Al-Faruq Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Mosque is a cultural landmark that radiates light and enlightenment

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Dubai mosques have a special place in the hearts of people, between its sides radiates the light of faith, and it is a scientific and cultural metropolis.

They are houses in which God has allowed His name to be mentioned, as people from all walks of life enter them and find peace and tranquility within their walls.

The mosques of Dubai are also characterized by the aesthetics of their features and Islamic architectural details, which recall some of the innovations of traditional architecture.

An important part of it is also characterized by its modern designs that speak the language of the era, enriching the decade of elegance and uniqueness of Dubai.

“Al-Bayan” and through its series “Dubai Mosques” opens eyes to the aesthetics of the houses of Almighty God in the city, which are decorated with verses from the wise Quran, to be “light upon light”. Today we are talking about the Al-Faruq Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Mosque.

The place of mosques on earth and their purpose is to look to the sky, in it we pray to a generous Lord, who honors us with his great mercy, and between their walls we pray, and we raise our palms to a great Lord, and we sincerely pray to Him to beautify our lives with goodness and blessing and prove our faith and make us sincere and steadfast on our path on the path of the Noble Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him Peace with him, and his honorable companions.

This clear atmosphere of faith, full of value and calmness, is evident while we are in the hands of God Almighty, in the Al-Faruq Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Mosque, which is named after the second of the Rightly Guided Caliph to be God pleased with him, who was known for his justice and humanity. The mosque is located in the Safa 1 area of ​​Dubai.

Unique design

5 hours is the distance between Dubai and Istanbul, both of which are lively cities, and they share the “Blue Mosque”, where the “Blue Mosque” was built on the ground of the second “Blue Mosque” during the period 1609-1616 , and it was called the “Sultan Ahmed Mosque”, while it was built on the land of Dubai. In 1986 it was named the Al-Farouq Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Mosque.

Where his minarets embrace the clouds, while his domes are painted a pale blue color, and his walls are built of pure white stone. Especially as he imitates the “Blue Mosque” in Istanbul in his architectural designs.

Between the sides of this mosque lives a wide grace, which you feel has filled your heart, as soon as you enter its great gates, and you stand in its richly decorated mihrab, which is decorated with the words of the Lord of Mighty:

(The believers have succeeded (1) who are submissive in their prayers). In front of his mihrab, you will stand in amazement for a long time, giving your eyes free rein to contemplate the details of the decoration, while your tongue ponders over the memorial verses that decorate the walls of the mosque, your heart beats fast. as you read (God is the light of heaven and earth).

Where you feel that the light filled the space of the mosque, the foundation of which was laid 36 years ago, at that time it was not in its current form, it was smaller, to be expanded later, specifically in 2003, to be in its form for several years before being rebuilt in 2011. Thus, it becomes one of the largest mosques in Dubai, having expanded its area to approximately 8,700 square meters, increasing its capacity.

Where the mosque can accommodate about 2000 worshipers, and it has turned into a beacon of worship, built with ancient Islamic designs, and executed with high craftsmanship, after combining the Ottoman architecture and its Moroccan counterpart in its folds, which draws your eyes with its fine details.

60 craftsmen and sculptors

Everything inside the Al-Faruq Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Mosque is filled with beauty, starting with its great gates, passing through its great columns, mihrabs and walls, and not ending with its domes, which number up to 21 domes, and are embroidered. with beautiful colors, and stucco decorations painted in bright colors, increased the splendor of the scene.

The design of Al-Faruq Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Mosque is striking as it imitates the Ottoman style in its exterior form, which was created by the famous architect “Sinan”, as his fingerprints are still alive in many places in Istanbul , while the interior design of the mosque looked different.

Where he was inspired by the Turkish style, and its Moroccan counterpart, not only in its botanical decoration, but also in the Arabic script, in which the verses of the Holy Koran are written. Especially from Morocco.

Al-Faruq Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Mosque, which lives quietly in the Al-Safa 1 area, is characterized by its stained glass windows in various colors.

Its number reached 124 windows, and over time it turned into a beautiful beacon of faith. It bears on its back 4 lofty minarets, each reaching 65 meters in length, each of which has two balconies. It is fully built. according to the Ottoman style set by the master “Sinan.” The Blue Mosque in Istanbul.

civilized beacon

Al-Faruq Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Mosque was not built to be a mere mosque, but rather to be a beacon of civilization that illuminates the teachings of Islam, an Islamic civilization center that emphasizes the role of Muslims in global civilization can demonstrate, and a place for human dialogue, as it includes in addition to the main prayer hall.

And those designated for women, a lecture hall, a library containing nearly 3,000 titles, another for reading and reading, and classrooms, where it offers lessons for non-Arabic speakers, and others related to Sharia, jurisprudence and interpretation, making it a destination for all who seek the light of faith.


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