Child molestation.. Warning signs and steps for protection

Jafra News – Although sexual harassment does not in itself amount to rape, it is a path that the harasser can take to later pave the way for rape. Therefore, this shameful act that destroys the child and its future must be addressed unless proper treatment measures are taken for him.

Because of the damage that has occurred after harassment has occurred, the problem must be prevented and addressed socially, and in the event that it does occur, God forbid, treatment must be required because the effect can last for many years, affecting life of the child in some way.

How does the bully gain my child’s trust?

Many mothers and fathers say, the moment they discovered the issue of harassment of their children, that we never failed to warn our child about this issue, and we told him many stories that introduced him to the concept of this matter let understand , it happened, how did it happen? Unfortunately, the answer to this question is very painful, but it is a fact that we cannot deny, it is that especially 90% of pedophiles are close people, and this matter plays a big role in the child’s acceptance and trust in the harasser. . The person often suffers from family and emotional problems, but this can be a sign that something is wrong.

“Characteristics of a Harasser”

There is no specific indication or adjective that this person may be a harasser, and contrary to what is expected, they are often very friendly and show no sign of violence or abuse.

“Characteristics of the harasser”

1. Sudden changes in appetite, food, mood and sleep, and a tendency to isolate.

2. Introversion, extreme shyness, poor ability to communicate with the environment, and attachment to his parents.

3. His lack of acceptance from adults in general and the person who harassed him in particular.

4. Nightmares during sleep, panic and intense fear.

5. Sometimes involuntary urination occurs in children.

It is not necessary that all these symptoms occur in the child, but any change in the child’s behavior, however simple or slight, is in itself an indicator of the existence of a problem, regardless of the type, so parents have to pay close. attention to the behavior of their children.

How do I make my son more aware of the issue of harassment?

We should all know that our children are seekers of information and explorers of this world around them, for this reason, if we lose the ability to satisfy this desire by explaining many issues to them and answering all their questions, they will inevitably to other refuge. sources, then let us agree to be the source The first is to increase our children’s knowledge. Away from shyness, there are many ways to convey a certain idea very simply to the child, and in a manner that corresponds to his mental and cognitive abilities.

For example, it is possible for the mother to bring a doll and make an imaginary conversation with her in front of the child and give her the necessary advice on the issue of harassment and speak on behalf of that doll by giving a response by to agree to the words of the mother or father and then to return the instructions and advice addressed to her.

Here the child learns the lesson with the least effort, and it is also possible to explain to the child through storytelling, and do not forget to build a strong relationship between the child and his parents in which love, mercy and trust prevail not.

As for the type of dialogue and the advice that should be conveyed to the child, it is as follows:

_ You may not sit on anyone’s lap, no matter how close we are, or put on your clothes in front of anyone.

_ Do not leave the door to your room open or when you have to, close the door properly.

_ Don’t accept gifts from anyone, and don’t go shopping for sweets, food or anything with an acquaintance or even family, unless one of your parents is present or approved.

_ When you are exposed to anything abnormal, like someone very close to you, get away from him immediately, and if you can’t do that, scream.

Usually the bully starts doing things that attract the victim to him, such as feeding him candy, playing with him or doing anything pleasant that attracts the child to him. Then he controls it.

Treatment of the harasser:

It is very important to realize the following things:

1. The age of the harasser and the time of the incident.

2. What is the degree of harassment and the number of repetitions?

3. Extent of psychological or physical harm caused by harassment.

After limiting these matters, it is necessary to start behavioral psychotherapy for the child, or give some instructions to the parents on how to handle the child. In both cases, there should be guidance for the parents on how to handle the child. to deal with. whether it is necessary for their child to receive treatment or not.

And we must realize that the researcher in the psychology of the afflicted person can reach that this person was once a victim of sexual harassment, family breakdown or cruelty towards parents, or maybe he is a drug abuser or alcoholic, but whatever the reason behind this heinous act, Van must be punished and held responsible, and if he suffers from a psychological problem, he must receive the necessary treatment.

And in the end, we say our children are the inspiration of our hearts and the promising hope for a beautiful future. That is why we must protect them. Protection for them against all harm is a right that is no less important than their daily care and their right to education and the acquisition of all life skills.

Amal Al-Kurdi – Psychotherapist and behavioral therapist

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