Genesis G90 launched in AlUla

In the presence of the Sayidaty team, Genesis Middle East and Africa launched its sedan “G90” in Al-Ula, Saudi Arabia, which represents a comprehensive and radical change that the company during three years of work, design and wanted to achieve creativity. .

Genesis G90 launch party
The G90 features the most elegant exterior and interior designs of the Genesis range to date. It offers ideal specifications for extremely comfortable transportation along with many new features designed to enhance the experience of drivers and passengers.

Genesis G90 launch party

* look outside

The front of the model consists of the new Crest Grille and the G90’s highly engineered, reflective square lamps that add elegance and appeal to the front of the car as they are designed to resemble the brand’s logo.
The two-line headlights, located on either side of the grille, are the thinnest on the Genesis to date.
The Genesis G90’s position as the best sedan in its class is reinforced by the clamshell-style hood and the refined, sculpted body which is further enhanced by the Parabolic Line design that flows smoothly along the side frame below the windows in the trunk, as well as sporty. stripes on the fenders around the wheels, to highlight the car’s power and dynamics.
The wide window openings for the first and second rows, separated by a thick C-pillar, offer ample space and privacy for second-row occupants, an expression of the absolute luxury that the G90 offers.
At the rear of the car, double-row taillights extended the length of the trunk with the letters of the word Genesis between the two rows Various, reversing lights, below; Complements the pure and luxurious palette of the G90 wallpaper.

* Interior design in harmony with new technology and analog sensors

Touch the armrest

The driver’s seat combines the feel of high-resolution surround hardware and new technologies with the luxurious detail of the center console’s dials.

At the front of the interior are slim air vents integrated into a wing-like shape, and a next-generation infotainment system with the integrated connected cockpit, which combines content from speedometers, general information and the navigation system into a panoramic screen, which high-tech image of the G90.

The center console has a precise and thoughtful design of the two console discs using glass and aluminum, which gives a feeling of absolute luxury. The Shift-By-Wire Transmission Control Unit Switch and the CCP Control Unit Disc are also designed in two different ways; To enable the driver to move between them smoothly and intuitively while driving, in addition to the vibration feature of the transmission paddle when switching to the reverse position; To avoid confusion between the two units.

The G90 features industrial-quality rear seats, with the left and right second-row seats reclining separately, and offers a new customer experience with thoughtfully designed storage spaces such as a separate tray for magazines and books in the second-row C-pillar area . .

The G90 is available in 12 new color options such as Hallasan Green, Capri Blue, Bariloche Brown, Valencia Gold and Maui Black which are exclusive to the G90. The model will also be available in traditional colors such as Makalu Grey, Vic Black, Tasman Blue, Saville Silver, Uyuni White, Makalu Matte Gray and Verbier White. The green color Hallasan is named after the “Hallasan” shield volcano on the Korean island of Jeju, emphasizing the brand’s pride in its deep-rooted Korean identity.

*The comfortable and quiet driving performance you would expect from a sedan

It is designed to look like the brand logo

The G90 is equipped with a 3.5-liter turbocharged gasoline engine and an eight-speed automatic transmission, which produces a maximum power of 375 horsepower and a maximum torque of 54.0 kg/m. The 3.5 turbo engine generates a combined fuel efficiency of 9.3 km/ℓ, with a dual fuel injection system that injects the optimum amount of fuel to meet driving conditions, and a water intercooler that improves acceleration response by rapidly lowering the engine’s air flow temperature ( all) figures are based on the 5-seat, rear-wheel drive model with 19-inch wheels).

To improve engine power and torque while ensuring effective cooling of the brake discs, the G90 uses multiple cooling mechanisms in this regard, including the hidden steering compartment, dust cover slot and cooling channels on the wheel guards. The braking system also features a new “Chauffeur” technology, which allows drivers to control braking force. It has three built-in braking modes that drivers can select to suit the driving conditions.

The G90 uses sensors to lift the front wheels on steep slopes, providing stronger suspension to prevent damage from contact between the road and the vehicle’s chassis after a slope. When driving off-road, the feature raises the vehicle by 25mm on both sides, at the front and rear wheels, to protect the chassis from contact with the road surface and ensure a stable driving experience.

The Genesis G90 comes with the Rear Wheel Steering System (RWS), which provides a maximum of four degrees of rear wheel steering at low speeds (turned in the opposite direction to the front wheels) and two degrees at high speeds (turned in the same direction as the front wheels) .

The rear-wheel steering system allows for smooth maneuvers in tight spaces, and makes the G90’s turning radius similar to that of a midsize car. It also improves the car’s turning stability and allows for nimble movements when navigating lanes or avoiding obstacles at medium and high speeds.

* Pioneering new technology more advanced

Use sensors on wheel lift

The Genesis G90 has given the G90 a host of various advanced convenience technologies. When the driver approaches the G90 with his smart key, the door handles pop out with a welcome, spontaneous movement. Once the driver is in the car, the Easy Lock system locks the door without occupants having to grab and lock it, and this feature is activated by pressing a button located in a number of easily accessible locations, including the first row center console, second row armrests and door edges on both The two rows.

The G90 is the first model with a steering wheel control (HOD) system that allows the vehicle to know exactly when the driver is holding the steering wheel. When driver assistance systems such as Highway Driving Assist are activated, the system determines whether the driver is holding the steering wheel and issues warnings when necessary.

Park Collision-Avoidance Assist (PCA) also analyzes the vehicle’s surroundings, including the rear, front and sides, warns the driver when there is a risk of collision with a pedestrian or an object while parking, and activates automatic braking if necessary.

Genesis has also created spacious, stylish personal spaces that surpass all modes of transport and equips the model with a range of ground-breaking features, including a virtual space system, a mood organizer and an armrest touchscreen system.

Genesis also offers special antibacterial materials throughout the cabin of the G90, with a second-row UV-sterilized armrest box and antibacterial filter; To provide a safer and cleaner cabin for passengers.

G90 air purifiers are equipped with an antibacterial filter that prevents harmful substances from entering the air; To provide a better indoor atmosphere.

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