Entrepreneurs of Al Sharq: Tender law amendments provide transparency and integrity in project execution

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Entrepreneurs of Al Sharq: Tender law amendments provide transparency and integrity in project execution

17 September 2022, 07:00

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Hussein Arkab

The website “reliefweb.int” has published a report in which it confirms the great government support for the private sector in Doha with the aim of working to involve it in building the local economy within the framework of Qatar Vision 2030, which mainly based on diversifying the state’s financial resources and reducing dependence on financial income resulting from the export of natural gas, through many initiatives aimed at maintaining the stability of small and medium enterprises in the country, of which the great support was found especially by small investors in Doha during the outbreak of the new Corona virus, which led to these projects getting out of the crisis with the least possible damage, and gave them the opportunity to quickly return to Exercise.

Legislative amendments

The report indicated the continuity of the status of small and medium enterprises in Qatar, providing them with the necessary assistance to expand their business circle and involve them in the largest number of possible government projects that will certainly increase their financial capabilities in the next. stage, thanks to Cabinet Decision No. (11) for the year 2022, regarding the amendment of some provisions of the executive regulations of Act No. 24 of 2015 regulating tenders and auctions, which came with various regulations that the percentage of small and medium investments in national tenders, which rely on the addition of local value as a measuring tool in the differentiation process when tenders are awarded to companies, which will give further support to entrepreneurs in the country.

sector progress

The report emphasized that all these steps will directly contribute to the promotion of the entrepreneurship sector in the coming period, involving it in more new projects in a way that will return to it positively in all respects, and moreover increase the volume. of expertise it possesses, in addition to improving its financial capabilities. Through its input resulting from tender contracts, which will be in accordance with the future plans of the state based mainly on expanding the circle of participation of small and medium-sized companies in the local economy, which is expected to clearly double their numbers in the next phase in various areas, in view of the endless attention received by the authorities that exist locally in this domain.

Commenting on what was stated in the report, many entrepreneurs in the country noted the great efforts made by the responsible authorities in this area to support owners of small and medium enterprises, taking them to safety and as key elements to preserve in the building. and strengthening the national economy, a call to action to provide more facilities for the pioneers in this field, to encourage them to maintain their current projects, and to think about launching more other investments in the future, which the economic situation of the state and achieve the goals assigned to it.

While others of them saw that the unified platform for procurement and the amendments to the Tenders Act guarantee the required transparency and integrity, through the absence of any manipulation or favoritism or the achievement of any personal interests, and it also enables us to avoid any fight discrimination. between other bidders, to ensure the specifications impartially of any matters Personally, in addition to the equality in the presentation of envelopes and specifications, since it is required that envelopes are presented with certain specifications from which it is not definitively derived from the owner of the envelope.

project stability

In his speech to Al Sharq, the entrepreneur, Musab Al-Dosari, showed the truth of what was stated in the “reliefweb.int” report, highlighting the great interest that the responsible authorities in the country attach to small and medium-sized companies , and their continuous effort to provide them with various types of assistance to enable them to stabilize and maintain their presence in the market until In the most difficult circumstances, what exactly happened during the period of the crisis caused by the spread of the new Corona virus, which saw the government stand by its side with small and medium investments, to strengthen them and get them out of that difficult stage with the lightest possible damage, what happened after these returned projects to carry out its activities quickly.

Al-Dosari emphasized the great role that government assistance plays in stabilizing the entrepreneurship sector in the country and moving it forward into the next phase, expecting that the number of small and medium enterprises will increase in the future, given the great awareness that small investors have in this aspect, and their awareness of the importance of this The type of projects in the process of strengthening the local economy, which needs even more investments to achieve the goals entrusted to him by the authorities responsible for this sector in Doha.

create conditions

In turn, the entrepreneur, dr. Hamad Al-Kuwari, states that no one can deny the great efforts made by the responsible authorities in the country to support the private sector, especially investors in small and medium enterprises, despite that we are still required to make further improvements on a set of partner factors in this area, with the aim of creating the conditions and creating the necessary environment to continue to promote the entrepreneurship sector, calling for the provision of more administrative facilities, which will contribute to the expansion of current projects and the introduction of more other investments.

Al-Kuwari added that the sector also needs to cover the rent of the shops, which has reached fantastic numbers in recent years, which has led to small investors not thinking of launching modern projects, despite the availability of local markets on many opportunities to be taken advantage of, with an emphasis on reducing the value of rent in vacancies. This will directly contribute to the development of the entrepreneurship sector in the future by encouraging young people to enter this world.

Legislative amendments

For his part, Abdullah Al-Ajmi, entrepreneur and legal researcher, emphasized the existence of a number of benefits in the Prime Minister’s Decree No. 16 of 2019 to amend the executive regulations of the Act on the Regulation of Tenders and Auctions No. noting that the Ministry of Finance has launched the unified website for government procurement, which provides many services, as this platform is the official channel for interaction between all government agencies and companies in an environment of transparency, to receive bids and bid requests.

Al-Ajmi emphasized that the new procedures through this platform ensure that there is no manipulation or favoritism or the achievement of any personal interests, and also eliminate discrimination between other bidders, to ensure specifications in an impartial manner of any personal matters , as well as equality in the presentation of envelopes and specifications, where it is required to submit envelopes with specific specifications that are not definitively derived from the owner of the envelope.


Al-Ajmi added that in terms of Article 27 of the law regarding bids, bids must be submitted in two sealed envelopes, one for the technical bid and the other for the financial bid. The conformity of the technical bid with the required conditions and specifications, and the availability of the bidders’ technical adequacy and financial capacity in relation to the subject of the contract. The financial bid must also contain the prices submitted for the items included in the bills of quantities are required.

Al-Ajmi explained that such procedures guarantee the allocation of a specific time for the delivery of all envelopes, whereby all applicants receive the same opportunity and time, as the envelopes are examined by the competent committee, and transparency is taken into account according to specific and clear criteria, giving equality to all applicants, without any favoritism.

Al-Ajmi noted that Article 15 relating to conflict of interest states that neither the chairman of the committee, his deputy, nor any of its members may have a direct or indirect interest in the issues presented to the committee , nor may any of them be. a partner or agent of a bidder, bidder or agent. On his behalf, a member of his board of directors or an employee thereof, whether the bidder is a natural or legal person, indicating that the state is keen to apply standards to allow small companies to participate in the bidding process to compete and submit bids, and also ensure that the process is carried out according to well-thought-out standards and strict rules Based on a study by specialists in the field, ensures equality between all bidders.

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