Sherif Gamal, co-founder of “Al Mal”: “RMC” engineering raises the slogan of expansion and targets large projects in Saudi Arabia

RMC Engineering Consultancy seeks to expand the process of project supervision in the Egyptian market and a number of Arab markets, in addition to the design of new projects for the benefit of a number of major developers, in addition to the presence of consultations on the design of new projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. One will be announced soon.

Engineer Sherif Gamal, partner in RMC Consulting, said that the company has a large portfolio of projects that are currently overseeing their implementation, indicating that the company has ambitious plans to expand the size of its projects. , whether internal or external.

Gamal added in his interview with Al Mal: ​​We are currently working on the implementation of an important project for the Saudi Development Company, which is one of the companies operating in the Egyptian market.

He pointed out that the company is also working on the 500500 Hospital Project for cancer treatment and research, which is one of the major projects implemented by the company.

We coordinate with the Urban Coordination Authority in “Shepherd”

The partner in RMC has moved to a number of hotel projects the company is working on, the most important of which is the project to develop the historic Shepherd Hotel in collaboration with the Urban Coordination Authority, noting that the development process will see the construction of a building . connected to the hotel to increase the number of hotel rooms.

We are also working on the redevelopment of one of the hotels of the Holding Company for Tourism, Hotels and Cinema “EGOTH” and its subsidiaries in Marsa Alam, the Red Sea Governorate, and a project to redevelop the Carnelia Hotel in Marsa Alam , which will witness the renewal of 150 hotel rooms in addition to the addition of 50 Another room, confirming the possibility of increasing the number of rooms to 700 rooms.

He also touched on a number of projects that the company is working on in partnership with Hassan Allam Company, which are residential and administrative buildings, and praised the major projects offered by Hassan Allam Company, in addition to their professionalism and appreciation of time.

RMC is also overseeing the implementation of a number of residential projects in the New Administrative Capital, in addition to the Marassi residential project in the North Coast, owned by Emaar.

We are working within the “Cairo House” alliance to develop the Tahrir Complex based on our experience in the “Grand Museum”

Turning to the role played by RMC in the Cairo House alliance to develop the historic Tahrir Complex, Gamal said: We are working as a consultant for the project, which is a historical landmark that is more than 70 years old is, and which receives internal attention. and externally, emphasizing that from the first moment and the handling of The building is strictly due to its historical and heritage status.

He explained, a work team has been formed at the highest level, especially since the company has handled more than one similar and similar project to this project, of which the design work of the Grand Egyptian Museum is in the first place, the first phase of which will expected to open by the end of this year.

He stressed that the Tahrir Complex project has not been developed for more than 70 years since its implementation, and it will be the beginning of the return of downtown Cairo to its splendor, noting that the development process does not concrete structure will not be disturbed, but the building will be transformed from an administrative one to a tourist one.

He pointed out that the uses of the building were determined according to a number of market studies, all of which came to the conclusion that the best activity is the hotel tourism activity in light of the tremendous development that the Egyptian market in the field of hotel witness. services.

And last August, the Cairo House alliance revealed the details of developing the Tahrir complex and turning it into a tourist hotel, within the state’s plan to develop Khedive Cairo. Several partnership contracts were signed with the coalition for the development of the complex, and with the Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC) and Chrome. Project Management, RMC Engineering Office.

It is worth noting that the Minister of Planning and Economic Development, Dr. Hala Al-Saeed, previously said that the Sovereign Fund managed to attract, through the process of developing the Tahrir Complex, an investment alliance that enters the Egyptian market for the first time. , which is the American alliance, which includes Global Ventures Group, Oxford Capital Group and Al-Otaiba Investment Company.

According to the plan, the project will be completed within a maximum of 31 months, and will include the construction of 350 guest rooms and 50 suites, in addition to some hotel apartments, restaurants and a shopping mall, in addition to entertainment venues and a swimming pool on the roof of the building.

On the situation in the real estate sector in the recent period, Sherif Gamal said: Most of the projects that started work are still ongoing, despite the cautious optimism of a large number of developers in the face of the rapid market changes, with the crises the world has witnessed that started with the Corona virus through the Russian Ukrainian war and reached the crisis of the rise in the value of the dollar against the pound.

He added that all these variables were behind the increase in the prices of building materials and construction costs in general, making it difficult for most developers to determine the actual cost of the project, as charging the increased cost to units is very will cause problems. .

The founding partner of RMC indicated that the companies that work according to conscious plans and studies in the market, work under any conditions and are able to make extensions in their projects, considering what companies like SODIC, Emaar, Hassan Allam and others companies The major is the best proof of the success of companies that proceed according to plans and studies.

Jamal welcomes the steps taken by the government during the recent period to support and finance projects, in addition to supporting and financing units for the benefit of individuals, which is the system in force in most countries of the world, and it will have a good return on the performance and movement of the sector.

Turning to the company’s expansion plan, he emphasized that the company aims to expand significantly externally, with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia being the first country in which the company will be present in the next phase through projects in Jeddah and to target NEOM, but we are still in the negotiation stage so far.

We have received Libyan delegations..and we expect to do work there soon

He added: We have moved to the Libyan market and received Libyan delegations here in Egypt, and we have many opportunities to design projects there, stressing that the Libyan market is a very promising market that during the coming period will see the implementation of will witness many giant projects. .

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