Hotel Managers: We offer an innovative hospitality concept to serve World Cup visitors



Hotel Managers: We offer an innovative hospitality concept to serve World Cup visitors

12 September 2022, 07:00

World Cup Hotel Managers

Badruddin Malik

A number of hotel sector managers have confirmed that they have held a series of workshops and intensive training programs to upgrade employees’ capabilities and improve their skills and technical capabilities to serve the visitors of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, which will be held at Al-Sharq indicated that the training plans still exist. continuous and includes all hotel service facilities such as rooms, health club, information offices, restaurants and swimming pools. In addition to safety data, they emphasized the importance of providing a service that works a beautiful face of the local hospitality industry and a modern and advanced concept of the components of the local hotel, which is based on foundations and standards that start with innovation and creativity in services, express their gratitude to Qatar Tourism for its active role in organizing a number of training sessions for its employees. to support their professional abilities and improve their professionalism in relation to the major sporting event

Yazan Abdul Latif: Employees are the backbone of the success of the hotel sector

Mr. Yazan Abdul Latif, General Manager of Sharq Village Hotel and Resort, said: “The Sharq Village Hotel and Resort has completed all its preparations to receive Doha’s guests by upgrading the capabilities and capabilities of its employees through a series of procedures activate, the main one is to increase the professional and trade skills of employees by downloading a number of workshops on the ground Work and integrated training sessions based on a number of international specialists in the hospitality sector, which employees describe as the backbone of the success of all operations of the hotel sector in its various classifications and categories International Hospitality.

Yazan Abdul Latif said, “Employees are now ready to provide quality hotel service components in accordance with the highest international standards agreed upon in the hospitality industry, noting that the training included all employees working in various facilities, from reception, that through the rooms, that ends with the gym, restaurants and swimming pools.” The context is that Frij Sharq restaurants have paid special attention to the menu and its diversity to suit the taste of all guests.

Mashhour Al Rifai: Providing a high quality hotel product

Mr. Mashhour Al-Rifai, General Manager of Concorde Hotel Doha, said: “Concorde Hotel has organized a number of workshops and intensive training programs for the hotel’s employees to harmonize their craft and technical abilities with the major sporting event, confirming that the employees’ response to these trainings, through which they showed high efficiency and exceptional professionalism, indicating that the training sessions It included all service facilities, from the information staff, which goes through the room staff, and ends with the chefs of restaurants.

Mashhour Al-Rifai said, “The training strategy adopted by Concorde Hotel is based on spreading the culture of Qatar and reflects a beautiful aspect of the local hospitality data based on authentic generosity. Providing a high -quality product in line with Qatar’s tourism strategy, which has adopted the organization of a series of workshops and qualitative training for hotel staff, especially information staff, noting that the aim of all these major efforts is to improve the components of a hotel product to provide services that surpass all hotel brands in the world.

Mashhour Al-Refai said, “The Concorde Hotel has worked to renovate all its rooms, in addition to activating very advanced concepts of restaurant performance by diversifying the menu to suit all tastes of the 2022 World Cup guests.

Vaskin Vartinian: Hotels are scrambling to provide high-quality service

Vaskin Vartinian, Director of Sales and Marketing at the Crowne Plaza – Business Oasis and Holiday Inn Business Oasis, said: “The Crowne Plaza – Business Oasis and Holiday Inn Business Oasis hotels have been brought to life with a series of qualitative strategies based on aimed at improving the operating standards of two hotels and consolidating their position on the map. He pointed out that some time ago the two hotels organized a number of workshops and training sessions to improve the efficiency of the employees and support their professional and artistic career, emphasizes that the employees are now able to provide a high-quality and efficient product to the Doha guests, noting that all international hotel brands operating in the local market are currently racing and scramble to provide service specifications that outperform all hotels in the world.

Vaskin Vartinian said, “The two hotels have modernized all their facilities and increased the number of employees and the number of restaurants, with a focus on diversifying the menu and its choices to meet the tastes of all participants. The two hotels also emphasized the importance of modernizing the rooms and providing them with a number of exclusive services to harmonize all these five-star services with the requirements of The visitors expressed their gratitude to Qatar Tourism for its role in promoting the two hotels’ training plans.

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