What can the Algerian regime offer to the Arabs, Africa and Europe?!!

In politics as in our daily life, the adjectives of “reason” and “ignorance” apply to friends as well as opponents, so we see a wise friend and an ignorant friend, a wise opponent and an ignorant one. Rather, we learned from the Arabic proverb, the well-known saying: A wise enemy is better than an ignorant friend!! We present this entry to attempt to place the Algerian regime in one of the two ranks between reason and ignorance in relation to its opponents and supporters.

To begin with, the problem of unilateral regimes throughout the world, and the Algerian regime is one of its last remnants, not in the fact that they are subject to the rule of one party, such as a single army, a single party, or a single individual, but rather in the fact that this doctrine applies to the rest of the political, cultural, social and other aspects of life. His political life is too poor to discuss, and his country’s economy is often dependent on one resource, even if it wants to diversify according to the logic of the times, so one becomes dominant and leaves some crumbs for meager economic activities on its edges, and it stains the whole cultural life with one ideology, whether socialist or Islamic, or liberal or nationalist!!

In the case of the Algerian regime, it has historically experimented with different shades of “monism”, so to speak. Since one party (the Liberation Front) was the only party in power after independence, it excluded all the currents that participated in the revolution, and it became the monopoly of the national liberation revolution. With the coup of the late President Houari Boumediene against his partner, President Ahmed Ben Bella, it was easy to move to a one-man government, which in turn (according to the same doctrine) all his opponents and partners in the revolution and the party, with the help of the “generals of France” as the Algerians know them. This group of generals who in turn gradually consolidated their foundations and got rid of their rivals within the military and intelligence establishment, can no longer tolerate a partner, how can they, and they are the product of the same faith, and they declared themselves the sole ruler in the wake of the annulment of the results of the legislative elections that gave the majority to the “Islamic Salvation Front”. And the rest you all know, as the army put on one civilian front after another, in a charade of which no one inside or outside Algeria is convinced, especially since it was run in a novice and weak way.

And because poverty and ignorance are inherent characteristics of all one-sided regimes, which cannot live without an internal or external danger threatening them, the great Algerian people, the real party that faces the excessive accounts of the era of French colonialism and its ” local heir” paid. , suffered from the absence of real development, a successful economy and a rich education. In the absence of a diversified pluralistic economy, and a complete blockage in political life, which testifies to one of the highest rates of boycott of its various mock elections in the world (evidence of people’s awareness and ignorance of the regime), which led to the impressive mass movement, which combined the terrible machine of repression and the conditions of the Corona pandemic to extinguish. She glows without embers that fade beneath her ashes. On the external front, the Algerian regime has taken Morocco (and not the Moroccan regime) as an enemy, which justifies the unlimited spending on the military’s unknown budgets, and which opens it from the doors of looting with billions through commissions for arms deals, and to justify the internal weakness of local development and the absence of real development. Even in the eras when oil and gas prices soared, the regime managed to absorb them by doubling military spending and inflating its personnel balances with commissions from large transactions, while internally, crumbs were directed to protest here or restlessness to stop there. And because the individual regimes suffer from widespread poverty, except from the proceeds of their only resource, and live under the guidance of the inspirational leader, their external relations are limited to trying to buy off some regimes – which are often similar to them – in order to try to create for themselves an international position that can be marketed internally, and illusory national nutrition, which is the case. Which was easy in the Cold War era with “revolutionary socialist regimes” ready for this kind of relationship. A reality that changed daily for three decades, without the “inspiring leadership” of the Algerian regime ever thinking of an alternative thought, and how it dealt with the regime of President Qais Saeed, and what it promotes about its role in the support of the Palestinian cause is just a sharp example that this regime is still living in the 1960s and the seventies (a check of one hundred million dollars for the Palestinian Authority, and a loan of three hundred million for Tunisia!!!).

And we must try to answer the question posed in the title: What can the Algerian regime offer to any party? On the grounds that the answer is known internally to the millions of Algerians who took to the streets to demand the overthrow of this regime, believing that it would be impossible for them to offer anything. Here it is useful to go through the different external circles one by one, and let’s start with the Arab countries, by formulating the question in a different way: What has the Algerian regime, what the regimes and people of his Arab region needs, and serve as a basis for building a relationship that goes beyond the telegrams of congratulations on Independence Day? And what Arab regimes, other than the dictator of Syria, need such a relationship with a regime from the “remnants” of the Cold War?!!

