Hyundai Motor presents the new Creta

On September 15, 2022 | Time 15:52

Written by: Ashraf Al-Adi

  • The new Creta enters the market with a strong and futuristic design identity
  • It has a futuristic and robust exterior, dynamic interior architecture and a far-reaching array of advanced technologies.

stated Hyundai Motor Company New Crete 2023 In the market. crossover The new compact car redefines what a sensual and sporty car can be, reflecting the dynamic capabilities of its driving character.

The new Creta comes with a rugged and futuristic exterior, a dynamic interior, and a far-reaching array of advanced technologies that enhance performance and comfort features that ensure an enjoyable driving experience.

did mr Hyung Jung Im, Vice President of Hyundai Motor Company: “We are proud to introduce the new Creta, the compact and luxurious SUV that has been reimagined.” “The new Creta brings a unique and fresh personality in terms of design and road presence,” he added.

Robust and futuristic design

will be applied New Crete on the market with a strong and futuristic design identity that gives a new perspective on what an SUV can be. The Creta 2023 is the latest model in Hyundai’s range of crossovers/SUVs, which has grown since its launch in 2014.

The new Creta reinvents the compact SUV and combines confidence in its exterior design with high practicality to serve the occupants of the interior.


The compact SUV creates a bold, rugged city look with sharp, sporty side panels and a modern front end, giving the vehicle a strong road presence and reflecting Hyundai’s ‘sensual’ design identity.

The front is a bold and original front end of the SUV, giving a strong feel of the iconic black and silver radiator grille, and a set of hidden position DRLs that make a unique brand statement designed to enhance the image of the powerful ‘ spotlights’.

From the side, the long profile of the hood reflects the powerful and dynamic design of the car, which aims to reflect the latest trends in body design, demonstrating a more aggressive character. The car’s ‘sportsmanship’ design concept is properly expressed by the strong harmony of the tough soft volume beltline with the unique C-pillar shape.

The rear of the Creta showcases a new lighting architecture that features individual lamps and a wide, solid profile that complements the front. Thanks to the wide rear window glass, drivers can enjoy a very good rear view, as well as the wide overall ratio, which creates a sense of strength and rigidity that matches the front design. By implementing distinctive “boomerang” LED taillights, the Creta offers excellent visibility to surrounding vehicles, and stands out among other vehicles on the road.

Outside colors

Available New Crete In the following exterior colours:

  • Optical White (WTW)
  • Creamy White Pearl (WC9)
  • Magnetic Silver (SK8)
  • glowing metallic silver (Y2S)
  • Titan Gray Metallic (R4G)
  • Dragon Red Pearl (WR7)
  • Galaxy Blue Pearl (BE7)
  • Midnight Black Pearl (NB9)
  • Creamy white pearl and black roof (WC2)
  • Magnetic Silver Metal and Black Roof (SK5)
  • Dragon Red Pearl with Black Roof with Black Roof (WR2)

Distinctive shape + high-tech interior

The new Creta introduces a bold and dynamic interior, with a sporty T-shape design and an enhanced silver side finish. The interior has evolved in terms of design to include a series of improvements, including the center fascia and console on a comfortable crash pad, vertical structural design to ensure safety, and creates a bold high-tech image. The door edges are designed in the shape of a wing to create a sense of comfort for the occupants. Creta also offers ample legroom and headroom to provide unmatched passenger comfort.

Care was taken to create harmony between the exterior and interior colors, introducing different shades of black, brown and gray for the interior furniture made of fabric and synthetic leather.


The new Creta raises the bar for powertrain performance, following Hyundai’s innovation in the “Smartstream” range of engines. These technologies aim to provide the vehicle with better fuel efficiency, improved performance and reduced emissions.

The powertrain specification for the Smartstream G 1.5L petrol engine includes optimized airflow control aimed at controlling intake air, more efficient combustion, controlling heat and friction, reducing emissions and improving fuel economy.

Powertrain Key Features:

  • Two-part fuel injection
  • Integrated heat management system
  • Two-stage variable oil pump
  • CVVT intermediate lock stage

To maximize the usability and performance of the new Creta, Hyundai has introduced the appropriate modes for different driving situations, enabling drivers to select the appropriate driving mode based on the prevailing situation or mood. These modes include: NORMAL, ECO, SPORT and SMART.

In addition to the various driving modes, the Creta 2023 offers enhancements to the advanced driver assistance system to ensure a safe and smooth driving experience. These improvements include various technologies such as:

  • Forward collision avoidance system
  • Lane Keeping Assist (LKA)
  • Lane Keeping Assist (LFA)
  • Blind Spot Collision Avoidance System.
  • Rear Crossing Collision-Avoidance Assist (RCCA)
  • High Beam Assist (HBA)
  • Driver Attention Warning (DAW)
  • Safe Exit Warning (SEW)
  • Reverse parking distance warning
  • rear view screen

Infotainment system

More immersive, more responsive

The new Creta infotainment system features a variety of responsive and easy-to-use technologies that meet the needs of music-savvy customers. With eight speakers, passengers will enjoy a high-quality Bose sound system that offers three types of speaker configurations. Added High Sensitivity Microphone (OHCL) – 8V microphone for better call performance, USB port with illuminated USB charger (Fr and Rr).


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