Networks and digital platforms are critical to meeting business needs

Juniper Networks, one of the leading companies working in the field of secure networks powered by artificial intelligence, today announced the preliminary results of a global research study project that examined open mindedness and positive attitudes among decision makers and the IT workforce in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to the strategic impact it develops through network technology in support of the digital economy based on the principle of “experience first”.

The study, commissioned by Juniper Networks by Vanson Bourne, surveyed 650 decision makers and 1,200 office workers in the IT sector from key economic sectors in eight countries, including Saudi Arabia. The officials interviewed are directly involved in building digital strategies for their organizations and in developing investment and technical development plans. The study concluded the feelings and perceptions of decision makers and the workforce in the field of information technology in the Kingdom in the context of Saudi Vision 2030, which prioritizes digital.

These results provide an in-depth look at three main axes, including smart grids, security challenges and sustainability in the world of networks.

The importance of smart grids in building a resilient digital strategy

92% of Juniper Networks respondents from Saudi Arabia described the role of networks in digital transformation as very important or important, while 84% confirmed that their views on this issue are very likely or likely to change in the next two years, which the importance of the strategy for corporate networks to make the digital transformation of enterprises successful. On the other hand, 32% of the study participants said that the success of the digitization of institutions in other sectors is an inspiration factor for their leaders, while 30% believed that the digital vision of the Saudi government and guidelines are the main drivers, regarding the factors that drive investment in the development of a digital strategy supported by networks. .

92% of the decision makers participating in the study from the Kingdom said that the leaders of their organizations would be ready to adopt network-supported digital transformation in the next five years, when the issue is limited to the scope of the institutional leaders’ willingness to adopt network-enabled digital transformation. On the other hand, 98% believed that network technology approaches would require radical development within the same time frame.

But only 25% of the study participants from the Kingdom saw that the biggest opportunity that the corporate digital strategy offers is to differentiate competitors. On the other hand, 23% indicated that digital strategies are important to maintain complete contact with customers, while 20% confirmed that they help to provide new and important products and services.

Security in the era of “Experience First” Economy

The emergence of new trends in the workplace creates new safety challenges. The survey found that 60% of those involved in IT decision-making in Saudi Arabia consider keeping company data and assets secure on non-affiliated networks a significant networking challenge in a hybrid business environment. Furthermore, 67% of office workers expect a conflict between the need for tighter security policies and seamless network access. In this context, network-enabled technology and security transformation are at the top of the priorities of a large number of Saudi institutions, in light of the challenges facing building a resilient security system and maintaining new technology trends.

Sustainability in networks

When asked about their views on the issue of environmental sustainability, 88% of respondents in the Kingdom expressed their feeling that modern network technology is important in contributing to measures to tackle climate change. Also, 95% of the survey respondents would like to see their organizations take more action within the next two to five years.

Mohammed Al-Mahdi, Regional Sales Manager for the North Middle East, Turkey and Africa at Juniper Networks, confirmed that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is keen to increase the pace of economic diversification in the face of strong regional competition, and notes that investment in advanced technology has a “strategic priority for many economic sectors in the world.” became a country. He said: “Our research study confirms the presence of a strong desire among leaders and employees in various institutions operating in the Kingdom to align technology with business objectives, and to achieve the digital priorities of Vision 2030, as ‘ a strategic imperative. At the same time, decision makers and the IT workforce in the Kingdom show a high level of awareness of the effects, benefits and gaps of modern technology, confirming the value that smart grids add to the development of digital strategies and the improvement of the experience of employees and customers alike.

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