Is it the best hotel in the French capital within the ultra-luxury Cheval Blanc Paris

What happens when you change hospitality to the ninth grade? Cheval Blanc Paris is an example. Hotel somewhat impossible to make noise.

Before opening last year, it was advertised as having “all the magic ingredients”. [2021’s] The most exciting hotel opening statement (or similar) issued to the press before many hotels opened.

Only in this case, whoever hijacked that phrase made a fortune. And it was justified to end it with the phrase “it blows your mind”.

Ted Thornhill enters one of Cheval Blanc Paris’s 72 rooms and is dazzled every step of the way. Above is the beautiful indoor swimming pool – Europe’s largest indoor hotel pool

The rooms at Cheval Blanc offer charming views of the Paris skyline and the Ile de la Cite with Notre Dame Cathedral. The loft is the kind that Ted and his family frequent.

From its breathtaking views and breathtaking location on the Seine, this exceptional hotel is a pampering dior with impeccable service, fine dining options, beautiful bedrooms and the hotel’s largest indoor pool. We offer every level, right down to the spa. From the European pool, every inch of the interior exudes luxury.

Everywhere is striking art. It often deserves a museum.

Well-owned by French luxury giant LVMH, opposite the Ile de la Cité, this premium hotel is housed in an iconic Art Deco building that recently reopened as the company’s seven-story La Cité building, and also houses the Samaritaine -department store. So has President Macron, who has completed an amazing overhaul.

Hotel located

Owned by luxury French giant LVMH, The Best Drained Hotel is housed in an iconic Art Deco building.

Cheval Blanc Plenitude 3 Michelin star restaurant in Paris

Cheval Blanc Plenitude 3 Michelin star restaurant in Paris

In total, LVMH spent €750m (£646m/$750m) to restore the building. The project was overseen by architect Édouard Francois, and the hotel’s interior was redesigned by superstar American architect Peter Marino. Louis Vuitton flagship store in Beverly Hills – Parisian castle style, assisted by more than 600 craftsmen.

My partner, our 5-year-old daughter Emma, ​​and I take a taxi to the house with 72 rooms. A small army of doormen opened the door, fetched our bags and ushered us smoothly onto the beautiful two-story marble floor. – Soil floor.

Across from the entrance above a cluster of elegant sofas and armchairs are two 12-foot-tall dye prints by Brazilian artist Vic Muniz depicting the Eiffel Tower, with Frans on the wall to the right. The painting features a 21-foot tall abstract painting by artist Georges Mathieu.

Alongside the art and framing the entire space are eight handsome 22-foot-tall gold and bronze screens, complemented by 22-foot-tall white and bronze curtains.

I expect half a group of guided tours to crowd in front of her.

The receptionist who checked us in showed us our junior suite on the fifth floor – a room of pure luxury.

Parents will find king-size beds covered in silky sheets and soft pillows, and kids will also find camp beds wrapped in plush bedding. And voila, a toy Cheval Blanc (white horse) attached to a balloon is waiting for her.

There is also an elegant sofa, a wardrobe covered in polished wood, several drawers and cupboards, and a beautiful marble-clad bathroom.

Here you’ll find a spacious bathroom, walk-in shower that doubles as a steam room, double sinks, virtually wall-to-wall mirrors, and a host of luxury bathroom amenities, including shower products by Dior perfumer Francois Demachy.

Cheval Blanc Lounge Paris

The Marble floors Cheval Blanc Paris portal on two floors. Opposite the entrance are two 12-foot tall dye prints by Brazilian artist Vic Muniz depicting the Eiffel Tower.

The building that houses the hotel (top center) also houses LVMH's seven-story La Samaritaine department store, which was reopened last year (by President Macron) after a beautiful renovation.

The building that houses the hotel (top center) also houses LVMH’s seven-story La Samaritaine department store, which was reopened last year (by President Macron) after a beautiful renovation.

The design, on the other hand, is a semi-open plan, with the sink placed perpendicular to the bay window. At the push of a button, the curtains can be lowered for privacy or left to absorb the scenery.

And what a view.

The room opens onto an enclosed balcony with floor-to-ceiling windows (divided by mirrors for a whimsical infinity reflection effect) and two beautiful wooden chairs facing each other. I am here. Further away is the Pont Neuf over the Ile de la Cité with Notre Dame Cathedral.

