Raja Kabil: My Design for a Hotel in Morocco Made a Global Sensation | a dialogue

Designer Raja Kabil started her career in the world of design at the beginning of her graduation from the Faculty of Fine Arts in 1999, Department of Interior Architecture, and also studied the art of drawing and sculpture in Italy. Public or private, bold design outside the box is her first passion for any work she begins, her mixing of models and colors is one of her hallmarks which she carefully implements, the search for beauty and its guiding realization through the journey of any business or project she designs, Raja won three international awards for the year 2021 for Three projects designed and executed with precision and creativity. About her world in the field of interior design, her own vision and design philosophy, we had this conversation with designer Raja Kabeel.

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-First we would like to know what is the nature of your work in the world of interior design?
I work through my own office with a team that I carefully selected and founded in 2002. We have achieved many achievements, whether in private projects such as houses, from large and small villas to apartments of different sizes, to small studios, or public projects such as hotels, so we made hotels in Egypt in Sharm El Sheikh, and abroad, where I designed a hotel in Morocco, which is “Boutique Hotel” and it experienced great success and media hype, and international and local magazines and newspapers talked about The mission in this field as it displays the most important international designs. Among the achievements of my work are designs for international schools and private clinics, designed in unique and unprecedented ways.

Did your frequent visits to Italy and your studies there influence your creativity?
My relationship with Italy is a close one because I have visited it many times. My family lives there, and I think that it gave me the opportunity to see Italian beauty and culture, with its history and art, which helped me to open my knowledge and artistic horizons.

Tell us about the latest international awards you have received.
In the year 2021, I was honored and proud to receive three awards that are considered among the most important awards in the field of design, which bear the name “Luxury lifestyle awards 2021.” The awards were for an office, another for a residential project, and the third for a boutique hotel in Morocco. The design came in a modern style that combines taste and practicality, and I was keen to have an unconventional philosophy and thought. As for the residential project, it was for a villa with an area of ​​about 2500 square meters, besides the large garden area, which is also a large area, and about the third project, it was for Boutique Hotel, which I have a designed a few years ago in the brotherly state of Morocco, this design had a special character that combines Moroccan and Arabic style with a modern character.

What is your signature in design?
I like diversity between all styles, from classic to modern to modernity. I also like the idea of ​​mixing, whether in colors, materials, or models such as classic and modern, because I believe that mixing achieves a unique design and each house distinguishes itself from the others, and I am always careful not to leave any details to repeat in my designs, except that there are basic lines that are similar to my design philosophy, as I aim to show the personality of the owners of the house to achieve a sense of uniqueness and comfort for them.

What about your design philosophy??
I see that attention to the architecture of the place and the correct recruitment is one of the most important things in successful design, so my start is not in terms of choosing the style, color or furniture of the place, but through the architectural its design. so that it looks more spacious and achieves the best ways to use it, and this is a step that I find dangerous if we do not pay attention to it, because the elements Architecture are difficult to change or treat in the future, unlike furniture, colors and other moving objects Everything that is fixed must be well thought out, well planned and executed with great precision.

Inspiration is one of the important things for a designer, tell us about it.
The designer must constantly be in a state of creativity through his knowledge, studies and knowledge of everything that is new, from which he will be able to be inspired. Also, communication between generations of designers helps each party to draw inspiration from the other, which is important for the best results. Every designer has a vision in the source of his inspiration, for myself, I take inspiration from my design by the nature and space of the house itself and the needs of its owners, then I start the stage of creativity.

What are the things that help you to be more creative while designing any project?
The thing that makes me happiest while designing any house or project is to find the client open and brave, desiring new and different things.

– How is your new home furniture production line?
Based on my design work, I often made special pieces of furniture as unique units needed to design the place, and I found that it was a natural development to start designing and implementing pieces of furniture so that I have a more extensive production line.

Why do many interior designers turn to furniture design?
I see that the designer who has enough experience should turn to furniture design because of his taste in choosing materials and determining the correct proportions of the pieces, so I invite designers to think about this matter, because increasing the production of Egyptian furniture will improve our manufacturing capacity and therefore limit imports from abroad, and we As distinguished and advanced Egyptian designers we have a healthy competition that will help to achieve the best.

Do we have the materials and capabilities to make furniture that competes with the world?
It is not necessary for us to manufacture the raw materials from the land of Egypt, for example wood is usually imported because we do not have the forests that produce the wood we need for manufacturing. It is logical that some of the raw materials we will need for manufacturing, will be imported, but we have treasures in skilled labor in all industries. Like carpenters, blacksmiths and brasssmiths, we are also creative in designing rare and distinctive pieces in addition to our capabilities to design pieces with international specifications.

Can we reach our furniture industry for export to foreign countries?
Of course I see that we have all the capabilities to achieve this easily, but we just need to have more factories than are available and to take care of manufacturing by raising awareness of the need to implement high quality parts as well as the workforce and their to train well. Moreover, our artistic heritage, such as the ancient Egyptian, Nubian, Boer and others, allows us to reuse them in modern ways to produce unique designs through which we can dazzle the world.

– What are the limitations that still stand in the way of our access to the universality of our designs?
Egyptian designers are at the top of the list among designers in the Arab world, but if we talk about design as an industry, I think we still need time to get rid of the culture of the “Khawaja complex” that we dominate, by what I mean our dependence on foreign designers and engineers in the work of large and large projects This has a negative impact on Providing opportunities to show our tremendous abilities in this field, even though we have excellent architects and designers .

– What do you think about the designers of the new generation?
The new generation of designers has important advantages. They have advanced tools that help them express themselves and their ideas, which were not available to us when we started as a generation of designers, as well as the previous generation to us. Also the presence of the Internet and global openness have now given them the opportunity to know everything that is new around the world. They are in their places, but I blame them for the fact that some of them used these instruments in an exaggerated way, and therefore the effect of this on their learning and the increase of their experiences gained by visiting exhibitions and learning from the more experienced generations, who made most of their designs completely similar, and therefore we do not find a special imprint for them and this case I see reduces One of their chances to stay long, because repetition leads to boredom and not excellence, and they are impulsive and have no passion for the love of work that was our goal in design, but rather they are motivated by the desire for quick profit and success.

So what do you advise them?
That they use their tools correctly and learn well, university studies are never enough, and it is not necessary for every modern designer to start by opening his own office, as there is no need to rush, they can prove themselves and their goals and achieve creativity by working with those more experienced than them.

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