With the largest portfolio of luxury housing units… “IGI Developments” participates in “Cityscape Egypt” exhibition

IGI Developments, the leading real estate developer in the implementation of integrated and luxury residential communities, has announced its participation in the “Cityscape Egypt” exhibition, which will be held from September 21 to 24.

IGI Developments’ participation comes with the largest portfolio of luxury housing units, with investments of 22 billion pounds.

Exceptional offers during the exhibition

The company offers exceptional offers and facilities during the exhibition, starting with a 5% down payment and installments up to 9 years, and new and innovative products will be presented to the market with surfaces from 50 meters.

The prices of “IGI Developments” projects start from one million pounds per unit, and through the offered offer, the client can get a unit with a down payment from 50,000 pounds, and the client can also get a 3-bedroom unit at a price of 1.5 million pounds and installments over 8 years.

A new policy that keeps up with the changes in the sector

“The company’s experience in the market is an extension of the experience and history of (IGI International Investment Group), which has gone through various industries, leaving an imprint in the eighty years that followed its inception,” according to Eng. Sherif Mostafa, Managing Director of IGI Developments.

He added: “Since 2020, the company has adopted a new policy that keeps up with the changes in the sector and the company’s constant ambition to maintain its leadership in the market, as it is one of the first real estate development companies to adopt the idea of establishing residential connections, in 1995 in the Gardenia Park project and the Ashgar neighborhood in 1997, and that its background dating back to 1942 has played a major role in gaining clients’ trust and position since its inception ​​among the major developers of the real estate sector.”

According to Mostafa, the IGI Developments team relied on the innovative new mechanisms in marketing and sales, and to conduct extensive studies to identify customer requirements and increase project implementation rates, as well as unit pricing mechanisms to provide the best favorable prices for the market and customers. especially after the increase in the dollar exchange rate against the pound.

“The company’s policies during the past two years contributed to achieving sales during 2022 equivalent to 3 times the sales of 2021 for the same period, and the company’s sales in the past four years were equivalent to the same period,” according to Ing . Sherif Mostafa, managing director of IGI Developments.

The company works to provide the highest level of after-sales services through the Customer Service Department, which cooperates with 10 specialized service companies to provide project management and maintenance services of the highest quality.

IGI Developments has focused on hiring a number of the largest contracting companies, with a business value of 3.5 billion pounds, in the company’s various projects to accelerate the implementation rates of projects, and these works will be completed within two years is, which is the delivery of the largest number of units to customers in a record time, according to As stated by the managing director of the company.

The population of IGI Developments projects is currently about 30 thousand people, equivalent to about 6 thousand families, and after completion of the delivery of units in all projects, the number of families will reach 12 thousand families, or about 60 thousand people.

City trees

Engineer Sherif Mustafa said that the total units delivered in the Ashgar City project are 2,000 units, and the company aims to deliver 1,000 new units by the end of 2022, as 600 units have been delivered so far, and more 400 units will be delivered by the end of the year.

As for the company’s other projects during 2022, around 300 units will be delivered by the end of this year.

tree heights

The “Ashgar Heights” project includes several spaces for villas, and the remaining are a limited number of them, with an area of ​​300 meters, with prices from 5 million pounds and installments for 8 years, according to Engineer Sherif Mostafa.

He added that the company will also introduce new products in the “Ashgar Heights” project with apartment areas from 50 meters, consisting of one-room studios, two-room apartments and three-room apartments, with areas ranging from 80 to 170. meters, and installments of up to 9 years , in accordance with the needs and requirements of customers.

The total number of units being marketed is 600 units between apartments and villas in the Ashgar Heights project.

Ashgar neighborhood

Around 3,500 residential units have been delivered and occupied in the project, including apartments, villas and townhouses.

The latest phase of the Ashgar neighborhood was recently launched in May under the name “Jada”, and new units will be launched from them due to the unprecedented demand it has achieved.

The spaces at this stage vary between 140 and 200 square meters, with prices starting at 2 million pounds, and installments of 8 years, and delivery between one and two years depending on the unit.

New Projects for “IGI Developments”

The managing director of the company said that a large and distinctive project will be launched in the new city of Sphinx on an area of ​​540 hectares, becoming one of the first leading developers in that area.

Regarding the real estate sector in 2022, the managing director of the company said that the real estate market managed to filter itself in the current year, as the recent challenges contributed to highlight the serious companies, which have high completion rates with their projects and fulfill their obligations to clients.

He pointed out that the sales process has become dependent on marketers between 60 and 70 percent, while the percentage of direct sales by the property development company does not exceed 30 to 40 percent.

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