A famous artist falls into a trap.. A hot intercourse scene on the bed turns into reality and the star cries and screams and the director continues filming!..Look who she is!

A shocking story every time it comes out, it returns to the media, and this time in a video interview dating back to 2013, which was unearthed by Elle magazine in its American version a few weeks ago, director Bernardo Bertolucci confirms that Maria Schneider, the heroine of his famous movie Last Tango in Paris (1972), knew nothing about her rape scene. Back (she was 19 years old).

He said the scene was real and it was the actor Marlon Brando (48 years old) who, on the morning of the shooting day, suggested using “butter” for penetration. He added that he feels guilty about what he did, but does not regret it: “I wanted the reaction of a girl who was raped and humiliated, not the feelings of an actress.” He points out that “Maria hated me. Brando and I hated me until she died.”

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A famous artist falls into a trap.. A hot intercourse scene on the bed turns into reality and the star cries and screams and the director continues filming!..Look who she is!

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