Designer Samira Amir: My work is influenced by eclectic style

The British interior designer Samira Amir has lived in Dubai for 13 years with her two daughters, and she gives the eclectic style the best expression in the decor. About the family, the engineer tells “Madam”: “I grew up in a big family that values ​​fun gatherings, laughter and home-cooked meals.” In the following dialogue, she talks about her design philosophy.

Interior Design Engineer Samira Amir

Why did you decide to study interior design engineering?
Fate and chance intervened and made me take this decision; I attended an interior design school in Sri Lanka, when I was 18, before joining Monash University in Australia to pursue a degree in Accounting. Now, looking back on the design studies period, I see that the decision to choose this branch was one of the best decisions of my life. I don’t think I do any other profession than interior design.

I moved from designing custom children’s furniture to commercial and residential projects. When did things start to change?
It came as a natural progression in my career, especially being a qualified interior designer, from Sri Lanka, as well as from London. I launched Wild Child Designz, which specializes in the design and manufacture of children’s furniture, in 2014 when my two daughters were young. As they got older, I was able to devote more time to interior design projects. It happened, of course, in 2018.

eclectic style

You have lived in a range of countries including Sri Lanka, the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates. What effect does it have on your career?
This influenced the eclectic style characteristic of my work; Everything I saw in the vast and diverse worlds of design in the countries mentioned enriched my skills.

In one of the interviews you say that you design to bring joy wherever possible.. Does interior decoration reflect people’s happiness and well-being?

Selected artworks by designer Samira Amir add fun to the space

joy is relative; So I spend the first period, when I start a project, to understand my clients and get to know where they gravitate towards. In addition, I use colors, in a way that gives a sense of comfort, without the presence of colors overwhelming the space. In terms of the artworks I choose to add to the space, it imbues the “personality” of the place with playfulness, and also distances the architectural space from traditionalism. In the context of the welfare of the owners of the house; I use the principles of feng shui (a practice that grew up in ancient China associated with human choice of accommodation, design, arrangement of rooms and things, and indicative of harmony with the environment) that I have studied, to help the client to help them thrive in their home, work space and life.

Do you think it is possible to create a great interior design on a low budget?

Attractive interior design is doable regardless of budget

natural; No matter the budget, imagination can only take one too far. In my portfolio of projects there are many rooms executed with limited budgets. In this case, I use paint and accessories to create an impactful design, along with pieces of furniture bought on a budget.

A bedroom design by Samira Amir

sustainable design

What are the top design trends for summer 2022? What is your relationship to decorating trends?
In the current digital age, and as a result of life taking an artificial turn, the trend is towards which element brings people back to nature, and to the true essence of how to live? Therefore, we look at the following design trends: the choice of organic and sustainable design elements, green color, light wooden floors, wabi-sabi interior designs (the Japanese term “wabi-sabi” symbolizes the philosophy of accepting things, their imperfections, scars , wear…) and natural plants. . Unlike fashion, trends in the world of interior decoration tend to last longer because home design is an investment. So, I take directions, without sticking to any hard rules. As for designers in general, they are influenced by current trends because materials and furniture that follow them are available in the retail stores they rely on during implementation and furnishing.
What are your future plans?
Focus more and more on commercial, corporate and cafe design projects. I enjoy the challenge in this field, as well as the scope of its transformations and effects.

The philosophy of feng shui
Interior designer Samira Amir uses the philosophy of feng shui in her design projects. About this practice, she tells “Madam” that “the principle of “Feng Shui” is based on the idea of ​​energy emission and absorption. In the application, it relies on a card called “Bajwa”, which translates the movement of energy and distributes it in nine axes; each axis symbolizes a side of Aspects of human life (water = life, earth = relationships, thunder = ancestors, sky = happiness, energy = health, sky = friends, lake = creativity, mountain = wisdom, and fire = insight).The designer also focuses on the places where positive energy flows called “chi” as well as the five elements (earth, water, fire, wood and metal) in the implementation. studied principles of the “Feng Shui” philosophy, the engineer notes that she became more attracted to natural materials and the elements inspired by them, such as for example wood, stones and earthy colors… She believes that all clients , whatever their background and beliefs, can benefit from this philosophy .She also notes that customers of Arab nationalities in the region are becoming more aware of this Chinese practice.

Interior Designer Samira Amir

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