Al Mutlaq Furniture Company National Day Sale 92

Al Mutlaq Furniture Company National Day Sale 92 We will show you this through this article; We are only days away from the ninety-first anniversary of the Saudi National Day, and on this grand national occasion, all companies and stores compete to offer the most luxurious offers and discounts; What is close to the heart of every Saudi on this occasion, and we will get to know the most prominent offers of Al-Mutlaq Company for the Saudi national day.

Al Mutlaq Company

Almutlaqfurniture Company (almutlaqfurniture) is a famous furniture company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which was launched in 1954 AD, and since its launch until now, this company has become one of the world’s leading companies in the field of the sale of manufactured and imported furniture and furnishings. contracts Al Mutlaq also provides contracts for international brands of furniture in the Saudi market, and later Al-Mutlaq Group was established; Which includes Al Mutlaq Furniture, and this group represents one of the leading commercial groups in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and Al Mutlaq Company provides its valued customers with many offers and gifts.[1]

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Al Mutlaq Furniture Company National Day Sale

On the occasion of the commemoration of the Saudi National Day, Al-Mutlaq Home Furnishings offers you the most luxurious offers on a wide and incredible range of home furnishings; Which meets all tastes, and meets your needs, because this discount applies to a wonderful group of home furniture; For this reason, Al-Mutlaq Company called on everyone to seize the opportunity and take advantage of its special discount for the ninety-first Saudi National Day for the current year 1444 AH, as the discount of this company varies from 25% to 92% on its different products.

Al Mutlaq Company Discount for the 92nd National Day

As we mentioned to you, Al-Mutlaq Company, through its branches in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has launched a list of the most luxurious offers and discounts on home furniture and sofa sets on the ninety-second anniversary of the unification of the Hijaz lands, and this discount came as follows:[2]

Absolute bedroom deals

The bedroom deals offered by Al-Mutlaq Company on the occasion of the 92nd Saudi National Day came as follows:

  • full bedroom At a price of 14,660 Saudi Riyal instead of 20,950, the offer includes: a bed, a wardrobe, a dressing room, a dressing room, a dressing mirror, a dressing chair and a wedge.
  • Fully equipped bedroom At 16,590 Saudi Riyal instead of 23,950, it includes: bed, wardrobe, dresser, dresser, dresser mirror, dresser chair and skirt.
  • Fully equipped bedroom Priced at 8,780 Saudi Riyal instead of 12,550, and it includes: bed, nightstand, dresser and mirror, the beneficiary can get the offer
  • Bedrooms Priced at 4,950 Saudi Riyal, instead of 7,550, the offer includes: bed, bedside tables, hairstyle and mirror.
  • Bedrooms Priced at 5,970 Saudi Riyal, instead of 9,950, it includes: a bed, a dresser, a dresser and a dressing mirror.
  • Bedrooms Priced at only 7,990 Saudi Riyal instead of 13,950, it includes: a bed, comedies, a haircut and a dressing mirror.
  • Bedrooms Priced at 5,730 Saudi Riyal instead of 9,550, it includes: a bed, a dresser, a dresser and a dressing mirror.

Absolute dining deals

Al-Mutlaq Company has announced a set of food travel offers on the occasion of National Day, the most prominent of which are:

  • Dining table with 8 chairs for only 7,660 Saudi Riyal instead of 10,950.
  • A dining table of 10 chairs, including the buffet, at 10,880 Saudi Riyal instead of 15,550.
  • A dining table with 8 chairs, including the buffet, at 15,990 Saudi Riyal instead of 25,550.
  • Dining table with 8 retractable chairs at 7,660 riyals instead of 10,950.

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Mutlaq Bank Offers

Al Mutlaq Company’s offers on banks on the occasion of the 92nd National Day came as follows:

  • Bench seat at 490 riyals instead of 1,960.
  • Corner sofas with ottomans at 6,680 riyals instead of 9,550.
  • Corner sofas at 4,900 Saudi Riyal instead of 7,550.
  • Double bank at 1,620 riyals instead of 3,250.
  • Sofa set of triple sofa and two sofas at a price of 7,990 SAR instead of 11,550.
  • Sofa set, a triple sofa, a double sofa and two chairs at a price of SAR 5,990 instead of SAR 12,550.
  • A set of four sofas, two sofas and two chairs, priced at 9,750 Saudi Riyal instead of 19,550.
  • Sofa set, triple sofa and two double sofas, at 6,570 riyals instead of 10,950.
  • A center table and two side tables at 1,870 SAR instead of 2,750.
  • TV library at 2,970 riyals instead of 4,950.
  • TV stands at 1,690 Saudi Riyal instead of 2,550.

Inquire about the offers of Al-Mutlaq Furniture Company

You can easily inquire about the offers available at Al Mutlaq Company by following the following:

  • Direct access to the Al Mutlaq Company website “from here”.
  • Go to the (Offers) tab.
  • After that, you will be taken to the page dedicated to all the offers and discounts offered by the company.

Al Mutlaq Company branches in Saudi Arabia

Al-Mutlaq Company owns many branches spread in different regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and these branches are:

  • Riyadh City Branch, Northern Ring Road, Exit 5, Opposite Tala Mall.
  • Riyadh City Branch, Al-Yasmeen District, Al-Thumama Road, Opposite Kingdom Hospital.
  • Riyadh City Branch, Al-Wurud District, Olaya Street, in front of Al-Andalus Markets.
  • Al Khobar City Branch, Al Rawabi District, Coast Road, Opposite Hyper Panda.
  • Qassim Regional Branch, Buraidah City, Northern Ring Road.
  • Jeddah City Branch, Madinah Road, Al-Rawdah District, next to Al-Murabba’ Bridge.
  • Jeddah City Branch Latera Complex, Al Baterjee Street, Opposite Sultan Mall.

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How to contact Al Mutlaq Company

You can communicate with Al Mutlaq Company through the available methods for it, which are as follows:

  • Al Mutlaq Company No.: 966920000485.
  • Company Email: [email protected]
  • The company website “from here”.
  • The company’s Twitter accountfrom here on.

Here our article comes to an end. We could identify Al Mutlaq Furniture Company National Day SaleThis company has launched a wide range of special offers on many home sofas, bedrooms and dining tables, as we have told you through the lines of this article.

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