Walaa Nour, the first female head of department in the history of “Engineers”: Sisi honored women and encouraged them to innovate (dialogue)

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Achievements after the other, Egyptian and Arab women continue to achieve and write their name high, as they lived their brightest periods and achieved unprecedented achievements by reaching leadership positions, entering parliamentary life, economic empowerment, obtaining their social rights and protection through legislation and laws, and they did not hesitate to make sacrifices, and perhaps The Egyptian Dr. Walaa Nour achieved the difficult comparison by choosing the first department head in the history of the Egyptian Engineering Syndicate. She also held many positions and achieved unprecedented successes in the field of engineering.

“Al-Watan” for dr. Walaa Nour, one of the most inspiring women in Egypt, who achieved respectable successes in the world of engineering, during which she excelled above men, and raised Egypt’s name high, contacted to talk about the scenes of her. appointment as the first head of department in the history of the Egyptian Engineering Syndicate, and after a text Dialogue:

– What about the life of Dr. Walaa Nour, and how do you balance between your work and your private life?

She received her bachelor’s degree in engineering from Ain Shams University in 2000, her master’s degree in 2004, and her doctorate in 2008 from Cairo University.

I balance my day between home and work by organizing time. My husband is understanding, helps me and encourages me all the time. He believes in women’s work, their essence and their ability to overcome difficulties and achieve various achievements without neglecting her home and raising children.

– Away from engineering, technology and science, what is dr. Walaa Nour’s hobbies and is there a specific sport you prefer to play?

I prefer swimming as it helps to relax the mind and creates a sense of happiness, as I prefer to play tennis as it also helps improve mood and a sense of optimism and improves muscle strength and flexibility.

– You assumed the first head of a division in the history of the Egyptian Syndicate of Engineers. Tell us about the position and how you achieved it?

The position of the first head of the Architectural Division of the Egyptian Syndicate of Engineers, came by winning the first place when the elections came out, in the votes elected at the republic level by the graduated architects. The second step was the internal election in the department and my obtaining the position of head of the Architecture Department.

What are the professional and scientific ratings you have obtained, and what honors have you previously received?

I worked as a professor of architecture and urban design, head of the Department of Architecture at the Faculty of Engineering at Tanta University, and also held the position of Chairman of the Committee for the Preservation of Buildings of Outstanding Architectural Character. Supreme Council of the Egyptian Syndicate of Engineers, in addition to participating in many local and international scientific conferences, participating in service, community and environmental activities in society, Chairman of the Egyptian Women Engineers Committee in the Syndicate of Engineers.

President Sisi granted women their right to the labor market

– How do you find the distinction between men and women in society… and the idea of ​​”a girl has no choice but to her home, her husband, and only the education of children”?

In the current era in which we live under the leadership of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and the state’s plan for development and towards the new republic, there is no discrimination between men and women. On the contrary, the president has offered many opportunities for women in general and engineers in particular in the labor market and leadership positions. There is encouragement for Egyptian women and the provision of possibilities for self-development.

– How do you find scientific research in Egypt and what is lacking?

Scientific research has seen a significant and remarkable development during the current period, under the objectives of the state plan to promote scientific research in all scientific and research fields under the platform of the Ministry of Higher Education, which sees the current period to work on . this axis.

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

In the course of scientific and practical life, all that man strives for, God may tire him with ease, and every difficult thing he goes through, and I can overcome any obstacle I face by planning it well and to deal with.

– What advice would you give to young women and newly graduated engineers who consider you a role model?

The advice is to focus on specific goals and work to achieve them, make a future plan for what is to come, work with it and provide knowledge and training and development courses for each field chosen by any female engineer to advance herself. to work and develop periodically. .

What are the dreams and ambitions you want to achieve?

I hope to work as my role as a faculty member on the axes of institutional excellence and excellence for universities in Egypt and develop them on the axes necessary to achieve excellence according to the state’s plan and work to provide everything that the objectives of the Division serve of Architectural Engineering and Egyptian women engineers and their rights. During workshops and conferences to promote the role of the Egyptian engineer in the engineering labor market in Egypt.

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