The opening of the main center of Schneider Electric in New Cairo

Mark Baretti: The Innovation Center will create a paradigm shift towards achieving more sustainable practices and technologies

Walid Sheta: The renovated headquarters will become a model for smart, sustainable building construction

Shariz Lee: Part of our ongoing philosophy for wellness is to build a company with shared responsibilities between us, our leaders and our employees.

Sebastian Reyes: We have an integrated strategy to continue investing in the NEAL Group as one of the largest areas for Schneider Electric

Cairo, Egypt: Schneider Electric announced the official opening of its renovated regional headquarters today, Wednesday, in New Cairo, serving Egypt, Northeast Africa and the Levant, in the presence of Mr.

The inauguration took place nine months after winning the LEED V4 Gold Award for Best Sustainability Smart Design (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), V4 Interior Design and Construction: Commercial Interiors Classification System, one of the most prestigious awards issued by the Green Building Council USGBC .

Mr. Mark Paretti toured the headquarters building and the Innovation Center, accompanied by senior Schneider Electric officials, including Charis Lee, Executive Vice President of Human Resources, Schneider Electric, Eng. Walid Sheta, President, Middle East and Africa, and Sebastian Reese, Regional President of Schneider Electric Egypt and North East Africa and the Arab East.

His Excellency Ambassador Marc Baretti expressed his happiness at the opening of the headquarters of Schneider Electric for Northeast Africa and the Arab Mashreq in New Cairo, especially because it is equipped with all the capabilities and technologies that one of the largest leading French companies, and said: “I am sure that the new innovation center will make a qualitative leap towards achieving More use of sustainable technologies aims to improve global efforts to achieve many sustainable development goals locally, regionally and internationally to achieve

One of the most important innovation centers is the internal Innovation Center, which is a large showroom in which Schneider Electric products and technology solutions are tested, and through which it is possible to provide a realistic experience of the new energy world powered by Schneider . Electrical innovations, ultimately leading to empowerment and facilitation of Schneider Electric’s mission to make energy safer, more reliable, efficient, sustainable and connected.

While engineer Walid Sheta, head of the Middle East and Africa region, explained the extent of the importance of the company’s headquarters building as a model that can be followed in the construction of any building whose owners want an intelligent design acquired that achieves sustainability, and at the same time emphasizing that the Innovation Center, with its technological technologies, is capable of this, I must give the customer a real experience of the new world of energy powered by Schneider Electric solutions, which means that the company’s headquarters will be a pioneering model capable of facilitating Schneider Electric’s mission to achieve its strategy for sustainability goals. Engineer Walid Sheta added, “I am proud to announce that the renovated headquarters is a successful model in facilitating our mission to achieve sustainability goals.”

Schneider Electric’s headquarters in New Cairo received the gold award for the LEED V4 system last January, being the first building to receive this certificate in the Middle East and Africa for the first time since the introduction of the LEED V4 system certification standards since the establishment in 1998. LEED stands for ‘Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design’, the world’s most widely used green building rating system.

Charisse Lee, Executive Vice President of Human Resources at Schneider Electric, said the headquarters was built to sound green building standards, which is highly efficient and cost-effective as it ensures a better performing climate for employee safety and well-being. To continue in wellness is to build a company with shared responsibilities between us, our leaders and our employees, which includes a comprehensive view of physical, mental, emotional and social well-being, in order to generate the best performance and ‘ a safe, reliable and attractive work environment.

“Continuing our intensive operations and in line with the national strategy and our ongoing efforts towards sustainability, we plan to continue investing in Egypt, North East Africa and the Levant, especially as it is one of the largest regions of Schneider Electric in terms of presence, number of employees and regular customers,” said Sebastian. Commenting on the opening of the company’s headquarters, Reese, the regional head of Schneider Electric Egypt, Northeast Africa and the Levant, said: ” The unveiling of the renovated headquarters represents one of the most important steps for this year, with all possible solutions to confirm that we are an influential company capable of making a difference. team up and raise the level of its ongoing sustainability commitments for 2025,” adding, “This is why Corporate Knights has ranked Schneider Electric as the most sustainable company in the world in its global ranking of 100 in 2021.”


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