Within the framework of the development of unsafe areas, the Knights of Development in the Land of the Cavalry

  • Residents: Our happiness cannot be described as our transition from marginalization to a decent life
  • M. Khaled Siddik: 40 billion pounds, the cost of unsafe areas
  • Ehab El Hanafy: EGP 1.5 billion to build 2,268 residential units in the region
  • Head of the Cavalry Authority: 15 buildings housed a total of 1320 families

Mohammed Eid

The Land of the Cavalry is one of the state’s national projects to develop unsafe areas. It is considered the latest project completed by the Urban Development Fund. The residents of 3 targeted areas were settled behind the wall of Magra El-Ayoun. And their happiness increased because of the location of the cavalry area, not only because it is next to the Equestrian Club and Ain Al-Sira Lake, which will be a center.

It is an important tourist destination, as well as being close to the Museum of Civilizations, but because the location is not far from their original homeland, as it is several kilometers from the wall of Maqr al-Ayoun. It did not harm their interests and business. , “Al-Ahram Investigations” went on a tour of the Cavalry Land and met some residents who seemed delighted and delighted.

A model of one of the housing after its development

Before presenting our tour, we spoke with Eng Khaled Siddik, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Urban Development Fund, the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, which is the new name after the Fund was called the Insecure Areas Development Fund, to asked him about the reason for changing the name after the Prime Minister agreed to the change He said Seddik: In the light of the great tasks assigned to the Fund after the great success it achieved in eliminating unsafe areas, whether in unsafe areas, representing 1% of urbanization, and at a cost of 40 billion pounds, we are now close to completing the development of these areas. An example of this is a project Maspero and Ard 18 Military. The Cavalry Land was the latest of these projects, and he explained that in parallel with the development of unsafe areas, the Fund worked on the development of unplanned areas, which represent 37% of the urbanization and will be completed as planned within Vision 2030.

To complement the development of the Urban Development Fund, there is a future vision for the development of capitals, governorates and large cities, as well as the development of Historic Cairo, called urban development areas, which will take place in several phases.

About the Cavalry Land project, Ihab Al Hanafi, General Coordinator of the Urban Development Fund and the media spokesperson, says: Cavalry Land is one of the projects that the Urban Development Fund has implemented at a cost of approximately 1.5 billion pounds, in an area of 40 hectares with 42 buildings, each building consists of a ground floor and 9 repeated floors. Each building has 2 elevators, in addition to 294 commercial and administrative stores. He added that the number of units of the Cavalry Land is 2268, and the area of ​​the unit is 63 meters, in addition to a large service area characterized by the place. These include a post office, a police station, a fire station, an ambulance station, a public garden, two schools, a mosque and a church. Finishing these services at the highest level, around this area not only the residents of the cavalry, but also the neighboring areas after the expansion of its urban development.

civilization shift

Now we start our tour in the land of the cavalry and the security men were at his gate, they are responsible for arranging the access to the place, we passed wide streets that separate the buildings of different colors in their facades, and during our rapid passage to reach the equestrian device, he sat in the arbors designated to sit between each group of buildings. The inhabitants of the place enjoy the sun, the fresh air and the clean streets. We arrived at the apparatus, where we were received by Mohamed Eid, head of the apparatus, and Abdel Latif Mahmoud Moselhi, director of the apparatus, who spoke about the cavalry project and said: Last March, the units were delivered fully completed , fully furnished Each unit consists of two bedrooms, a dining room, a sofa, a kitchen, and all electrical appliances from Washing machine, fridge, stove, TV with receiver and gas heater. He pointed out that these appliances and furniture are provided by the Ministry of Social Solidarity and are referred to in case of any problems in the manufacture, either for furniture or appliances.