Politically, the time when the great powers have agents within each large geographical area, who speak in its name and influence its countries, according to the “center and periphery” theory, is directly over and without the need for mediation. As for Algeria’s only commodity (oil and gas), it became available to varying degrees in all Arab countries, and most if not all of Algeria’s neighbors had to accept the bargains of its regime in exchange for required political positions. A stalemate that allows the Algerian regime to “play small” in a way that contributes to its further containment, as it pits the Gulf states against its talks with Iran, and Egypt with its relationship with Ethiopia, and no other map finds within the scope of his eternal hostility towards Morocco than to blackmail Tunisia!! Not realizing that by his behavior he is not harming those who try to oppose them, but rather those who are trying to blackmail them!! Or weave false alliances with them.

The same is clearly evident in his relationship with his immediate neighbor. His speech, inspired by the pre-moon era, about “supporting the rebellious peoples and their right to self-determination,” is first known to his people and to the rest of the people. and regimes of the region, that it is contrary to the facts of history and geography, and developments in the world of politics and economics. In our world today. How can anyone believe his national revolutionary discourse in defense of an “alleged” Sahrawi “people”, most of whom are in their motherland, Morocco, while at the same time protecting the interests, favors and futures of over a hundred million sacrificed Maghreb, by cutting the lines of humanitarian and commercial communication between them, by closing the borders with Morocco, and disrupting the structures and actions of the “Arab Maghreb Union”, continuing to weaken the weaker partners in the To blackmail and pressure Union, in order to give it any false moral victory in its “total war” with its neighbor Morocco!!!

And by moving to the African circle, and with the spread of democracy infection in many of its countries, the circle of those willing to deal with the “goods” of the Algerian regime that resemble it is reduced to some regimes of its kind. East Africa, similar to the regions and countries that preceded it. A fragile circle, the Moroccan monarch, and the rest of the centers of political and economic action within Morocco, managed to destroy in less than five years what the Algerian regime had built in it during more than fifty years!!!

The hypothetical question here is, what are the plans of the Algerian regime when the winds of democracy blow against the rest of the African regimes similar to it, and it finds itself in a position similar to North Korea in East Asia ?? ! How will he act when the two-thirds majority in the African Union decides that it is time to end this absurdity that is not accepted by all the civilized countries of the world (the development summit between Africa and the world’s largest as an example, the latest of which is what happened to Japan), and to oust a “false republic” that has neither sovereignty nor control over Bedrooms led by??!! This is a very realistic and likely scenario, and even very close to happening, we wait and see!!

And if we come to the European circle, the neighbors of the north, and after the Algerian president’s ecstasy ends with his photos with the Italian and French presidents, and some senior officials in Europe, who know that their relationship with his regime once the winter cools down and the weather starts to improve next spring in their country, i.e. after about six months Since it is unlikely or likely that the negative impact of the war in Ukraine on the European energy sector will last until next winter continues, the Algerian regime must ask itself: What can we offer the Europeans, in a way that justifies them to trade with us?! Can France impose its perception and interests on its European partners in a world of eroding influence? Can the Algerian regime transform its closed economy with its petrified institutions into a system that tempts large European companies to invest in it, within a few months, and in the face of unequal competition with the two North African poles: Morocco and Egypt , and behind them Tunisia, and even Libya after the end of the war (reconstruction efforts) and Mauritania (With the recent massive gas discoveries)? Questions and others that no sane or ignorant person inside and outside the Algerian regime can answer in an optimistic way! This regime is not fooled by the fact that there are those who listen to its nonsense about its efforts to combat terrorism in the Sahara, a discourse that elicits laughter and derision from its listeners, even as they compliment it with silence, because what they have reports that prove the involvement of this regime directly (Algerian intelligence) and through its agents (the Polisario Front) in the formation, aid and feeding of this trans-Saharan terrorism, and in the best cases, its inability to any significant assistance in this area.

Finally, it is not possible for any regime that does not have the most basic elements of power internally (oppression and abuse are not among the manifestations of power, by the way), to possess the slightest elements of power in its external relations . Therefore, he is internally and externally managed in his movement within the scope of “reactions”, due to his lack of vision and insight, due to his one-sided nature and the rest of what we mentioned in the introduction. A year that will not exclude the Algerian regime from its consequences, and we will witness, as we have seen in dozens of experiences and stories throughout ancient and modern history, the end of this regime by the hands of its sons and victims, simply because it is weaker than the cobweb!!

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