Saudi contender backed by PGA Tour Saudi Arabia is ‘LIV and Let die’ case

Comment | Saudi contender backed by PGA Tour Saudi Arabia is ‘LIV and Let die’ case

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Former Sports Illustrated and ESPN writer Rick Riley is the author of “So Help Me Golf: Why We Love The Game. “

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the professional golfer is now a trio. It teeters on the brink of disaster.

Leaf Golf, Saudi Arabia’s attempt to remove its murderous human rights record in the sport by acquiring professional golfers for stupid money (Phil Mickelson: said $200 million), is working.

The opening leg of that LIV and Let Die tour, a massive $25 million total portfolio, ended Saturday at the Centurion Club in North London. LIV has already recorded nine big winners, with more popular bouncers.

These golfers know the writer Jamal Hashoji, who was cut down in Saudi Arabia. They know Saudi opponents of imprisonment, the criminalization of homosexuality and the oppression of women. In response, the players sent a message loud and clear: We don’t care. We want bigger planes.

It’s funny to hear how Mickelson and the others try to justify the business for the sake of a friend. Well, sure, he knows the Saudis are a “scary mother” like his biographer, Alan Chevnock said. But he also says, “I also saw the greatest thing that golf has done in history.”

right. Nothing comforts the downtrodden in a dictatorial nation like a defeated Iron 6. Remember when Kim Jong Il shot 34 one day and the North Korean people suddenly stopped starving? Yes me too.

Mickelson says it has nothing to do with money. (yes). No, he says working with the Saudis is part of his plan to “reform” the PGA Tour I made. What he is actually trying to reform is his pension account.

Winning twice in a row Dustin Johnson says it’s not about the money. (It is.) It’s his decision to get a $125 million report from the country about 75 percent of the so-called 9/11 terrorists involved to do “what’s good for my family.” Married to Gretsky, Kardashian was already rich and had only two children. What does he want everyone to have their own yacht?

Tiger Woods, meanwhile, has (I hear) more than $500 million at heart. He took this charge on the first day of the sheikh’s week. Every LIV, every round, he can pick up radio stations (103 and 107) and still earn enough to choke a Walton family member. You don’t want any of them.

But dripping golf mice turn into a fire hose. Superstar Bryson DeShampoo and his 400-meter main line participated as well as 2018 Masters Champion Patrick Reed and Players Champion Ricky Fowler. There is also talk of a Watson doll. Hey, will the last person to leave the PGA Tour please bring flagpoles?

Wave sucks. This means that the number of occasions when the best play will be far from enjoyable.

No wonder the PGA Tour began suspending players who had signed for Saudi Arabia within minutes of LIV’s first landing on Thursday. They were so confused that they had to console themselves by counting all the zeros on their checks.

Already now, actors and media are discovering what life looks like under tyranny. An Associated Press reporter from an LIV paper fired on the senator last week for not being “polite.” (He asked a tough question; it was eventually dropped.) Shipnuck was jostled around Thursday as Mickelson was about to speak to reporters.

So what now? no one knows The PGA Tour is not saying how long the ban will last. US Open officials say they will allow players to play in this week’s tournament, but what about next year? What about Dashampo and Johnson, who have 10 years to play in the tournament? Augusta National has not said a word but will it be banned five Former heroes of the masters?

The US PGA program is also stuck. If you cut all LIVers out of Raider Cup, it would be even more boring than C-SPAN 3.

The Saudis will not go. There is no bottom for their wallets. The PGA Tour needs to change, and I mean yesterday. It should start to allow for viewing fees. She has to start paying for hotels and health insurance. It should start offering smaller coins, without making the cut, in the thickness of its own star. It needs to stop worrying so much about the 101st player and start worrying about the former.

And the PGA Tour needs to open a small window to bring these defectors back. Because otherwise you’ll be waking up at two in the morning to watch the most important big hits.

Note, elephant, be careful with your new bosses. If they start talking about “sudden death”… I run.

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