Tourism in Azerbaijan | The most beautiful tourist destinations in Azerbaijan

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There are many places Tourism in Azerbaijan To visit whether you are on your way to see the famous Flame Towers, Heydar Aliyev Center or just stroll through the spice lanes of Teez Bazar. We will give you the most beautiful areas Tourism in Azerbaijan and its cities.

1- Baku city

Located 28 meters below sea level, Baku is the lowest national capital in the world. It is known as the City of Winds, where two kinds of wind blow over it; Warm Jelavar, blowing from the south, and cold Khazari, blowing from the north. The city of Baku includes a number of the most prominent tourist sites in Azerbaijan, including the Old City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Maiden’s Tower dating from the Sassanid period, the Baku Walk and Boulevard overlooking the Caspian Sea.

2- Quba city

Quba, a city located in the northeast of Azerbaijan overlooking the Caucasus Mountains, is a great tourist destination for lovers of ecotourism and outdoor adventures. This city offers many recreational activities, including wildlife viewing in the village of Khinaliq, as well as hiking in the mountain villages, and practicing golf in the countryside.

3- Sheki City

Located 380 km from Baku in the middle of the Greater Caucasus Mountains, Sheki was once an important stop on the legendary Silk Road. It is teeming with many craft shops, cobbled streets and the ruins of Caucasian Albania.

4- City of Nakhchivan

The city of Nakhchivan or Nakhchivan is the capital of Azerbaijan’s Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, and is said to contain Noah’s Ark – peace be upon him – as well as the 12th-century Nakhchivan Khan Palace, and the Shahbuz City- reserve Nature reserve established to protect endangered animals and plants. [1]

1- The ancient city of Baku

The jewel of Azerbaijan’s tourism, Baku’s Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, surrounded by 12th-century walls, labyrinths of narrow alleys as well as museums, monuments and art galleries. Among the most prominent tourist attractions in it is also the Maiden’s Tower, which is 29 meters high and overlooks the Gulf of Baku. There is also a small museum on one of the floors of the tower, which has many artifacts and collectibles from the Sassanid contains. The square of the tower witnesses many popular festivals, including the celebration of Nowruz.

Tourists can also visit the Museum of Miniature Books, whose collection includes the world’s smallest book of only 2 x 2 mm, the Marionette Theater, which presents two of Uzair Hajibeli’s masterpieces: Layla and Majnun, and The Peddler.

2- Gobustan

The Gobustan site in the southeastern Caucasus Mountains, overlooking the Jayran Jayrankichmaz between the Bersagat and Sumgait rivers, contains an astonishing collection of more than 6,000 ancient petroglyphs dating between 5,000 and 20,000 years ago. Visitors can explore the remains of caves, settlements and burials used by people between the Upper Paleolithic and Medieval times, as well as mud volcanoes near the site, which are among the strangest natural wonders in the world.

3- Naftalan Oil Resort

Naftalan Oil Resort is famous for the oil which is said to have therapeutic benefits as tourists come here to bathe in the oil or undergo a series of oil based treatments which are said to help relieve pain and cure infections.

4- Shirvan National Park

Shirvan National Park has a semi-desert landscape and is home to a variety of animals, including turtles and hedgehogs as well as pelicans and flamingos. The park’s recreation area also contains about 4,000 hectares of water activities. [2]

5- Astara

Astara is one of the best tourist spots in Azerbaijan known for its beaches overlooking the Caspian Sea, which is surrounded by mountains and has lush green rainforests, where many plants and animals can be seen, including the Caucasian tiger.

1- Take a walk on the Baku Promenade to enjoy the comfortable atmosphere of Baku by the sea. You can also visit the Azerbaijan Carpet Museum to learn about the art of carpets in Azerbaijan, which is included in the UNESCO list, in addition to cafes, restaurants and an abundance of entertainment centers for children.

2- A visit to the Shaki Museum of Local History and Heritage, which displays around 5,000 exhibits reflecting the history, ancient art forms, food and culture of Azerbaijan.

3- Stroll in Mardakan Beach and Bilgah Beach Village to enjoy the view of romantic sunsets and calm waves.

5- Visit the Tufandag resort, which includes the longest ski track in the world. You can also ride the cable car and practice jumping from there.

6- Tour the most beautiful beaches of Baku, such as Chekhov Beach, Mambo Beach, Season Baku Beach, Amborn Beach and Tropicana Beach, the most beautiful beaches of Azerbaijan. [3]

Usually one week holiday in Azerbaijan costs about 3,942 SAR per person while for two people it costs about 7,884 SAR for one week. The traveler can spend his vacation in Azerbaijan at a cost of 127 Saudi Riyals per day, and the prices of Baku hotels vary between 18 and 439 Riyals per night, with an average of 210 Saudi Riyals. [4]

Saudis can get an electronic visa ASAN They can stay in the country for up to 30 days, and it is necessary to apply for an e-visa for Azerbaijan at least 4 days before the expected travel date.

A traveler might need a whole month to explore all the sights Tourism in Azerbaijan Which includes UNESCO sites in Azerbaijan, mountains and mountain villages. We have brought you some of the most beautiful ones Tourist places in Azerbaijan From the capital Baku on the coast of the Caspian Sea to the mud volcanoes.

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