After sitting on the thick cushions of our chairs, check out the bubble activity below. Cyclists and taxis cross the bridge, and glass-covered tourist boats with enthusiastic tourists come and go, moored to neighboring rafts.

Relax... Luxury massage rooms at Dior Spa

Relax… Luxurious massage rooms at the “pampering” Dior spa

Apparently it’s a great room, but the inventory is also down to the smallest detail.

For example, the bedside lamps and center chandelier are made of metal and stucco by the sculptor Philip Antonio. They are found in every bedroom, but the design is unique to each room.

The soap is also shaped like the hotel and has a distinct facade pattern.

The pattern is subtly repeated on the carpet, complimentary slippers, the handmade plaster wall opposite the bed, and even the small step for the TV remote control in the bathroom.

In fact, you can see them all over the hotel.

But the little paradise that Emma fell in love with is missing in the beautiful nursery, Le Carrousel.

There are two themes: garden and seafaring. There are two types of tanks, including a spherical tank inhabited by jellyfish. Emma dives into her little kingdom with her nanny while her parents go to the seventh floor for cocktails and dinner.

Cute children's room

The wonderful children’s room “Le Carrousel” has two themes: garden and sea

Our first stop is the panoramic terrace of the summer garden. There you can sip a perfectly executed French 75 and Pisco Sour cocktail as the sun sets, admiring the surrounding avenue past the admirable Gothic church of Saint-Germain-Rotherois next door. to the Eiffel Tower.

This view is conquered after 30 minutes at Le Tout-Paris. It is located in the far corner of the beautiful lawn of the garden.

The hotel features three restaurants headed by chef Arnaud Donchiori, the three-Michelin-starred Plinyud, the Italian Langusteria, and a nightclub serving French cuisine in stunningly elegant surroundings.

Inside, you’ll find chairs and banquettes in striking shades of orange, yellow and red. But it led outside to one of the prestigious tables set in the alcoves, where guests can enjoy fantastic views of the Seine and the skyline.

Like a dream.

At every stage of our stay the food is first class, the drinks delicious and the service impeccable.

At Le Tout-Paris, Ted eats crab and avocado pie (La Tarte Tour Teau) and beef with Dauphin potatoes and Le Millefeuille.

At Le Tout-Paris, Ted eats crab and avocado pie (La Tarte Tour Teau) and beef with Dauphin potatoes and Le Millefeuille.

Ted's Le Tout-Paris table (similar to the one above) is outside, where he and his partner enjoy breathtaking views of the Seine and the skyline.

A typical breakfast is served at Le Tout-Paris.  Ted writes:

Ted’s Le Tout-Paris dining table is outside (similar to the one above), and he and his partner enjoy breathtaking views of the Seine and the skyline. They return to the restaurant for breakfast – in the photo on the right, a typical spread is served.

I start with the crab and avocado tart (tarto torto), opt for beef with dauphin potatoes for my main, and finish with le millefeuille.

my french partner That’s it The French know how to make pastries “right”. And she seems happy to have been claimed by my cooking and the classic Paris Brest.

As for drinks, the VP of the wide sommelier advised me to start with Moët & Chandon Champagne (2013 white and 2012 pink, both excellent).

The next morning we go back to the restaurant for breakfast. This time at a round table with semi-circular seats.

Guests don’t have to bother bringing food from the buffet. Instead, a small bowl of fruit and a basket of baked goods, including the ultimate pain chocolate with perfect crunch, are brought to your table and extra orders are taken.

It’s eggs benedict for me and hot chocolate for the little ones, served in a nice copper kettle.

Our stay ends with a swim in the beautiful 30m (98ft) pool. The floor is decorated with a charming undulating mosaic pattern, while the walls are decorated with moving images of the Seine, creating the illusion of swimming. River.

Another magical element that makes this hotel one of the most exciting new hotels of 2021 and one of the best hotels of 2022.

Travel facts

Ted and his family host at Cheval Blanc Paris minus babysitting and room service fees. Room rates start at around £1,600 (€1,860 / $1,860) per night.

strengths: Hotel hospitality is close to perfection – beautiful decor, beautiful bedrooms, world-class restaurants, amazing facilities including an exciting indoor pool, beautiful views and first-class staff in all departments.

Negatives: If you can afford it – no.


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