Her bedroom is another world.. The camera finally enters the “Palace of Dreams” in which Rogina lives the life of princesses!!

The artist, Rogina, is one of the most prominent stars to shine in the field of art and acting in the Arab world, having participated in a number of film and theater works that have been successful since the beginning of her artistic career in 1992 and achieved fame. today.

Away from this topic, we will take you on a tour to the house of the artist Rogenia and her husband, the talented artist Ashraf Zaki, in the city of Cairo.

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Rogina lives in a luxurious two-story house with her daughters and her husband, the artist Ashraf Zaki.

Luxurious entrance The entrance of Rogina’s house expresses its luxury through a video she posted on “Instagram”, as its floor combined black and white marble and parquet at the same time.

The use of brown wood is also widely used in the main door and in the console and mirrors in the entrance.

Living rooms From the photos that Rogina shares on her Instagram account, it seems that her house has more than one living room, and each one has a special place for its owner.

There is a living room with beige and olive stripes, and we can simply say that the use of decor and smart design in the living rooms like Rogina is the basis for a living room with a harmonious and elegant design.

There is no doubt that when Rogina designed the living rooms in her house, she thought about the basic elements of the room such as furniture, floor, walls, lighting and accessories and how to choose the appropriate design for these things and colors that at the room, as simplicity appeared in this room also by decorating the walls with black and white pictures of her.

On the other hand, we noticed that there is a more comfortable living room that Rogina seems to use more than others, as she appeared in it to have breakfast with one of her guests, and the colors of the room looked cheerful, which yellow and pink.

Egyptian-style salon Rogina did not move away from choosing a color close to the living room in her salon, as she chose an oil-colored salon with an overlap of gold color and an Egyptian style par excellence.

white bedroom

Rogina chose a white bedroom, and this color is the first elegance color that works to create contrasting environments, and Rogina chose a brown dressing room, which added an ultimate elegance to the room.

Outdoor pool There is a pool where Rogina and her daughters can enjoy the summer sun, and it is a private pool without anyone disturbing them.

It is worth noting that the latest work of the artist “Rogina”, the series “Deviation”, which was part of the Ramadan 2022 race, with “Rogina”, “Rania Mahmoud Yassin”, “Ahmed Safwat”, “Mohammed Al- Kilani”, “Lucy”, “Samiha Ayoub” and others.

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