With a unique and more daring design.. the brand new Kia 2023 K5 Sedan

In recent years, the Korean brand Kia has gained great popularity in all countries of the world, and Kia cars compete with all car manufacturers around the world, because they are characterized by luxury, precision and creativity in the production of their cars. features and innovative designs that have been at the forefront of sedan car enthusiasts.

As Kia launched the K5 2023 and Kia K5 2023 got a completely new update last year by changing its name from Optima to K5, and the car is characterized by its powerful engines and elegant and distinctive design, we let you explain the specifications of the car through this article.

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The K5 2023 offers first-class performance with a luxurious and comfortable interior. It features a spacious interior, which makes passengers feel completely comfortable with comfortable seats. The car’s interior is equipped with interior technologies that work with modern technology, offering a new generation of luxury and elegance. Kia K5 features 8-inch touchscreen, Bluetooth, 6-speaker audio system, radio, USB, wireless Android Auto compatibility, wireless charging for smartphones, manual blinds on the rear doors, its interior has a contemporary design that matches the levels of luxury brand refinement.

The new K5 2023 has a bold and powerful exterior design, and is one of the most beautiful cars on the outside than the rest of the sedans, and its exterior is sportier than the rest of the previous models, and includes the new Kia- logo in reflects a new generation of creativity that Kia is trying to spread, and the car is equipped with rear lights that present a dynamic, sophisticated image in the shape of a wing, while the headlights, especially the daytime running lights, in the shape of a heartbeat is designed. , which gives a distinctive feel to its occupants. The K5 2023 includes 17- and 18-inch wheels depending on the version, daytime running lights and the ability to fold and adjust the exterior mirrors electronically, as well as open The car is with remote control.

K5 2023

Engine capacity 2.5 liters

Engine power 190 hp

Torque 250 N

automatic transmission

The Kia 2023 K5 has 4 trim levels (LXS, EX, GT Line and GT), each price level is different from the others. Let’s get acquainted with the price of each:

LXS: $25,090.

GT Line: $26,490.

EX: $28,990.

GT: $31,490.

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