Balmoral… the “fortified” castle of memories except of death

Buckingham Palace has announced the death of Queen Elizabeth II at the age of 96, after a long journey in which she ruled Britain for 70 years.

And the royal family in Britain rushed to be next to the queen this Thursday morning, the eighth of September, after doctors expressed concern about her health and recommended that she “remain under medical observation”, according to what Buckingham Palace announced.

“Following a reassessment this morning, the Queen’s doctors have expressed concern about Her Majesty’s health and have recommended that she remain under medical observation,” the palace said in a statement, adding that “the Queen is resting at Balmoral. “

ITV reported that the Queen’s four children, including Princess Anne and younger son Prince Edward, are currently with their mother at Balmoral.

In the Queen’s last public appearance to formally endorse the appointment of Liz Terrass as Prime Minister, on 6 September, to become the 15th Prime Minister in the Queen’s 70 years on the throne, the Queen appeared on her feet and was photographed smiling during the inauguration ceremony.

Due to her health problems, the Queen decided to stay at Balmoral rather than return to London, where the handover ceremony between the former and current Prime Minister is usually held. The statement comes after the 96-year-old canceled a virtual meeting of her private advisers and prominent ministers, following doctors’ advice to rest, and this last-minute cancellation confirms beyond doubt the fragility of the queen’s health, and there are concerns about problems surrounding her ability to move and move.

Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Williams, Duke of Cambridge, arrived at Balmoral, and the Duke of York, Earl and Countess of Wessex went to the castle, 40 miles west of Aberdeen. There are clearly concerns about the health of the Queen, who has been spending her summer holidays at her home in Scotland since July, more than ever.

Balmoral Castle

It is the summer holiday home of Queen Elizabeth in Scotland and the most secret sanctuary of the royal family. It has nurtured a number of monarchs since it was bought by Queen Victoria 165 years ago. It consists of a large house situated in Aberdeenshire near the village of Carthy (6.2 miles west of Ballater, 6.8 miles east of Bremer).

A member of the British Royal Family has lived in Balmoral since 1852, when the place was purchased privately by Prince Albert for Queen Victoria, so it is the property of the Royal Family and not the Crown. Its architect was William Smith of Aberdeen, and the castle’s designs were modified by Prince Albert.

The castle is an example of Scottish Baronial architecture, and is classified in the history of Scotland as a Category A building. The new castle was completed in 1856, and the old castle was demolished soon after. Some of the extensions at Balmoral were undertaken by members of the Royal Family and now cover an area of ​​approximately 50,000 acres (20,000 hectares). It is an estate that includes forests and farmland, as well as a herd of deer, highland cattle and ponies.

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Queen Victoria and Prince Albert I visited Scotland in 1842 after five years on the throne and two years into their marriage, and on this first visit they stayed at Timoth Castle in Perthshire. They returned to Blair Castle in 1844 until 1847 when they rented Lake Lagan, and on their last visit they encountered heavy rain which Mr. James Clark, the Queen’s physician, later recommended that she stay in Deeside in view of its healthy climate.

Sir Robert Gordon died in 1847 and the lease for the Moral returned to Lord Aberdeen. In February 1848, Prince Albert made arrangements for the remainder of the Balmoral lease. He moved with his furniture and staff without even looking at the property rights.

The royal couple arrived on their first visit on 8 September 1848. Victoria found the house “small but beautiful” and recorded in her diary that “everything about the place made her feel a breath of freedom and peace, and the world and she forgets sad turmoil”.

Elizabeth at Balmoral

Balmoral is known as the place where the Queen can relax with her family, ride her horse, walk the dogs and enjoy a big barbecue, but Balmoral Castle is not the only place where the Queen likes to spend time because she also has a more modest seven-bedroom house in which she stays during her time in Her Scottish estate, called Craigowan Lodge, which holds many special memories, and the Queen stays there in her secret hideaway when the castle is open to tourists, and the inn is located on the edge. of the forest and is a secluded and quiet haven.

Queen Elizabeth went to Balmoral Castle to spend a period of mourning for her husband Prince Philip. And the British newspaper “Daily Mail” said at the time that Balmoral and the surrounding country may be where Queen Elizabeth and her late husband were at their happiest.

“Far away in this secluded corner, surrounded by the wild countryside they both loved, it was where they could escape the drudgery of formal life in London and at Windsor Castle, and spend quality time with family,” she added.

Queen Elizabeth went to live in Balmoral when Diana, Princess of Wales, also died in 1997. In The Queen (2006) a private dramatized discussion with British Prime Minister Tony Blair was shown, and Mrs. Brown 1997 was based on the events at Balmoral, but alternative locations such as Blairquhan Castle are used in The Queen. , Castle Duns in ” Mrs. Brown”.

Speaking on Channel 5’s ‘Secrets of the Royal Palaces’ documentary, a former royal correspondent explained that the couple spent their time there as a “normal couple” and said: “I don’t think the Queen has cooked or nothing, but she and the duke could be there as a couple.” Ordinary people without titles. I think the Queen sees the greatness in these wonderful houses.”

This year is the Queen’s first summer holiday at Balmoral since Prince Philip’s death in April. Princess Eugenie, the Queen’s granddaughter, has previously spoken of her grandmother’s love for her monarchy in Scotland, and following Prince Philip’s death, she revealed a number of family photos reflecting the happy times he and the Queen spent at Balmoral . One of the photos taken by the Duchess of Cambridge shows the Queen and her husband in their Scottish home surrounded by their grandchildren.

Balmoral is a family home rarely used in state affairs, but there are a few exceptions, British Prime Ministers usually receive an annual invitation. According to their memoirs, most are not sure whether they are being invited for a social or official visit, and the former prime minister, John Major, reportedly helped with the laundry after the family barbecue. The British media regularly pay attention to the invitations to Balmoral Castle, which were visited by Lady Diana Spencer, Sarah Ferguson and Camilla Parker Bowles before each became a royal bride.

And when Kate Middleton drove to Highland, where the castle is located, according to British media, it was a clear indication that she and Prince William were in a serious relationship. Prime Ministers and Governors-General of Commonwealth countries were invited along with their families. Only one American president, David Eisenhower, visited her during his tenure, and it was said that the Queen’s friendship with President Eisenhower was so strong that she hosted him in her private castle.

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