Moselhi pointed out that we are working in full swing to complete all services to speed up the implementation of the directives of President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, in providing services to the residents of Al-Khayala. 75 thousand pounds to distinguish the site, and in the second phase, 15 shops were sold to provide vital services such as pharmacies, cafeterias, restaurants, popular foods and others. There are also 162 administrative units, including clinics, lawyers’ offices, etc., in addition to providing a modern police station attached to the Al-Basateen division. A post office with the latest technology, also an advanced ambulance unit of 7 cars, a fire fighting unit of 6 cars, and an integrated medical center with the provision of a family medicine unit, in addition to laboratories and an emergency unit. The completion of its internal inscriptions, and a large mosque opened two months ago with a capacity of 1,000 prayer halls, in addition to two public schools, one for basic education and the other experimental to the secondary stage.

The party of the conversation was picked up by Muhammad Eid, head of the Cavalry Service, who did not vacate his office all the time, not only because he is the head of the agency, but also because he is one of the residents with whom he is related to a neighbor. Of 3 areas, namely the area of ​​Al-Jayara, Ezbet Al-Sukkar and Al-Lemon, and Hosh Al-Ghajar, and after the complete settlement of the inhabitants of these targeted areas, 1000 Among them, to the new profits for them to preserve, and the behavior of some of them was adjusted with awareness, for example, children played in elevators at the beginning of their move to housing, causing frequent breakdowns, and after warning and awareness and the spirit of belonging to spread the place and insisted on the preservation of things because it is ultimately their property, many responded with the help of an active population, hence the establishment of a board of trustees for the city.

quick fix

After the device was again full of people, the conversation was resumed with Abdullatif Moselhi, the director of the device, who confirmed that this accumulation is due to the application of natural gas, which was introduced by 95% in the Cavalry Land, and after the completion of the access to the rest of the units, the operating phase will start immediately, as well as if He has a complaint that comes to the device to solve it It is possible that problems may occur in the luggage or devices and we set the Ministry of Solidarity, which in turn informs the manufacturers and some companies provide permanent technicians on site to solve urgent problems, and if there are manufacturing defects, the manufacturer is responsible for correcting errors in the product and it to bring back again.

Regarding the controls to preserve the place, Moselhi said: There are of course controls in the contracts concluded between the beneficiary and the state, including the preservation of the aesthetic aspect of the place, as well as the preservation of the architectural character, entrances, elevators. , water pipes, as well as furniture and electrical appliances The internal maintenance of apartments, including plumbing, etc., and any external maintenance is borne by the state, in addition to the simple amount that the resident bears per month for maintenance, estimated at 350 pounds, in addition to the rest of the well-known warnings, which must not use the eye for non-residential purposes, otherwise the unit will be withdrawn, and of course the constant awareness that These things belong to us and must be preserved, because the beneficiary remains for life ‘ a beneficiary, even if he dies He is entitled to bequeath the unit once to the first degree in the case of permanent residence, as is the case in Act No 4 of 1996, which the Tenancy Act.

Social solidarity

Inside some of the furnished housing units, we met some residents. Bata Mahmoud Muhammad Ahmed says, “God honored and rewarded her after 60 years of living in the Jayyara area. Bata (79) got married in a room in a shared plot for four families with a shared bathroom. She gave birth to 7 children in a room whose door was dilapidated.” Its walls are worn, and she raised her children in very difficult conditions. Bata added: I had no idea to go to this random area, how and from where?, I married my children and my young son stayed with me. : I can’t describe my happiness because it is really a decent life, after being marginalized for many years.

Rifai Sabri Ma’zoun and one of the residents say: The vast majority of them moved to a real turning point. Their happiness is indescribable, and they were the ones who lived below the poverty line in rooms with shared bathrooms, and here everyone takes hands not only to upgrade the place, but there is social solidarity among the residents, because we know each other. Any family that fails to pay the monthly amount and cannot pay, the amount is paid in complete secrecy, in addition to other assistance to these families, and he said that we are working together to beautify the place with afforestation and everything we need have, to help the Al-Basateen environment by providing plantings and raw materials, and volunteers will do afforestation work.

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