The signs of the hour appeared.. He married the sister of his deceased wife, and on the night of the wedding, the children heard a hysterical scream from the bedroom, and when they opened the door, the fatal shock was!!

Marriage is the first step in building a family in which society grows. Marriage is a sacred relationship surrounded by love, affection and happiness for all. This is a cosmic year for building the universe.

One party should not be forced on the other, but they should be in harmony and agreement, and there should be acceptance and affection between them.Forcing either party to the other will not last for them to marry for long , and there will be problems they will not be able to live with.

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The signs of the hour appeared.. He married the sister of his deceased wife, and on the night of the wedding, the children heard a hysterical scream from the bedroom, and when they opened the door, the fatal shock was!!

The hysterical scream of a famous artist in the hottest scene with Rushdi Abaza, and the director did not stop filming and let him continue with the fun till the end.!!

A Saudi businessman has an affair with a beautiful Moroccan dancer and lives with her husbands, and when I woke up in the morning, the unthinkable happened!

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