropriate degree of stiffness to help the body lie down and sleep without bending.

It is also best for spine and herniated disc patients, helps athletes sleep soundly and relax their muscles after strenuous and exhausting exercises, without causing any problems for bones or muscles.

Therefore, rebound mattresses are best for people whose work depends on physical exertion or heavy lifting.

It is characterized by two sides, a winter face and a summer face, where a layer of cotton is upholstered under the outer fabric of one of the sides of the mattress to reduce the feeling of heat in the summer, and a layer of fiber is upholstered under the outer fabric of the other side of the mattress, and this layer helps to generate heat. It is ideal to sleep on in winter, because it gives it warmth and heat.

Portable massage mattress

It is a portable, easy-to-move massage mattress that works to massage all parts of the body and is used in the car, in the office, and even on the bed.

– Medical air mattress for bedsores

It relieves bed pain and bed problems, relieves pressure and pain, improves blood circulation and reduces bedsores, and its specifications are as follows:

Mattress comes with striped waves:

The variable microhole jet function prevents dehydration and provides comfort, and is environmentally friendly and stimulates blood circulation.

Ultra-quiet variable pressure pump:

The variable pump delivers a constant air flow and delivers various pressure levels for a customizable experience. The duration of each compression cycle is approximately 12 minutes.

Sustainable design:

Premium vinyl mattress holds up to 135 lbs. The mattress pad fits easily to an existing mattress or frame. The included air hoses are flexible and unrestricted for easy installation.

Target group:

Long-term bedridden patients, the elderly, paralyzed patients, fracture patients and postoperative patients with special care.

– Soft foam mattress with two layers of separate springs

Medical mattress, it comes with a weight of 40 kg, and the size: 120 x 195 cm. It is a multi-layer mattress that combines good pressure relief from the different layers of foam used with little rebound due to the encapsulated spring system.

– Medical seat and armrest

The seat relieves pressure on the pelvis and provides the necessary support for the spine, ideal for car seats, office chairs and wheelchairs

Medical office chair

The mesh back office chair is a perfect addition to your office or home if you want comfortable and elegant furniture.

It features a gas Bifma lift with a flat tilt and lock mechanism, which allows for convenient use. Mesh back chairs are a valuable addition to cozy office rooms. Moreover, this chair helps you to get an upright working position and comfortable lower back support.

The seat is made of fabric material and filled with molded foam for comfort, and the mesh back provides air circulation between the body and the chair seat and back, it is an ideal choice for longer use in the day.

You can adjust the height of the chair to ensure comfortable use. It features a self-designed, chrome-plated polypropylene armrest for optimal comfort.

The aluminum chair base is equipped with nylon wheels that provide ease of movement without noise.

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