Apartments top property investment options in Dubai

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The results of the weekly poll conducted by “Al Bayan” to its readers this week showed that apartments are the most preferred property investment options for real estate investors in Dubai. 48% of the readers of the newspaper’s website, who took part in the survey, expressed their desire to buy an apartment if they wanted to invest in real estate in the emirate, and villas came in second place, as 34 % of respondents expressed their desire to buy a villa, while the percentage of 18% expressed The rest expressed their desire to buy a luxury apartment of two floors «penthouse».

According to the results of the survey in the “Al Bayan” account via Twitter, 46.8% of respondents expressed their preference for buying an apartment, while 24.2% preferred to buy a villa, and 29% preferred to buy a penthouse.

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Commenting on the survey results, Radwan Sajan, founder and chairman of the Danube Group, which includes Danube Real Estate, said: “Whether the property investment option is a villa, a penthouse or an apartment, there are certain contents that finally made of the property unit that The investor chooses it as a “home” or “house”, in which the investor feels at home, finds peace and looks forward to living in it forever.

This home should be a place where the resident or investor feels comfortable, finds happiness, has the ability to make good use of the spaces and enjoys the best amenities and appropriate equipment.

The space of the place should also include additional spaces, and be equipped with space-saving quality furniture. In addition to all of the above, this home should be less stressful on the budget of the resident or investor, less stressful on finances and have a comfortable payment plan.”

Sagan added: “It is very important for the investor to feel at home in the property he has bought. At Danube Properties, we care about providing our clients with the best features, so they feel at home in our properties.”


For his part, Madhav Dahar, co-founder and COO of Zazen Properties in Dubai, said: “Villa sales in prime areas of Dubai have increased by 20% in the last 18 months.

Despite this, apartments in general appear to be becoming a more suitable option for middle-income residents in the UAE in the coming months. Apart from being a safer investment than villas in the long term, apartments are also easy to rent, manage and maintain.

In addition, the apartments give their owners peace of mind, due to the availability of monitoring and maintenance around the clock, without any additional costs. Apartment buyers can take advantage of a variety of amenities and luxuries available within the project itself. In comparison, new urban communities made up of villas are often far from the city.”

Dahar added: “In premium areas such as Downtown, Palm Jumeirah or Dubai Marina, buyers have several options in terms of apartments, while villas are mainly available only to ultra-rich individuals. In this context, there is no denying the fact that apartment prices for investors are more attractive than villas.

For example, in our project “Zazen One”, the units of which are completely sold out, three-bedroom apartments, along with a maid’s room, world-class amenities and high-quality finishes, one apartment was sold for $1.8 million.

On the other hand, if the same specifications are available in a villa, its selling price will start from $2.5 million and above. So, despite the fact that villas are currently the flavor of the Dubai property market, apartments look poised to remain the best investment vehicle.”


Imran Farouk, President of Samana Real Estate Development, said: “The main reason behind the optimistic trend of Dubai real estate investors to buy apartments is the fact that the majority of Dubai residents have incomes that are more in line with buying apartments .

They prefer to live in apartments more than in villas or penthouses, especially because the quality of services in the apartments is high, and without any problems. Another reason is that the families of the majority of Dubai residents consist of a small number of individuals. As a result, apartments appear to be the most suitable and comfortable option for them.”

Farouk added: “For this reason, we at Samana Real Estate Development prefer to develop residential towers consisting of apartments of various sizes in the heart of Dubai’s business districts. In addition, we also develop resort-style projects that sell out quickly. For example, our recently launched project, “Miami” in “Jumeirah Village Circle” sold out completely and very quickly.”


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