Seatrade Maritime Conference and Exhibition returns to Dubai in 2023 to include logistics sector

As part of its ongoing role in supporting and empowering the maritime sector in the region, Seatrade Maritime, one of the largest organizers of maritime events and conferences in the world, has announced the return of its leading conference and exhibition in the Middle East to Dubai announced in May 2023, to launch in a new form under the title “Seatrade Conference and Exhibition for the Sector”. Maritime and Logistics in the Middle East, under the auspices of the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, as part of the activities of the UAE Maritime Week.

This maritime conference and exhibition, which this year for the first time includes the logistics sector on its agenda, has been a constant event in the calendar of maritime events in the region since 2003. Suppliers in the Maritime and Logistics Community from 16 May- 18, 2023; Which will add momentum to the event and make it full of new features that will enrich the experience of participants and visitors alike.

His Excellency Eng. Hassan Mohamed Juma Al Mansouri, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure for the Infrastructure and Transport Affairs Sector in the United Arab Emirates, said: “The maritime sector has seen rapid growth locally in recent years. worldwide. Especially during the pandemic, our ports have shown their resilience to maintain the continuity of operations. In the UAE, the maritime sector is a major economic pillar, thanks to our unlimited capabilities, competencies and qualified talents that have kept pace with the successive developments in this sector. The joint efforts of more than 20 leading ports have yielded results and various maritime authorities from the government and the private sector to contribute more than 90 billion dirhams to the gross domestic product of the UAE, strengthening its position as an international maritime center, taking a leading position in many indicators of global competitiveness.”

Al Mansouri added: “We at the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure are working closely with all stakeholders in the maritime industry, to strengthen the maritime regulatory framework and governance, stimulate investment in human capital in the sector and improve the business environment improve. At a time when the global trade sector is undergoing major changes, major business players such as Seatrade Maritime and Logistics in the Middle East complement our efforts to keep pace with these changes. Year after year, this event has helped the maritime sector find solutions to the challenges it faces and discover valuable future opportunities for business development. We are sure that the new and improved 2023 edition of the conference and exhibition will continue its role in supporting the sector in the region.”

All-inclusive offers

The focus of this marine event increasingly on integrated logistics services highlights the degree of change that the marine industry has undergone during the previous periods; As it becomes more intertwined with supply chain services and procurement.

Chris Morley, Director of Seatrade Maritime Group, said: “We are confident that we can add real value to the business and trading community we serve by expanding the range of content we cover at our event and focusing on increase new business sectors. to achieve greater benefits through our communications. Again, after the years that have passed, we have been full of challenges.”

Emphasizing the importance of listening to an audience of customers in the industry, Morley added: “We are very much looking forward to meeting with our dedicated audience to discuss lessons learned from the global pandemic, and we took the opportunity to reassess our role, and based on the many conversations we had over the course of the year 6 to 12 months, to address the sector’s needs for an event at the level of our conference and exhibition in the region, we came up with the new form of our event to become “Seatrade Maritime and Logistics Conference and Exhibition in the Middle East”, in an effort to reach a wider base of our audience attract

In addition to the event’s focus on the logistics sector, the UAE Maritime Week, sponsored by the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, will feature a variety of comprehensive activities.

Morley added: “We will work diligently to highlight the significant progress the UAE has made as we continue to grow as a key global maritime hub.”

The events and social gatherings that accompany the week will serve the maritime community in the Middle East and will enhance the experience of participating in the activities, ensuring that visitors have a rich and truly worthwhile week in the UAE.

Among the activities that will return are the Seatrade Sea Golf Day, an exclusive gala dinner, various tours of the country’s marine facilities, and an unlimited number of networking and personal networking opportunities.

“Simply, our customers at Seatrade Maritime will see the biggest development package for our upcoming events, with a return to direct personal contact with the marine community in the UAE, in a manner befitting the level our industry deserves, and our looking forward. with enthusiasm to see you in Dubai in May 2023,” concluded Morley. .

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