Between Hafez al-Assad and Saddam Hussein: One party and similar disasters

Hafez Assad, the great and immortal leader, was a true hero. He did not surrender his country to the Americans and then the Iranians like the commanding Mujahid leader Saddam Hussein, but to the Iranians and the Russians. An Iraqi young man sacrificed for the Gulf in a proxy war. The Syrian state instead paid for everyone and killed those who were killed for the resistance in prisons and detention centers, then he died in comfort and tranquility in a hospital on a bed, so that an American soldier pulled out of a hole, he died hanging on a rope with those among them and they were among him.

“Hafez al-Assad” died of a disease of natural death, and no one was allowed to hang him, neither did “Saddam”, who ruled both the “Fertile Crescent” Mesopotamia and the Levant for dozens of years, the region in which the best, most important and richest civilizations in the world flourished in the past, and remained until the modern era Iraq and Syria are beacons of culture, science, literature and the arts. The two countries have the greatest writers, scholars and thinkers in the Arab region and around the world, as well as the most skilled craftsmen, teachers and other human skills in all fields, but the people of these competencies were never allowed in Iraq, Syria and other countries. The Arab countries must invest their energy. at home, which scattered their owners around the world due to oppression, marginalization, humiliation and impoverishment, which caused emigration during the reigns of Saddam and Hafez, and then the bleeding of Iraqi and Syrian refugees after the US war on Iraq and the Syrian revolution against Bashar al-Wahsh’s regime.

Kill any glimmer of hope

In two countries rich in natural and human resources, at one point after their independence from Britain and France, they almost leapfrogged to democracy, pluralism, scientific and knowledge prosperity, and economic prosperity. The forces of evil in the West and the East and within the east. Iraq and Western Syria had a different opinion, killing any glimmer of hope for progress and attacking any attempt to Leap Forward, there is nothing better and easier to do than to empower the military and brutal dictatorships and not to create thugs.

The two countries were formally ruled in the name of the “Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party” with its wings on the right and the left, but everyone knows that this formality was an important and required way to only society in all its categories to control, and to subdue it, but rather to tame it constantly and permanently, and that the army and security forces were present, ready and ready whenever it was necessary to stifle liberties and how many Mouths, with threats, imprisonment, torture and murder, and it is not consecutive. stages such as the schedules of functional punishments. People can be killed directly in the streets or in bedrooms, and they can simply be mass-murdered by chemical means in which Saddam preceded the roar in Halabja, the beast son of the beast Bashar in “Ghouta” and others, or in collective pits, as the Iraqi army did to the Kurds of Iraq in what I called the “Anfal campaign”, or as the Syrian army mercenaries did to the Palestinian and Syrian Sunnis in the “Tadamon neighborhood”, or if the Syrian army did with the Syrian prisoners in the “Palmyra prison”. A terrible history of unspeakable crime, which can never be described or summed up, and by no means revealed many and many of its chapters.

One party, two different environments

A normal person always thinks, not sometimes, and asks: What is this destiny, what is this part, what is all this misery and pain, and why?, or he says: What have we done to all this recent past and this to deserve present? The life and future of our children, if conditions were normal? This is how a normal person thinks.

Saleh al-Qallab, the former Jordanian Minister of Culture and Minister of Information, says: The difference between Hafez Assad and Saddam Hussein, who were raised in one party but in two different environments, is that the former was soft touch, highly polite, elegant and long-suffering, and that when he decided to get rid of his opponents, he would eat them. With a fork and a knife, as for the second, his overconfidence is artificial, and that he is a skeptic who does not even trust his children, and that when he decides to get rid of those who stand in his way , he uses the ax and the cleaver!

I mean, the “methods” were many, and death was one, but … promises to begin with were – I claim – for their end corresponding to the result, which is death, and to the means difference between a noose and a hospital bed, a reason I can hardly believe after everything that happened in Iraq and then in Syria, especially with the continuation of Ibn The beast and his international support all these years, which is that Saddam at best he was a predatory bear who attacked a “hive” and got away with it, and at worst he was just an agent for everyone who brought him to power and supported his survival and then was killed when it was time to pick him up. As for Hafez the animal, he is not lost. He was a partner of all who brought and supported him, a true partner and even a “rabbi” of the great rabbis of “Israel”, and even as it was said in an article talking about the Israeli spy has ” Eliyahu Cohen” who filled the world and occupied people: that the Syrian regime (the Lion of Judah crouching on Bilad al-Sham) is to protect the Hebrew state and implement specific functions.

In the end, and this is to remind those who love Saddam the bastard because he is “Sunni”, and those who love and love the two monsters, Hafez al-Wahsh and his son because they are Alawites is, Saddam was not a Sunni, but a murderous, murderous dictator They were destined to rule most of the “Fertile Crescent”, what a shame.

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