A partnership between King Abdullah Economic City and Al-Hussan Group to empower young minds at the World Academy

The first school in the Economic City joins the Al Hossan Group’s wide network of prestigious schools in the Kingdom

King Abdullah Economic City: King Abdullah Economic City has signed an agreement with the Al-Hussan Group, under which the group will manage and operate the World Academy, the city’s first economic school, as part of its ongoing efforts to implement its projects and its ambitions in partnership to explore. with elite investors and partners.

The World Academy is an international school targeting male and female students aged 3-18, distinguished by its unique and balanced curriculum, inspiring teaching methods and outstanding facilities.

The World Academy opened its doors in 2006, to be the first school in the Economic City to provide education up to the twelfth grade. Today, the school has more than 500 students, and a teaching staff of more than 50 teachers, assistants and assistants.

The choice of Al-Hossan Group came as a culmination of the efforts and discussions of King Abdullah Economic City with many specialized companies in schools, and the search for the ideal candidate capable of creating a rich school environment for the world’s academic students, and to ensure a better quality of teaching and learning. The selection was the result of a comprehensive evaluation of all potential operators based on a set of key criteria that directly affect students’ academic performance; Such as: previous academic results, local experiences, classification and accreditations obtained from renowned educational institutions and bodies. Al Hossan Group will enrich the economic city’s ongoing efforts towards excellence. The appointment of Al Hossan Group as a reliable operator of the World Academy, in line with the strategy of King Abdullah Economic City, which aims to benefit from the experiences of partners in order to provide the highest levels of service to the city s residents and employees.

Al Hossan Group currently includes more than 17 schools, 12,000 students and 2,700 employees working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and 65 years of experience and knowledge in the field of education, and it bases its work on the highest standards of teaching inspired by the Cambridge curriculum and the American diploma system, where it has incorporated the International Baccalaureate Program (IB) into its ranks. Today, Al Hossan Group is ranked fifth as the best school operator in the Kingdom, according to the Ministry of Education.

Commenting on the occasion, Cyril Bayaya, CEO of King Abdullah Economic City, said: “We are pleased to launch our partnership with Al-Hussan Group, the new operator of the World Academy, and we look forward to what the group will build on of the on its long experience and efforts to establish a network of prestigious international schools throughout the Kingdom. Its history dates back to 1957. Education is an important cornerstone of any city, and we remain committed to the same educational goals that we set out when we first opened our doors, including developing an active learning environment, prioritizing male and female students, as well as promoting social and emotional learning. We are determined to deliver on our promise to provide an educational environment that brings out the best in all our students, and we believe that Al Hossan Group is the right partner to help us empower the academy’s students, and to enrich our city with science and knowledge.”

In turn, Mr. Rashid Al-Hussan, chairman of Al-Hussan Group, said: “Perhaps the most important thing that came out of our initial discussions with representatives of King Abdullah Economic City and the World Academy is their great belief in the Economic City as a home for great minds who will continue to shape the future of the Academy, and the future of the Kingdom in a way. In this sense, we are happy to start working with the Academy, its distinguished staff and its students.”

Mr. Rashid added, “The agreement is one of the agreements recently signed by KAEC with leading educational institutions from around the world to promote fruitful knowledge exchange, develop human capital and strengthen the desire of its residents for lifelong learning. KAEC strives to the long-term Al-Taweel University to integrate the diverse educational best practices of its international partners in order to provide the city’s students with science and knowledge, and to motivate them to think locally and globally.


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About King Abdullah Economic City

King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC) is an emerging destination centrally located on the Red Sea coast, located a short distance north of the important commercial center of Jeddah, and home to the city, King Abdullah Port, which was recently opened by the World Bank was selected. as the most efficient container port. In the world” and the Industrial Valley, which focuses on the development of logistics and light manufacturing capabilities in the Kingdom. More than 100 multinational and Saudi companies have already established headquarters in King Abdullah Economic City, where they are involved in a variety of projects , ranging from logistics Develop to activities in the automotive industry, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, packaging and manufacturing of building materials, King Abdullah Economic City is directly connected to the Haramain Express train network, and the highway network that connects the regions of the Kingdom, which the city making an important connection point along the Red Sea Economic Corridor.

In addition to its diversified economic functions, King Abdullah Economic City offers a modern leisure and tourism district, with more than 40 kilometers of pristine coastline, numerous hotels and the award-winning international golf course Royal Greens. In 2021, the city welcomed more than one million visitors, and since then has developed a series of residential communities that have a unique modern lifestyle, for its growing population of full-time residents and second-home owners.

With its strategic location, advanced infrastructure and investor-friendly regulations, KAEC is a ready platform for the initiatives of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. The city serves as a benchmark for innovative government initiatives, has hosted a variety of national events, and is a preferred location for large scale strategic projects across many countries key sectors. As a key indicator of the country’s commitment to public-private partnerships and the smooth facilitation of foreign direct investment, KAEC is an active contributor to the national goals contained in Vision 2030. By developing the tourism sector, promoting sports, entertainment and the arts, creating new jobs, and increasing non-oil exports from Through the businesses operating in the Industrial Valley, King Abdullah Economic City continues its mission to create a prosperous city for all.

King Abdullah Economic City warmly welcomes foreign investors, real estate developers and operators to realize their projects and ambitions within the city in the cooperative emergence of continuous expansion. Emaar the Economic City Company (EEC) is the master developer of the city and acts as a master planner, basic infrastructure developer, enabler and facilitator for King Abdullah Economic City. Emaar is a Saudi public joint-stock company listed on the Saudi Stock Exchange “Tadawul”. It was established in 2006 and the Public Investment Fund owns 25% of its shares.

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