Bedroom parquet models that suit your space Proper bedroom parquet helps to set a calming and relaxing tone for the whole room, but what are the best bedroom parquet ideas to suit your space? This is what we will learn in this article.
Bedroom parquet models

1- Solid wood flooring is one of the simplest models of bedroom parquet because it is highly durable and considered an environmentally friendly material because it is biodegradable. The most famous of these are hardwood and engineered wood floors; Solid wood floors are full length wood finish from top to bottom, while engineered wood floors are made with 3 to 9 layers of tree veneer.

2- Natural cork floors are used in bedrooms due to their ability to insulate between floors, providing sound insulation and helping to maintain heat and air conditioning in the room.

3- Vinyl flooring is a versatile option for bedroom flooring because it is easy to install and maintain, durable and moisture resistant. A high quality vinyl or linoleum floor can last 10 to 20 years. [1]

4- The mosaic pattern is one of the most popular bedroom parquet models as it is characterized by a variety of different geometric patterns created by attaching small wooden slats together. The shape of the mosaic can also be designed according to wishes and in relation to the room’s decor.

5- The bordeaux design is characterized by panels of different thicknesses arranged to form multiple geometric designs, surrounded by a square shape.

6- The woven parquet design is an attractive model for bedrooms, and it is usually made of parquet floors with wooden panels of one light shade.

7- European white oak floors add a touch of magic to bedrooms because they have cooler undertones like grey.
Parquet colors for bedrooms

1- Blonde wooden parquet, which increases the space of the room and makes it more open, as it matches all decorations, especially the blue and gray colors.

2- Gray wooden parquet, which goes well with decorations in watercolor, bright bold colors and white and black. It goes well with antique or antique effect furniture or doors.

3- Dark and black parquet, which fills the bedrooms with a feeling of warmth when combined with white decorations, which add warmth to the room thanks to the contrast with the dark floor. [2]
Bedroom parquet types
1- German parquet

German parquet is one of the best types of parquet for bedrooms. It consists of 4 layers that increase the protection of floors against the spread of bacteria and insects.
2- French parquet

Many people prefer to use French parquet for bedrooms, as it is characterized by the fact that it does not change color and is characterized by simplicity, non-flammability, as well as the ability to clean and polish it in the easiest way.
3- Spanish parquet

Spanish parquet is one of the best types of ceramic parquet, as it consists of several layers, including an insulating layer that protects the floors, and its surface can be easily cleaned.
4- Geometric parquet

Engineered parquet consists of several panels of ordinary wood, laminated in a characteristic way, and is characterized by stability and a flat surface.
5- Italian parquet

Italian parquet is one of the best types of parquet for bedrooms because it is made with high technology and advanced technology. It also contains different layers that prevent moisture and quickly absorb water, giving the room an elegant look.
6- Belgian parquet

Belgian parquet has 4 thick layers that prevent scratches and moisture in bedrooms.
Bedroom parquet features

1- Parquet floors give a comfortable look to the room and increase its area, unlike cold tiles.

2- Parquet can make the room look bigger or narrower depending on the direction of the planks; If the wooden floor is installed across the long side of the room, it makes the room appear wider. The parallel arrangement also provides a modern and minimalist feel and goes well with the classic interior design style.

3- The shine of parquet floors lasts up to 15 years or more when cared for.

4- Bedroom parquet must be resistant to any scratches, inflammation or moisture that may occur.

5- It is suitable for people suffering from allergies, as it is easy to clean from dust, pollen and allergens.

6- Some types of parquet can be sold and recycled.

Bedroom parquet adds a charming and luxurious touch to bedroom decoration, as it increases their space and luxury. It is expected that the parquet for bedrooms in wide pattern and light color will be very popular with everyone this year.

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