Her bedroom is from another world.. The camera finally enters the “Palace of Wonders” in which Nancy Ajram lives, the life of princesses!!

Nancy Ajram’s elegant house is located in Mount Lebanon in the “New Suhaila” area, where the famous artist lives with her husband, doctor “Fadi Al-Hashem” and her two beautiful daughters, “Ella” and “Mila”. what a charming view from the top of the mountain over Beirut. The decorations of Nancy Ajram’s house are generally characterized by a very modern and simple character, which almost belongs to the minimalist style or the minimalism school of decoration, that is to say the excessive simplicity in the design of the place, whether the room decor or the furniture designs.

Nancy Ajram’s house from the outside, from the outside we see the architectural design of the house in a modern way and modern geometric lines of the building as a whole, and we see in the modern an area of ​​greenery with two sessions in the middle, one for sitting and relaxing, and the other is a covered sitting from above and equipped to be an open space in the garden of the house dedicated to food.

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Her bedroom is from another world.. The camera finally enters the “Palace of Wonders” in which Nancy Ajram lives, the life of princesses!!

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