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Beirut – As soon as summer ends, the season of happy holidays, activity and vitality, some individuals become depressed and moody, and this usually happens with the change of seasons and climate change, but seasonal affective disorder, which is known for short as “SAD” ( SAD);Most women suffer from it, and the symptoms begin to appear in the fall and continue until late winter, resulting in a drain on their energy and frustration.

According to the drmessina website, which specializes in cognitive and psychological behavioral therapy, with the end of summer, the feeling of frustration and sadness begins with the arrival of autumn. To get rid of these feelings.

You can replace a summer trip with a winter trip to take advantage of the cold weather to practice fun winter activities (pixels).

The most important of these useful methods:

Consider changing: Of course, summer is the season of sunshine and vitality and a beautiful holiday, but you have to do your best to accept the change from one season to the next, see the positive angles in autumn and winter, have fun with your family and focus on the color blue, because it will be your guide.

Get a flight: The summer trip that is always associated with holidays must be replaced. A trip can also be undertaken and organized in autumn or winter and made very enjoyable, and the cold weather can be used to practice fun winter activities.

Sun exposure: There is a necessity to be exposed to the sun even in autumn and winter to get vitamin D, as it is very important for improving mood and relaxation. There is no need to stress, and you can do activities like exercising outside to get sunlight and keep you away from sadness and nervousness.

Be orderly and tidy: Moving into a new season and feeling tired and weary from the return of responsibilities, including returning to work, school and daily routine. Be orderly and not chaotic, it is necessary to allocate time to calmly and carefully return to this system and to avoid anxiety and tension.

Change is not a bad thing: You are not the only one who suffers in this world, but there are many who suffer like you, and they are able to face this change with boldness, smile and optimism, be positive and stay away from introversion and talking to others to feel comfortable.

Sociologist Fatima Arafat says that the main symptoms begin to affect the mood and the mood becomes sour, angry and anxious - (Al Jazeera Net).
Fatima Arafat: With the onset of autumn, symptoms of “end-summer depression” appear, and the mood is affected (Al-Jazeera)

This is what you must do

To improve mental health and mood, it is necessary to exercise daily, walk in the fresh air and change the diet, according to the advice of psychologist Fatima Arafat, who tells Al Jazeera Net, “Women will most likely in” end-of-summer depression” and even “seasonal affective disorder”, Symptoms of anxiety and sadness start when you stay indoors because of the cold and feel lethargic and inactive because of rain, clouds and little sunlight, so that the mood and the mood is affected.become sour.

Arafat explains that this depression is directly related to the weather, so she advises those who live in an area that is cold in winter and hot in summer to spend a few times in a dark room and high temperatures during avoiding the summer, to get used to the winter season later.

Arafat emphasized that the medical studies, according to the medical website “Healthline”; This indicates an increase in the melatonin hormone, which leads to drowsiness and depression, therefore it is necessary to go outside and exercise, and at certain times the body secretes hormones that give a feeling of frustration and sadness, specifically to the beginning of autumn. Symptoms begin; Including loss of activity and enthusiasm, feeling bad mood and not wanting to do anything.

To improve mental health and mood, it is necessary to exercise daily, walk in the fresh air and change the diet, according to Arafat.

1 Specialist in psychotherapy, Rayan Al-Badawi Najjar, explains that women are more prone to depression than men - (Al Jazeera Net).
Rayan Al-Badawi Najjar: Women are more prone to depression than men, due to the menstrual cycle and hormones (Al-Jazeera)

Women are more prone to depression

She agrees with Arafat, a specialist in psychotherapy, Rayan Al-Badawi Najjar, who assures Al Jazeera Net that women are more prone to depression than men, and the main symptoms that accompany these cases:

  • Negative feeling, which is accompanied by constant anxiety.
  • Feeling tired and unwilling to do anything.
  • immediate nervousness.
  • loss of appetite or vice versa; Desire to eat carbohydrates.
  • The desire to sleep or insomnia.
  • Inability to think straight and make the right decision.
  • Desire to isolate and stay away from social relationships.
    Taking a short walk outside for fresh air and exposure to natural light during the day reduces symptoms of end-of-summer depression (Shutterstock)

The dangers of end-summer depression

Najjar points out some risks of depression at the end of summer, pointing out that women are more prone to depression than men due to physical disturbances due to the menstrual cycle and hormones.

Those who already suffer from psychological disorders, hyperactivity, anxiety or tension are also more vulnerable to these disorders.

The genetic factor plays an important role in the origin of “end of summer depression”, as well as the geographical area that is more exposed to light and cold.

Tips to deal with this “depression” the right way

Najjar offers several tips that women can adopt to reduce the severity of these seasonal affective disorders, the most important of which are:

  • You should wake up at the same time every day.
  • Do exercise even if it’s raining or cold.
  • Take a short walk outside to get some fresh air.
  • Exposure to natural light during the day with windows open and sitting close to them.
  • Eat healthy food, vitamin D and fish rich in omega-3.

Psychological and behavioral treatment must definitely be carried out under the supervision of a doctor and specialist to overcome the dark and negative thoughts that affect the patient’s condition, or the patient, as Najjar tells Al Jazeera Net.

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