The cheapest used cars in Saudi Arabia for the best model

Prices of used cars in Saudi Arabia, used cars are distributed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in a number of cities, the most famous of which are Riyadh and Jeddah, where purchases of used cars have spread in the recent period, especially after the increasing price of new cars, and car showrooms tended to sell used cars throughout the Kingdom, specializing in Large websites also display different types of cars for sale, whether used or new, such as the sites of Saudi Haraj or YallaMotor and the open market and saves you a lot of effort and the trouble of searching and enables the buyer to communicate directly with the owner of the car, but we advise you not to send money before you sell the car with ‘ not examined by a specialist. The prices of used cars vary according to several factors, the most important of which are the car model, the meter reading, the condition of the exterior of the car and other factors that control the price of the used car in Saudi Arabia, but in each place designated is for selling cars.

Used car prices in Saudi Arabia

Through the used car market, you can get a used Toyota, Hyundai or Chevrolet at a very attractive price. You can also get a Hummer at a price of 25 thousand Saudi Riyal, a 2007 model, and those models are low in prices, but the purchase process depends on the condition of the car from abroad, and we will show you a number Of used cars in the car market in Saudi Arabia from approved websites.

Chevrolet used car price in Saudi Arabia

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a used 2012 Chevrolet Malibu, the exterior color of the car is gloss black, clean exterior, the mileage of the car, the mileage between 120,000 to 130,000 km, the car belongs to ‘ a wide segment of car lovers as the car is a Chevrolet Bold design with strong character.

  1. One of the advantages of the Chevrolet Malibu is a large spacious cabin and a distinctive interior design.
  2. Driving the car is very comfortable and smooth.
  3. Chevrolet’s turbo engine, which reflects strong performance on the car.
  4. The interior of the car is gray with black.
  5. The seats are made of cloth.
  6. The exterior paint is in good condition.
  7. The car has had no accidents but minor repairs.
  8. The price of the car, Chevrolet Malibu Cash, is 25 thousand Saudi Riyal.

Used Toyota Corolla 2013 price in Saudi Arabia

For sale is a used Corolla car from the original owner, who described the car as a second-hand sedan, which has not been in accidents, the place of sale is in the city of Riyadh in the Kingdom, the pedestrian meter is a electronic display that recorded a reading of between 80,000 km to 90,000 km.

  1. The price of the Toyota Corolla is set at 35 thousand Saudi Riyal.
  2. Payment method for the cash amount to the original owner of the car.
  3. The car has an automatic transmission.
  4. Car machine in agency condition.
  5. The car’s powerful engine reflects the performance of the car.
  6. The interior of the car is gray.

Used Toyota Corolla price for sale

Used Corolla A faultless car with a powerful 4 cylinder engine, front and rear manual windows, manual cold start air conditioner, Corolla tires are newly changed, the car has not been in any accidents.

  1. The car includes features including safety airbags.
  2. Central locking system.
  3. Two original car keys are available.
  4. The exterior color of the car is light silver.
  5. Minor scratches on the front of the car.
  6. The interior of the car is beige.
  7. The price of the Toyota Corolla is 20 thousand Saudi Riyal.

Used 2001 Lexus LS

The price of the 2001 Lexus LS, a used car with automatic transmission, the car’s fuel and gasoline, the car’s odometer, the mileage recorded, reads 390 thousand kilometers, a Lexus car, full, full, ultra, the car is Lexus in black.

  1. The car has a rear fridge and a rear curtain.
  2. The car is black inside with fabric seats.
  3. The car’s automatic transmission is well located.
  4. The price of the Lexus car is 26,500 SAR.

Used Kia Pegas 2020 at low price

A used Kia car is located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The mileage of the Kia Pegas was recorded at 96,786 thousand kilometers. The Kia Pegas 2020 is white, the exterior is white, the interior is black.

  1. The gearbox is automatic and in good condition.
  2. The car has a powerful 1.40 liter engine.
  3. 4 cylinder engine cylinders.
  4. The car engine is economical and low consumption.
  5. The price of the white Kia Pegas class is 33 thousand Saudi Riyal.

2022 MG Abdul Latif Jameel car price

A used red MG family car for sale at Abdul Latif Jameel Al-Saudi, used and new car showrooms with a three-year warranty, a MG body exterior in excellent condition in red, a family car, a hatchback MG Zs, in Dammam , King Saud Road.

  1. The gearbox of the car is automatic at more than one speed.
  2. The tread counter has a reading of 20,000 km.
  3. Very nice car, clean inside and out too.
  4. A powerful petrol engine, a cost-effective car.
  5. The price of the car is cash without financing of 56,925 Saudi Riyal.

Hyundai Tucson 2020 GL at an attractive price

Used Hyundai car model 2020, located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, the Hyundai car is beige, the interior of the car is beige, the seats are cloth, the car has a 6-speed automatic transmission, the type of car is front wheel drive, with a power of 2.00 liters.

  1. 17 inch tires.
  2. Your car engine runs on petrol.
  3. The odometer for the Hyundai car has a reading of about 81,431 km.
  4. The car has four cylinders.
  5. The price of the Hyundai Tucson 2020 cash, including tax, is 77,625 Saudi Riyal.

2016 Kia Carnival price in Riyadh

A black Kia car from the outside, with a beige interior and leather seats, a used car, a pickup truck, the transmission is automatic, for more than a comfortable driving speed, a luxurious interior, which contains 7 seats.

  1. Used Kia Van Box for sale in Riyadh.
  2. One of the cars that are regularly offered for sale and are in demand because they are distinctive.
  3. The car is suitable for families big or small.
  4. The car has a screen to measure the mileage of the car, the distance traveled by about 200 thousand kilometers.
  5. The financial value of the car, including taxes, is 60,000 Saudi Riyal.

