The “vintage” character in the decor.. back to the good times

While there are some vintage home decor that we hope we never see again, there are other cool trends that come back again and again, but with a more modern twist. Vintage design trends are making a comeback, and will continue to gain strength, inspired by the glamor of the 1950s and 1960s. Velvet and rattan furniture, curved shapes and even some colors that were popular in the 70s are back better than ever.


Each of us feels a desire to update the private interior decoration, and the trend today in the world of decoration tends to update in a way that embraces the “vintage” touch, that is classic, luxurious. This does not mean rebuilding the entire room to make it happen! Adding some pieces, colors or old-fashioned furniture will solve the problem. As for the old design trends influencing interior designers to add to your home decor at the beginning of fall 2022, here are the most prominent:

Velvet strong back

(Image via Bokja Bokja)

Light shades of velvet are present in most collections of international brands

If the idea of ​​velvet furniture brings back memories of the grandparents’ house, don’t worry. The velvet furniture we see appearing in each of the luxury brands’ collections is different from the furniture our ancestors used; It is contemporary and worthy of refined taste. Light shades of velvet are present in all the furniture offered by international brands, especially Gucci, which we saw in its 2022 decor collection, breathtaking sofas, executed in wonderful colors and velvet fabrics, most of them with patterns from the past. The details of these prints take us straight back to the fifties and sixties, such as the tassels, and the dark wood color on the legs. The dominant idea here is for the piece to blend in with the decor, rather than being a dominant centerpiece. Velvet is one of the most versatile materials you can choose from, and it’s soft, comfortable and durable. If you don’t want to choose this material as a basic piece of velvet furniture, you can accentuate the room’s decor with velvet cushions, lampshades, chairs or blankets.

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bold colors

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The secret is to bring different elements together, using bright and vibrant colors, and creating cohesive contrast with just a few luxuries.

There is a remarkable resurgence of strong colors in paint, upholstery and curtains, replacing the neutral colors that have dominated the interior design world in recent years. Colorful elements of nature inspired the colors of the sixties and seventies, such as avocado green and burnt orange. To use these natural colors in today’s contemporary decor, there are many options. For example, if the current decor is inspired by stone houses, or wood accents are very popular these days, the rich greens and warm reds of the 1950s will pair well with natural stone and wood.

Mix the old with the new

(Version designed by engineer Joe Shukr)

Old design trends are making a comeback today, but not in the same way they were used 50 years ago. These vintage patterns are paired with modern design in a way that creates a whole new look. In this context, soft materials and edges help to create a welcoming space in any room in your home, while natural colors and materials complement this look. The key to making antique decor contemporary is to mix the old with the new, a trend we’ve seen at Fendi, the most prominent among the brands that have brought in old touches with contemporary decor, either by mixing materials, or old furniture designs with many contemporary decorative and artistic pieces. So many antiques in one room, it feels like we’re right back in the 1950s.

The key to the contemporary look of antique decor is not to go extreme, but to temper the trend by introducing more contemporary pieces or designs.

For those who want to add touches of the past in an understated way, they can rely on Hermès home accessories, such as the wooden cabinet table, or the wooden divider with engravings from the 1960s.

On this subject, the Lebanese interior designer Joe Shukr says: “This return is not entirely new, since 2015 we have started using the touches of “vintage”, introducing touches of the old and merging them with the modern. He inherited it from his family, and he wants to put it in a new picture in his house, here we can manipulate the renewal of the cloth, or change the color of the wood, or the colors of the material from which the pieces are made .”

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(Version designed by engineer Joe Shukr)

Create emotional comfort

• Decor by Fendi Casa, very modern features with two chairs in antique and refurbished.• Classic style living room by Ralph Lauren

For thousands of years, interior design trends have been used as aesthetic tools in our efforts to find some kind of inner peace: Take, for example, the ancient Chinese art of feng shui, where spatial position corresponds to the flow of energy; Or the ancient Roman style, which uses earth colors and geometric patterns to imitate the harmony of nature. There is more and more research showing the direct impact of homes, not only on mood, but on overall health and well-being. Is it any wonder that in 2022 – the third year since the outbreak of the global Corona pandemic – the focus in interior design trends will once again be on our emotional well-being?
In this period, the whole world had to slow down and spend time at home – which led to a strong desire to create a space that visually and emotionally reflects how we feel. More recently, designers have paid much attention to how a design can generate power. Antiques, and reusable items, all play their part in creating comfort in homes. The secret is to bring the different elements together using bright and vibrant colors and create a cohesive contrast with just a few luxuries, such as rich fabrics and striking lighting with a modern twist, as seen in the 2022 Dior furniture expenses.

Touches of the past

The spirit of “vintage” is the heroine of the novel in many of this year’s decor trends. They have the ability to have a relaxing effect, their appearance brings texture and warmth to any environment, and apart from their decorative flair, these rare vintage pieces will bring luxury back in style. By repurposing the old in our modern home decor, we add a rich sense of history. For example, Shukr says, “If we have a great vintage frame, we can replace the painting with another one and keep the frame.” Another example is cushions, where “we can add vintage decorative cushions with a modern contemporary design chair.” A creative idea that the Lebanese decorator gave us is to combine a modern dining table with vintage chairs, so that each chair is different from the others, to achieve an attractive, funky, modern feel with a creative vintage flavor , or even add a signature chandelier inspired by the fifties.
These top tricks are perfect to make antique decor a success, to get the right look of the 2022 “vintage” decor fashion. The world of decor is witnessing a growing demand for wallpaper and fabrics with vintage designs as people today look to add character and warmth to their living spaces. In this regard, Shukr says: “We cannot say that wallpaper is a new fashion that has returned to home decoration, but we see it today with larger and clearer inscriptions, all inspired by the past; While the paint colors moved from the predominance of calm colors to the trend towards bright colors.”

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