Reports reveal the details of the prosperous life of the “spoiled” Prince Charles

Reports have revealed the prosperous life of Britain’s Prince Charles before he became King of Britain following the death of his mother, Elizabeth II.

Although King Charles has tried throughout his life to appear traditional in his previous public life – with the exception of problems with his ex-wife, Princess Diana – he has kept his distance from the cameras, but reports and testimonies appearing in a number of international media published, revealed that the king enjoys a luxurious life, significant, and unorthodox perhaps even for a member of the world’s most famous royal family.

Charles III sparked widespread controversy when a video clip was circulated showing the king angry before he sat at his desk at the Council of Ascension to the Throne meeting on Saturday.

Charles looked sullen as he angrily motioned for his assistant to clear his desk of a box of pencils and a bowl of ink to sign the documents for his ascension to the throne.

The video emerged in light of the traditional image associated with Charles over the years, who is known for his very calm and permanent smile, but users republished articles related to the lifestyle of the British king before he took the throne.

great prosperity

The “Serving the Royals: Inside the Firm” documents, published by Amazon, revealed that the prince’s staff at Clarence House, his original residence, called Charles a “spoiled prince”.

In turn, the magazine “Cosmopolitan” in an article published last January, quoted the testimony of Princess Diana’s former butler, Paul Burrell, who revealed that King Charles (the then prince) liked to have every morning ” ironing his shoelaces”. and irons his pajamas at night before he sleeps in them.

“The bath plug must be in a certain position and the water temperature must be only lukewarm,” the magazine noted.

Not only that, but the 73-year-old doesn’t even squeeze out his toothpaste himself, Borrell quotes the magazine, but “asks his maid to squeeze an inch (2.5 cm) of toothpaste on his toothbrush every morning.” According to the magazine.

Borrell, who was charged with property theft, said Charles “changed his clothes five times a day” and that he would leave his expensive clothes lying around, expecting one of his servants to clean up after him.

And the website quoted author Tina Brown as saying that the king demanded that his entire bedroom suite be moved to any guest house.

“When he traveled to stay at friends’ country houses, a lorry arrived the day before with his bed, his furniture and even his photographs,” Brown said in her book, The Palace Papers.

And the website quoted TV presenter Jeremy Paxman as saying that Charles eats a boiled egg for breakfast, but not just any boiled egg. Seven eggs are prepared at different levels of cooking to ensure that the egg is exactly the hardness that the Prince has. like.

In 2002 I transferred The Guardian newspaper Charles was close to one of his butlers, who accompanied him to doctor’s appointments, Michael Fawcett, who had to carry sample packets for urine and other fluids to be tested. But the newspaper reported that one of his arms was broken at the time.

According to for Forbes magazineDuring the year 2021 alone, the royal family collected $50 million in revenue, and more than half of that money went directly to Charles’ family and himself, or about $30 million.

The magazine reported that $7.3 million was allocated directly to Charles’ personal staff, whose service staff consists of 132 people.

environmental defender

King Charles is known for his relentless defense of the environment and has long been an advocate of action against climate change – even Prince Albert of Monaco calls him “ahead of the curve” on the subject.

He is also a supporter of organic farming and the founder of Duchy Originals, which sells sustainably produced food and products, according to People magazine.

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He modified his old Aston Martin to run on bioethanol, made from surplus English wine. He even admitted that he talks to the plants on his farm.

the painter

The King is one of the UK’s best-selling surviving painters.

Charles usually paints landscapes with watercolors and has earned $3 million from the sale of his paintings since 1997.

He donates the proceeds to the Prince of Wales Charitable Foundation.

His writings on Islam

In 1993, he gave a famous speech on Islam and the West, saying: “There is nothing to be gained, and much harm to be done, if we refuse to understand how many people in the Muslim world we really are. “Western materialism and our fear fear. mass culture as a deadly challenge to their Islamic culture.” and their way of life. He was also known for his correspondence with many British government leaders, some of which were published in the “Memoirs of the Black Spider” – so named because of his famous spider-like handwriting.

Published children’s author

Charles wrote a childhood story set in the family’s Scottish home at Balmoral Castle, where Queen Elizabeth died, and published it as a children’s book, The Old Man of Lochnagar, in 1980.

He originally told the story to his two younger brothers, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward, when they were children. The book was published just two years before he became a father himself. He has since shared it with children across the UK.

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