Used Kia Sportage 2017

For sale, a black Kia Sportage car, exterior, no scratches, has not been in accidents, the type of car is family, with a 6-speed automatic transmission, the car is located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

  1. The seller of the car, the original owner, is a sole proprietor.
  2. The odometer for the car recorded 139 thousand km.
  3. A semi-auto with a 2400 cc engine.
  4. Xenon headlights in a car with rear sensors.
  5. The car has a sunroof.

Used 2015 Kia Rio for sale

Kia Rio 2015 car for sale, the car’s general condition is excellent, presented by the original owner, contact via the mobile number, the car was serviced by the agent, the car’s oil was changed in Petromin centers, the car’s clutches and spark plugs were changed , and the Kia car battery was changed, And the vocabulary too, and inside the middle a complete cleaning of both the gate and the atomizer was done with the change of the air conditioner filters. The maintenance was included the car.

  1. The basic specifications of the car Kia Rio 2015 red.
  2. Second hand car type Kia sedan.
  3. The gearbox of the car is automatic, more than speed.
  4. The car’s pedometer recorded a mileage reading of around 190,000 km.
  5. The price of the car Kia 2015 cash is 25 thousand Saudi Riyal.

For sale is a used Cadillac 2018 model

Cadillac 2018 used car in good condition, the car has a 6-speed automatic transmission, the car’s odometer has a reading of 50 thousand kilometers, a black Cadillac with paint without scratches or splashes.

  1. Cadillac Escalade used family car.
  2. The car is located in the city of Riyadh.
  3. Car seats are made of leather.
  4. The interior color of the car is beige.
  5. The price of the Cadillac Escalade is about 220 thousand Saudi Riyal.

Ford Explorer 2007 used car with American specifications

A used Ford car that comes with American specifications, an American import, the car has a hinged brake, the car also has cruise control, with iron rims, the car fender has recorded a pedometer of about 200,000 km, the engine is a country pulling agency, with an adjustment for the rear door on the right, a machine on the the condition.

  1. A 4Explore car with a 6-cylinder engine.
  2. A car with excellent engines.
  3. Computer air conditioner needs to be cleaned.
  4. The car needs repairs worth 2000 riyals.
  5. The final price of the Ford car is 11 thousand Saudi Riyal.

Use Santa Fe 2016

Used Hyundai Santa Fe, 2016 model, Hyundai car type, 7 passengers, 6 speed automatic transmission, white exterior paint, used Hyundai car in Sakaka.

  1. Used Hyundai family car.
  2. The odometer for the car has a mileage of 160 thousand kilometers.
  3. Electronic car side mirrors.
  4. The car is negotiable at a price of 60 thousand Saudi Riyal.

Volkswagen Jetta 2016 price

The car is a Volkswagen automatic, the engine fuel is gasoline, save fuel, the condition of the car is used, but it is very clean inside and out, the car is a machine and the gear is in condition, the car’s electricity is intact, the muscles of the car need simple maintenance, a valid exam form, the car’s pedestrian meter registered 166 thousand km A meter or a little more, the car needs 25 thousand Saudi Riyal, the car has an automatic cold air conditioner, a touch screen, the paint is gray.

Used Toyota Camry 2017 price

The Toyota Camry in Jeddah, Al-Rawdah is for sale, used, the car is with GCC specifications, the exterior paint is gray, the mileage of the car is 200 thousand kilometers, the car has been repainted in several places.

  1. The condition of the exterior of the car is excellent, with no scratches or accidents.
  2. Payment method for the car is cash required.
  3. Motor fuel, gasoline, machine, gear and air conditioner on condition.
  4. The body has cosmetic spray, electric car mirrors.
  5. LED lights, bluetooth, central locking.
  6. Renewed exam form, cold air conditioner.

Hyundai used car 2019 for sale

In the city of Khafji, a Hyundai car, the type of car is Opel Astra, the car is a 2019 model, the specifications of the regional car are with Golf specifications, the exterior of the car is white.

  1. The original car paint is cosmetic spray only.
  2. The odometer for the car has a mileage of 10,000 km.
  3. How to pay for the car cash contact by phone.

Accent full 2011 automatic car

The car is available for sale in Sakaka in the Al-Rawda region of the Kingdom, the car is a Hyundai Accent 2011, the mileage is between 90,000 km to 99,000 km, the original exterior paint, an excellent car with no accidents .

  1. The car has a sunroof, electric car mirrors.
  2. Touch screen, cruise control, keyless entry.
  3. Rear camera, safety airbags.
  4. Chairs, Center Look.
  5. The price of the Hyundai Accent cash is 16 thousand Saudi Riyal.

Renault 2014 used car

The car is located in the city of Jeddah in the Al-Fadl district, the car is a 2014 model year used with a manual transmission, the machine, the transmission and the outer body are in condition, an amount of 12,000 Saudi Riyal is required in cash, the car is with American specifications, the type of fuel used is gasoline, the original exterior paint is white, a meter The track for the car varies from 30 thousand kilometers to 40 thousand kilometers.

Used Toyota Camry 2005

The 2005 Toyota Camry is one of the cars that has a low price in the used car market, and the specifications that concern the buyer are that the car has a 6-speed automatic transmission, the engine uses gasoline, the odometer for the Toyota car is about 196 thousand kilometers, the exterior structure Accident free, car checked for condition, white Camry, electric side mirrors, car price cash 6000 riyals, price in installments 8000 riyals.

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