Hijab in Iraqi schools: #No_forcible_auction is an electronic campaign against the imposition of the veil on schoolgirls

photo released, @Keep_Official

The hashtag #No_for_forced_auction has been issued on social media sites in Iraq, following the growing talk of forcing the veil on schoolgirls.

Feminist activists launched a protest campaign demanding that an official decision be issued by the Ministry of Education banning “imposing the veil as a condition for academic admission” and punishing anyone who imposes it.

The purpose of the campaign

The BBC Trend blog spoke to Iraqi media and feminist writer Heba Al-Nabeeb, who said the aim of the campaign was to “take people’s opinions and beliefs into account and accept different groups in Iraqi society. “

She added: “The veil is a personal freedom, and it is assumed that schools teach and educate about morals and respect for the rights of others with their different religious and cultural orientations, not the other way around.”

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