Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi tops Newsweek’s list of best smart hospitals in the UAE and GCC

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi ranks first in the UAE and the GCC and among Newsweek’s Top 100 Smart Hospitals worldwide for 2023

A list of 300 hospitals around the world evaluated based on their digital technologies and technological developments capable of making a qualitative leap in patient care levels and the future of healthcare

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, part of Mubadala Healthcare, topped the smart hospital rankings in the UAE, and among the top 100 hospitals worldwide, on Newsweek’s list of the best smart hospitals around the world.

In this context, Dr. Jorge Guzman, CEO of Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, said: “This global honor confirms Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi’s position at the forefront of hospitals in the UAE, and its position as one of the best hospitals around the world. This is an indication of the clear imprint we leave on our society and our role in improving patients’ quality of life locally and globally There is no doubt that pioneering medical technology is part of the promising future of the medical care sector and of course an essential component of Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi’s business model and world-class standards of medical care it provides.accurate tests to be performed more efficiently and with minimal risk to patients, ultimately leading to the best possible outcome.”

Newsweek’s list ranked 300 hospitals from 28 countries based on their use of digital technology to shape new patient care and based on the opinions of thousands of medical and management professionals from around the world. Hospitals were evaluated in five categories, including: electronic benefits; telemedicine; digital photography; artificial intelligence; and robots.

The “Da Vinci” robotic surgery system is one of the pioneering technologies at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi that has enabled it to revolutionize the way surgical procedures are performed, consisting of a 3D camera and four thin robotic arms equipped with surgical equipment. It helps surgeons to perform more complex and delicate operations through very small holes. The surgeon controls the arms via the control panel using the hands and feet while looking at a high-resolution magnified image of the area inside the patient’s body on which he is operating. This system reduces the recovery period, reduces the likelihood of complications related to surgery, causes less scarring and reduces pain and bleeding.

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi also offers an advanced artificial intelligence system called Transpara, which is part of the breast cancer screening system. It uses an advanced algorithm that gives radiologists immediate and objective results on any suspected mammogram areas. This system improves the accuracy of cancer screenings and speeds up treatment decisions, ultimately leading to higher rates of breast cancer recovery for patients. The Transpara system offers new hope for cancer patients, as it can detect

Details that specialized imaging techniques do not recognize, while analyzing the images taken at a faster rate than the time it took several years ago. Transpara is one of the innovations that Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi will use in the new cancer center, which is scheduled to open this year.

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi uses an electronic medical record system, which enables it to quickly access patient records to provide more efficient and thoughtful care, as well as confidentially share medical information with other members of the patient care team. This system brings great benefits, as caregivers are able to view the patient’s medical and treatment records and access his clinical and medical data from anywhere within the hospital using a unique identification number assigned to each patient. In doing so, the system gives clinicians adequate and sufficient information, saves time for data collection, reduces waiting time and helps diagnose and treat patients in a more efficient and safe way.

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi also has an advanced automated system of pharmacy services, which is characterized by a simple and smooth working method and helps to reduce the rates of medication errors, which is one of the most common safety issues in the healthcare sector. Instead of sending a handwritten prescription to the pharmacy, a procedure still used in many hospitals, this system allows the doctor to create a digital prescription and send it to the pharmacy. Everything is linked to the code on the wristband of the patient in the hospital.

This is the second edition of the “Best Smart Hospitals Around the World” list, prepared by Newsweek magazine in collaboration with Statista. The hospital classification process was based on three main components: an international online survey of hospital administrators and healthcare professionals that suggested the names of leading smart hospitals around the world; another international survey of digital transformation/information managers and senior managers who evaluated digital technologies in hospitals; An internal search was conducted on each hospital nominated for the list.

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About Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi is part of Mubadala Healthcare, a multi-specialty hospital located on Al Maryah Island, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The hospital is a unique and exemplary extension of Cleveland Clinic’s US-accredited model of healthcare, and is specifically designed to meet the range of critical care needs of the residents of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi has five specialized centers of excellence: cardiovascular, thoracic, neurology, gastroenterology, eye, respiratory and critical care centers. It also includes other institutes in surgical subspecialties, medical subspecialties, emergency medicine, anesthesia, pathology and laboratory medicine, radiography, quality and patient safety, medical care and nursing. Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi offers a total of more than 40 medical and surgical specialties.

The facilities at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi combine the latest amenities and world-class services. Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi has a capacity of 394 beds (expandable to 490 beds), with five floors dedicated to clinics, and three floors for diagnosis and treatment,

Thirteen floors of acute and critical care units are dedicated to inpatients. Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi is managed by physicians who are board-certified North American/European Board (or equivalent). Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi provides patients in the region with the best health services and a unique model of care that characterizes Cleveland Clinic, in order to reduce the need to send patients abroad for treatment.

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi – Al Ain has been providing selected health services since December 2017. Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi – Al Ain is located within the medical campus of Tawam Hospital, in Al Ain.

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About Mubadala Healthcare

Mubadala Healthcare is an integrated network of healthcare facilities operating under the umbrella of Mubadala Investment Company. It was established in 2021 to operate, manage and develop its portfolio of healthcare facilities, which includes Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, Healthpoint, Imperial College London Diabetes Centre, Amana Healthcare, National Reference Laboratory, Capital Health Screening Centre, Abu Dhabi Telemedicine Centre, Dana Hospital UAE, Healthplus Center for Diabetes and Endocrinology, Healthplus Center for Family Health, Healthplus Fertility Center, Healthplus Center for Women’s Health and Moorfields Eye Hospital in Abu Dhabi. In line with its vision to improve the level of healthcare in the region, Mubadala Healthcare represents a new standard of excellence in the healthcare sector in the UAE and the region through its advanced facilities and world-class cadres who are eager to provide an exceptional experience. offer and prioritize patients. Innovation, research and educational and training programs are among the cornerstones of Mubadala Healthcare’s endeavor to develop a sustainable health sector, in line with the vision of Abu Dhabi and the region.

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