Football matches in Britain postponed ‘in honor of the exceptional Queen’

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It was decided to postpone the football activities, which were to be held in Britain on Saturday and Sunday, following the death of Queen Elizabeth II at the age of 96.

And announced the postponement of matches at all levels, including the English Premier League, in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

But many other events will go ahead as planned, including cricket, golf, rugby union and horse racing.

What about next week?

The English Premier League game scheduled for Monday between Leeds and Nottingham Forest has been canceled as it is part of the weekend’s round of fixtures.

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The Champions League, Europa League, Europa Conference League and English Football League matches scheduled for midweek will be played.

Thursday night’s European matches continued as scheduled, with a minute’s silence for the Queen during matches involving British teams.

UEFA has yet to provide an update on next week’s fixtures involving British teams, but Manchester City’s Champions League game against Borussia Dortmund is scheduled for Wednesday as planned.

BBC Sport has learned that City can provide the necessary security protection, so the match will be played at the Etihad Stadium as scheduled.

Rangers, who host Napoli in the Champions League on Tuesday, also announced they had started talks with UEFA but “for now the match is scheduled to take place on the appointed day and time”.

Manchester United has confirmed that its Europa League match with Sherif Club in Moldova will go ahead as scheduled “following discussions with the relevant governing bodies and in accordance with the directives issued by the UK Government” next Thursday.

The Football Association has yet to release an update on its round of fixtures scheduled for midweek.

As for the preparations for the coming weekend, they are currently going as planned, although this may change depending on the date of the Queen’s funeral.

The funeral is expected to take place at Westminster Abbey in less than two weeks, but the exact day will be confirmed by Buckingham Palace.

And if that happens next weekend, the games could be postponed again. The position of the match security police could be an important factor in the decision if it is moved to London and publicized in the capital to secure the Queen’s funeral.

Three matches will take place in London on Saturday and Sunday. Premier League officials are said to be speaking to clubs, while the Metropolitan Police have been asked to comment on future plans.

Tottenham face Leicester on Saturday night, while Brentford face Arsenal and Chelsea host Liverpool at home on Sunday 18 September.

Why did you postpone the matches?

Dan Rowan is the BBC’s sports editor

Following the Queen’s death on Thursday, football’s governing bodies met on Friday to discuss how best to handle matches scheduled for the weekend.

As prescribed by the government’s National Mourning Proclamation, cancellation of the Games is not mandatory.

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Football associations in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland confirmed on Friday that matches had been postponed in honor of the late Queen.

The Premier League announced that the decision not to complete its 10 games this weekend was made to honor the “exceptional life of the Queen and her contribution to the nation”.

But of course there are some who disagree with this view. They believe the matches would have given fans the opportunity to pay tribute to (the queen). There is understandable sympathy for those who have spent money on tickets and travel arrangements and now have to change their plans at short notice, especially with so many events in other sports going on.

The decision to stop popular tournaments and school sports is also controversial, especially after many football activities were stopped during the epidemic, even if the decision to stop was only for one week.

But it is known that the FA is taking into account the status of football as the national sport at this historic moment, and the close links that this sport has with the Queen, who has been a sponsor of the Football Association while Prince William is its president wash. . According to informed sources, there was a plan to temporarily suspend matches in such circumstances, and it was always likely that those plans would be followed, despite the inevitable review.

What was the reaction of the fans?

The Football Supporters’ Association admitted that “there is no ideal decision” for football’s governing bodies, but added that it was certain that many fans wanted matches to go ahead.

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“We believe that football is better off when it brings people together in times of great national importance, be they moments of joy or moments of mourning,” she said in a statement.

The league added: “Our view, which we have shared with the football authorities, is that most fans would like to go to the games this weekend and pay their respects to the Queen with the rest of the crowd.”

The league emphasized that not everyone “will agree,” so there was no ideal decision for football bodies, but many fans “will feel this is a missed opportunity for football to pay its own tribute.”

When will the postponed matches be held?

Simon Stone, BBC Sport

Scheduling (for postponed games) in the packed English football calendar with a full round of Premier League games (and possibly two) would be complicated.

In a unique season, which includes the Winter World Cup in Qatar, and resumes on December 20 with the fourth round of the Carabao Cup, the time space is very limited.

There is no free time in the middle of the week between now and the season ending on June 3, which happens by accident.

There are two midweek dates, 17 January and 7 February, dedicated to the third and fourth round replays of the FA Cup. Three other dates, April 4, May 2 and May 23, are for matches postponed due to the UEFA Cup final, FA Cup sixth round and semi-final.

Two more dates from mid-January are for the League Cup semi-finals. Eight other dates have been allocated for UEFA matches. The European football governing body refuses to hold domestic matches at the same time as European matches. There will be twice a week matches in the middle of the month of March as part of the final international mid-season break.

Talks will begin next week on how to resolve the issue. The relevant governing bodies are relieved about the situation as they dealt with similar scheduling issues during the 2020-2021 season with the outbreak of the coronavirus.

The FA Cup replay was then cancelled, and the FA Cup semi-final was played at one leg.

But the answers will now be just as difficult as before.

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