“House of Olives on the Go”… Lebanese food on the wave of technology

After his success in “Park Royal” he arrives in Knightsbridge in a modern look

When you mention the “Park Royal” area, you think of the industrial city that includes factories, factories and auto repair shops, but in the recent period, you passed through that area to smell the smell of sweets, foods and oriental pastries. , where the smell of manakish and thyme wafts. Park Royal, located in north-west London, has more than 73,000 companies employing more than 43,000 people, and is the largest industrial city in the capital. It has more than a blacksmith shop that sells car parts or a wood factory. ; They saw in it a title to introduce the West to Oriental cuisine in general and Lebanese cuisine in particular.

The young Lebanese man, Ayman Asi, was one of the owners of this vision. He challenged the norm and decided to open his first restaurant on the banks of the water canal in a purely industrial area. In 2017 he opened the “Bait Al-Zaytoun” restaurant, and today it is one of the most important Lebanese food addresses in “Park Royal”, and not only that; Rather, this was the reason why other investors strengthened their hearts and opened similar projects near him.

Sandwiches made in the kitchen of the restaurant in Knightsbridge

Since the opening of the restaurant, which reminds you of Lebanon’s waterfront restaurants, and it is expanding following the great demand for it by the Arab community and also Londoners, the restaurant has been expanded in terms of space, and Ayman Assi was not satisfied with this amount of expansion, so he decided to transfer his Lebanese brand to reach the Knightsbridge area, which is a hotbed for Arabs, especially the Golfers and shoppers, so the wave of technology is riding through the first branch of ” Beit El Zaytoun On The GO”; It is a small-sized restaurant in which Lebanese food is ordered through an electronic application that facilitates the purchase method and shortens the time. In this small branch, which depends on the right location in the heart of the capital, fresh Lebanese sandwiches prepared with good ingredients and bread are also made by the restaurant, but in a modern and innovative style.

In an interview with the owner of “House of Olives” and CEO of the company, Ayman Assi, he said that he always wanted to spread the Lebanese cuisine in London in his way that reflects his modern style, and he always wanted the “House of Olives” to have a presence in an area such as the prestigious Knightsbridge, and sought until “Bayt Al Zaitoun on the Go” has 5 branches by 2025, and its vision rises to be in well-known areas in London , which makes room for its people and visitors to taste the most delicious Lebanese fast food that depends on the good product.

Lebanese phrases adopted by “House of Olives”.

Assi says: “I’m trying to make this project a vision that should be followed. On the Go is not going to be an ordinary restaurant; Rather, it is an address to get good food very quickly, by ordering through a special application of the brand that prevents you from communicating with the salesman and wasting time, since there will be special machines inside each branch that will allow you to make the order according to your taste, so you choose the sauce you prefer and the bread you want without having to communicate with anyone Laborers.”

Assi’s ideas come from his passion and love for his work, which is not shy to talk about his humble beginnings. He came to London at the age of twenty and washed dishes in the kitchen of a Lebanese restaurant, and then in the field of food delivery, then became a seller in a store, to make himself a promise not to He works for someone, decided to be his own boss and opens his first project. He opened a restaurant but unfortunately it failed and caused huge financial losses amounting to £400,000. It goes by the name “Amerald Uk”, engaged in providing high-end services from cars to private jets to providing of all services, and this project is still in existence, but the most important goal in Ayman’s life is to bring Lebanese cuisine in its modern way to the largest number in London.

Ayman Asi, the owner of “The Olive House” and the vision of the modern “On the Go”.

Today, “House of Olives” is considered one of the signature Lebanese titles, and it is intended for connoisseurs to eat Lebanese breakfast and lunch with the tunes of Fayrouz, and dinner with the sound of the oud. Ayman Asi could make the “House of Olives” a place to emulate.

Assi says: “The (Park Royal) area may be a long way from central London for some, and for this reason I am looking for this brand to have several branches in the center of the capital serving the fast food elite who are on the menu is available. “

As for the menu that will be available in the “On the Go” branch, it is “miscellaneous”; According to the description of Ayman Asi, who emphasized the importance of providing what suits everyone; Including “vegans” and vegetarians, there will be a menu called “Green Lovers” serving fast food in the “Street Food” style targeting visitors, students and staff in central London. Assi is known for encouraging exercise, and for this reason, in its new fast food branches, it will offer low-calorie foods that suit people who follow regulated diets.

Asked if he was aware of the fierce competition between Eastern restaurants in central London, Assi said: “Competition is the key to success, and hard work will set those behind it apart. I know the competition is tough, but what I try to present in “On the Go” style is completely different; Because it depends on technology and modernity, and it is possible to book what you want to eat through the (Click and Collect) system, and all this to avoid wasting time and waiting.”

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