Rania Fahmy: The furniture design was inspired by our family relationships | a dialogue

Rania Fahmy is an exceptional designer who knows her abilities and appreciates her talent which has supported her with study, research and work; To become one of the signs of design, with its innovative thinking that deviates completely from the traditional, as it makes its own fingerprints and stays away from quotation, but is inspired by its ideas of everything that surrounds it to make it with a completely different artistic eye, thus producing an unprecedented creative work. Rania worked for several years in interior design, in which she succeeded with distinction, but three years ago she decided to leave this aspect to become a designer of home furniture through a wide product range that reflects her own experience and vision.

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A journey full of success and uniqueness, we get to know him through this interview with designer Rania Fahmy.

• Start, would the reader of Half of the World like to get to know you better?
I have been working in the field of design for over 25 years, before that I studied design in London and graduated from the university there, and worked with the designer Nada Allam for three years, through which I gained many experiences that led me into enabled me to set up my own office for interior design, and at the time the number of designers. to be assigned many projects.

• and what?
After about 12 years, I decided to open my own exhibition of furniture and home accessories, and it coincided with the beginning of the existence of international exhibitions of furniture. As I import separate parts from different countries of the world, such as France, Italy, Portugal, Spain and others. Then, three years ago, I decided to move to another stage, which is furniture design and manufacturing locally, so I actually started making my collections of furniture, and since that time I left interior design and preferred to focus on furniture design focus. Because I care about every detail.

• In your opinion, what are the qualities a designer should have?
The designer must be creative and think outside the box, draw inspiration from things and life in general, and always be looking for something new to present the difference away from the idea of ​​quotation. Creating an idea and designing it is a big challenge for the leading designer. The designer must also be patient, and his mind is open to everything, and his view is different so that he can innovate, and to reach this stage, he must have a calm climate There is no objection to cooperation between designers, because any group work is stronger than individual work.

• What is your brand that sets you apart in your designs?
All the projects I designed left an imprint that broke out from my precision in the details, and how to achieve consistency between all the elements, because every detail in the design affects the feeling of the beauty of the place as whole, so I study any project well before implementation, and I strive to achieve the correct and practical use of the elements of the place, despite The difficulty of this is the results are always impressive, and all my clients are satisfied with them .

• Tell us about your experience with furniture design?
When I started designing furniture, I designed my first collection, which I called “luxury”, wonderful.

• What is the addition you want to achieve in the field of furniture design?
Although I did not study furniture design, due to my constant travel and knowledge of what is new and my experiences importing furniture from abroad, I fell in love with the idea of ​​designing it. On websites I put all my creativity. to create pieces that I love about art, and I think this is the biggest plus I can make for this field.

• How do you make that difference?
After the release of my first set of furniture, I discovered that some people started imitating my designs, which made me think of a way I could make designs that are difficult to imitate, and from here the idea of collaborating with artists came to mind in my designs, so the piece turns like a work of art, with the hand of the artist I collaborate with. Each according to the nature of the piece itself. For example, I designed a buffet and used a group designed by the artist, Mohamed Abla, for its handles. The design increased creativity and distinction, and it cannot be imitated because it bears the artist’s imprint. So I decided to complete the idea of ​​my collaboration with artists to produce a rare work, and I called this design idea “used art” because it is a work of art, but it is used like tables, chairs, buffets Start to change this thinking, especially since I am planning to organize a big exhibition to display these products.

Where do you get inspiration from your furniture designs?
I am inspired by everything in life, even if unexpected things like clothes or accessories like rings, chains, etc., and indeed I have designed many things in collaboration with jewelry designers, for example, I am inspired by the “part” of ‘ a table and wardrobe, and I can also be inspired by designs from works of art or from nature For example, a certain plant can attract me and turn it into a motif in a piece of cloth, and so on. Anything in front of me inspires me; Because my mind is always busy with creative thinking, and it makes me see things with a different eye than the normal eye, and in general, I believe that innovation has no limits.

• What are your latest furniture designs that you have presented?
I designed a group of furniture pieces called “He and She”, inspired by all his details of the relationships between men and women. For example, I designed a table that looks like a man talking to a woman as an innovative design. Everyone loves it pieces.

• When do you feel the success of your idea or design?
I feel my success through the reactions of my clients. I consider their happiness with the final outcome of my work and their appreciation of my efforts the greatest honor I can receive. I respect people who appreciate art and are happy with it, and because I don’t like to work under pressure, I don’t like the subject of participating in competitions to win prizes or honors; Because my greatest pleasure is felt by challenging myself to present the new, and this is indeed what I achieve by the grace of God.

• What do you think of the new generation of designers?
Generally, we have excellent designers in Egypt. As for the new generations, they are really creative, but they need guidance, encouragement and support. This must be one of the more experienced designers than previous generations, unfortunately we have a culture of self-love. Some designers look to appear alone, and this is contrary to my culture, which is to give opportunities to talented people from the new generation and encourage them, for example, I am always eager to educate those who work with me something new; Because I find my joy in that, and I strive to discover the creative side within them. If I notice talent in them, I push them to show it.

• What is your wish for them?
I hope that there will be new generations of outstanding young designers, especially that some opportunities have begun to be available to them, such as the presence of exhibitions and competitions to present their designs, which makes the competition between them great, and it increases their encouragement to improve their level and work, and here I want to point out that the change of the education system In Egypt it is important; Because unfortunately many students are looking to learn abroad, and despite our eminent doctors and professors, the correct guidance for these students is missing, and we also need to make continuous training courses for them.

• What is your assessment of Egyptian design and our global competitiveness?
Egypt has advanced a lot in design, and I think that we can easily compete with the world, with one condition that we are different and creative; Because there is a difference that represents the global trend of design, we have creative people who are able to innovate, but unfortunately some of them facilitate the quoting and imitation of international designs, which will lose our ability to compete internationally, if designers are encouraged to innovate, we will achieve good goals, so I strive to make different pieces that I try to reach the world.

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