The most prominent secrets of interior design of the house

“Make the design simple but distinctive.” You must have gone through this experience before. You enter a place and feel spaciousness, psychological comfort and positive energy, and you enter another place and feel the opposite of these feelings, despite the similarity in space and the level of furniture and decorations, and you wonder how? The hero in both cases is the interior design. In the first case it was used well and played an important role in the beauty and coordination of the space, while in the second case it was not used in the best way. Follow the article till the end, and we will tell you the best interior design tips and secrets for your home.
Interior design tips for your home

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Interior design and puzzle game!

The interior design is like a puzzle game! In this game you try to collect the small pieces to achieve the perfect arrangement, and in the interior design you have a set of elements that are shaped and arranged to fill the space, and to achieve an innovative and harmonious solution that the functional and aesthetic purpose of the place.
Home interior design styles

Whatever your personality, you will find interior design styles that express you and represent your taste. You can choose from many styles, including the most famous: the luxurious classic palatial, contemporary with decorative motifs and innovative designs, rustic with its charming nature and simplicity of its touch, bold bohemian mixing nature with exotic elements and bright colors, minimalist with its few quiet touches, transitional time combining between classic and contemporary, coastal blue colors and characteristic nautical decor.
Balance the space and the elements in your home

How do you feel when you are in a crowded place? Granted, you feel tight and want to breathe, and so does the furniture in the house! It doesn’t make sense to pile up furniture until it’s a difficult task to get through, and then expect to feel comfortable!

The space in the room is divided into:

Negative space, which is the space around the furniture and gives a feeling of spaciousness and psychological comfort.
Positive space, which is the space occupied by pieces of furniture and decor or a creative space that shows good taste.

The balance between negative space and positive space is what makes beauty and psychological calm together.
Start designing from the color wheel

What does a painter do before he catches his brush? He first begins by identifying the palette of colors he uses, then distributes them in harmony and consistency in all parts of the painting. And that’s exactly what you’ll do with house colors. Start by choosing colors, preferably no more than 5 colors, then choose a dominant color in each room and the other colors help it. This technique of choosing colors gives each room an independent personality, and makes the house appear as one unit, so that the eye moves smoothly from one place to another without feeling a cacophony of tones. The question now is, how do you choose the colors? The easiest and most efficient way to color wheel. Colors on the color wheel are divided into:

Primary colors: red, yellow and blue
Secondary colors: a mixture of primary colors
Tertiary colors: the product of mixing primary and secondary colors
You can choose from the color wheel in several ways, including:
Integration In this method, you choose a specific color, then draw a triangle whose vertex is that color, and the complementary colors are at the base of the triangle.
Matching, in which you choose adjacent colors on the color wheel.
Triplet: The method is based on choosing colors that are evenly spaced around the color wheel.

And don’t forget the diversity of colors between cold, like blue and green, and warm colors, like orange and red. Among the basic colors from which no design is free are neutral colors such as black and white. Now that you have chosen the color palette, start spreading it on the furniture, upholstery, curtains, rugs, cushions and decor pieces. One of the best interior design tips and secrets for your home is to think carefully about the feelings that colors reflect in each room. The colors of the bedroom should reflect calmness and comfort, and the colors of the living room suggest movement, activity and vitality. .
Lighting is the secret to the brilliance of interior design elements


Lighting has the effect of magic to convey feelings, a light that causes depression, and another light that makes you feel happy! One of the best interior design tips and secrets for your home is to make the most of natural light by adding mirrors and using light, light-colored curtains. Now it’s time to think about artificial lighting, which varies depending on the task. There is strong, sweeping lighting that illuminates the entire space, purposeful lighting such as kitchen workspace lighting or side lighting for reading, and aesthetic lighting to draw attention to a panel or console. Diversification between natural lighting and artificial lighting with all its functions makes the interior design of your home clear.
Repetition is not always boring

Mostly we all get bored of repetition but in interior design it is different. Using a pattern or graphic repeatedly on a wall, tapestry, curtains or wallpaper is a wonderful visual experience that gives the design a special vibrancy. The pattern comes in the form of longitudinal and transverse stripes, geometric shapes, flowers, and more. There are many factors to consider when choosing and distributing the cartridge, including:

Don’t overdo it, especially in confined spaces
In the case of several items containing a repeating drawing, it is preferable that they are the same colors.

– Repeated drawings should match the style of interior design, repeating drawings that match the bohemian style are definitely different from the repeating drawings that match the contemporary style.
Before starting interior design

Proper planning is the beginning of any successful business, before you start the interior design of your home, choose the design style, the appropriate colors and decorations for the design style, the focal point from which you will start the design in each room (it can be ‘ a balcony, a TV, a characteristic wall or a beautiful painting) after good planning and better knowledge Interior design tips and secrets for your home You can start the first step.

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