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Today, companies seem to put a “smart” label on as many products as possible. It’s a word sold, so it makes sense. But not every item in the world needs to have smart features to be a great product or better than the competition.

However, some of the items here may be useful to someone. Anyone who makes a living playing golf can really benefit from smart insoles. Kids who learn the value of saving money can also benefit from innately smart banks. But for most people? The items on this list are a bit…meaningless.

Never leave her behind again: Kisha Smart Umbrella


Parachutes are easy to lose. After all, most of them are relatively affordable, and when it is wet, people often leave them on the terrace of restaurants, retail stores, friends’ houses, etc., or else it is easy to forget to take an umbrella on the road. bring.

If you don’t want to constantly replace forgotten umbrellas, Kisha smart umbrellas are available for over $100. With the Kisha mobile app (Android/iOS) and built-in Bluetooth, you can receive notifications if you move too far from your canopy or if you immediately check your last location. Or you can continue to replace a lost umbrella if you accidentally forget it.

Keep an accurate number: Eggminder Eccentric


Imagine that. You go to the grocery store, forget your list, and say, “Damn. Do you need eggs? I wish there was a way I could know exactly how many eggs I have in the house.” It’s rare, but Quirky has the right product for you.

Egg Minder is your favorite device to get all egg statistics in your fridge. Or at least 14 events at a time. The tray has LEDs to indicate which egg is the oldest, based on the order in which you placed them. The mobile app (Android/iOS) then sends push notifications when the eggs are spoiled (or about to spoil) and when the total number of eggs is low. Assuming Wink never dies again, that is.

Keep the exact number

peculiar eggs

If you need to keep track of how many eggs are in your fridge, Quirky’s Egg Minder is the product for you.

Charge your phone anytime: Belty Power Belt

Bertie Power Classic Edition Black Blue

This is no ordinary belt. With the Berti Power Belt you can look stylish and charge your phone at the same time. It might not look stylish if your phone is stuck in the belt buckle, but it’s more practical than fashionable.

The 2000 mAh battery and USB-C port are hidden in the belt clip. Charging your phone while wearing work clothes is a must. The battery was tested by the manufacturer Belty and finally a third party. That’s good news, because no one wants a battery that can easily overheat (and potentially explode) near their body.

Unless you want a designer leather strap made in France, invest in a battery pack that is more affordable and has a larger charge capacity.

Hydration reminder: Hidrate Spark Smart Water Bottle

Hidrate Spark PRO Smart Water Bottle
hydrate spark

We all know that drinking water is important. Water makes up 50-70% of your body weight and is essential for your health. That’s why there are tons of apps, paper journals, timed water bottles, and more to help you get enough water every day. Many fitness apps have a dedicated hydration section.

But if none of that works for you and you want to spend more than $50 on a glowing water bottle, check out Hidrate Spark’s Smart Bottle. This is a strong water bottle. But you get all these features out of a bottle for a third of the price.

For that increased price, you can download the Hidrate Spark mobile app (Android/iOS), sync it to your bottle via Bluetooth and track your water consumption data. There’s also a smart LED sensor that lights up when you need to drink. You can customize the color and lighting pattern of the LEDs in the app. You can fill the bottle with water, but do not expose the smart sensor to the water.

hydration reminder

Hydrate Spark Smart Water Bottle

If hydration apps, journals, or the myriad of other ways to track your water intake aren’t working for you, try a Hidrate water bottle.

Make sure you brush your teeth properly: Oral-B Pro 5000 Smart Toothbrush

Oral-B Pro 5000 Smartseries Electric Toothbrush

Brushing your teeth is not a fun task, but it is necessary and can be done quite easily. But if you need motivation beyond the possibility of cavities or a reprimand from the dentist, there’s an app for that! Provide details about customs.

In addition to all the information displayed in the app, this toothbrush has 5 different brushing modes, a pressure sensor that lights up when you brush hard, and a built-in 2-minute timer that pulses every 30 seconds. Signals when the mouth area needs to be switched for a perfect cleaning.

A toothbrush is one of those products I never thought would have Bluetooth, but here it is. And Oral-B isn’t the only company making smart toothbrushes. In fact, smart toothbrushes like these have built-in cameras so you can see the pearly white color up close. If you want to clean your teeth better, there are many free apps available. Or use a timer.

Make sure you clean the brush properly

Oral-B Pro 5000 smart toothbrush

You can pay a premium for the built-in assistant to brush your teeth. If you think you need it, go for it.

Strengthen your wallet: a smart piggy bank

A woman putting a coin in a smart piggy bank Porkfolio

Having a piggy bank as a child sounds like a rite of passage. And for some kids, using this smart bank with a mobile compatible app (Android/iOS) can encourage savings. But it can only contain coins (1/4 to $100) as we live in an increasingly digital world. Maybe this cute little pig will become a decorative paperweight in your child’s room.

Strengthen your wallet

smart piggy bank

Store coins in this cute piggy bank and keep track of them in the app. Please note that you can only give up to $100 per term.

Kitchen Aid: Toshiba Smart Microwave Oven

Toshiba Smart Counter Microwave Oven

Many of the items on this list look “smart” for no reason, but they are not necessarily Toshiba’s smart microwave ovens, you may notice a significant improvement in your quality of life. Many microwave ovens have smooth knobs with raised edges or nothing to distinguish them from other knobs. And it is very convenient to be able to say

But for everything else, smart microwaves seem a little extra, and the best thing about this smart microwave oven is that you can turn off the annoying beep when you’re done cooking.

kitchen helper

Smart Toshiba Microwave Oven

Of course, you can also ask Alexa to pop popcorn in the microwave or defrost chicken for dinner. But you have to put the food in the microwave first.

Improve your golf game: smartly seasoned slippers

Smart salt insole with motion sensor and app

If you don’t play golf, these smart insoles sound silly, and you’ve definitely heard of insoles for comfort and therapy reasons. But what about insoles that help you with the game of golf?

The insoles are IP68 waterproof, have an estimated battery life of 7 days, and can easily be charged magnetically while the insoles are inside the shoe. Overall, these slippers are very innovative. But for most people, these aren’t smart items worth investing in. This is a question for golfers. Do you really want to worry about forgetting to charge your shoes?

Improve your golf game

Salted smart insole

For the avid golfer, it’s actually pretty cool, but for most people (and even casual golfers), these smart insoles seem like an extravagant purchase.

Boiling water from a distance: Jovi smart kettle

Govee smart electric kettle and iphone screen app

Similar to the smart microwave above, smart electric kettles are great for the visually impaired, but they still need water in the kettle to use them. Since most electric kettles heat water in minutes, I doubt a smart kettle schedule setup will save you much time in your morning routine.

The mobile app (Android/iOS) paired with the kettle allows you to see the exact water temperature inside, but you can often see the estimated temperature on the outside of many non-smart electric kettles.

Boil water at a distance

Govee smart kettle

If you like waking up to hot water and know you always fill your Govee smart kettle with water before you go to bed, this could be a good investment. If not, then save your money and get a standard electric kettle.

No need to get off the couch: ConnectSense Router Rebooter

Restart the ConnectSense router
link meaning

If you experience slow internet speeds or other unexplained problems, the general process is to turn off your router, wait a short time, and then turn it back on. For routers and most other technologies, this works 99% of the time. ConnectSense router restart software makes it an automatic process that you (maybe) don’t have to worry about anymore.

It should automatically detect when the internet is down and restart the router to fix the problem. Manually restarting the router when something goes wrong is difficult, but is it worth spending the money on a tool that automates that process? router from your mobile phone. This seems like a more useful feature than the automatic restart.

No need to get off the couch

Restart the ConnectSense router

If your router is in a hard-to-reach or dusty area, this may be a wise choice, otherwise you can save money by restarting the router manually.

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