Desert Garden.. A special photo shoot with “Carolina Herrera” and the young Saudi engineer, Nouf Al-Munif

“Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.” Carolina Herrera On the occasion of the 92nd National Day, and under the slogan “She is our home,” we celebrate the Saudi engineer in the field of design and art, Nouf Al-Munif, who carved her name in a vital sector who tell a thousand stories with those fingers that spin stories, weave stories and paint a future that mimics the vision of the Kingdom. 2030. In the journey to find beauty, we chose to make the nature of the photoshoot stem from the originality and in honor of the desert nature that refined the craft, and the miracles of beauty that appear in the wilderness, such as ‘ a flower that only blooms in a dry desert.
The Carolina Herrera outfits came to life against a desert backdrop rich with ripples of golden sand, desert plants and palm trees, including the iconic Insignia bag, adorned with a belt of sadu by Saudi craftsman Ida Al Harthy, which the threads in green and woven. white as a symbol of giving, development and peace.
On the sidelines of the photo shoot, we spoke with the young woman, Nouf Al-Munif, who, in addition to her daily work in the art sector in Saudi Arabia, works in the field of engineering consulting and interior design, undertaking remarkable and diverse creative works . She is an art connoisseur and a lover of design. The importance of preserving heritage, and the effort to be part of this journey, as it pays tribute to the artistic scene and the multitude of talents that emerge from the rich identity of the Kingdom.

Prepared by: Mashael Al-Dakhil, Maha Al-Huwaiti
Produced by: Mohamed Bin Ghasian
Photo: Lina Mo
Fashion curation and creative direction: Nouf Malawi
Makeup: Hessa Al-Ajaji
Poetry: Al-Anoud Al-Mukarish
Art direction: Laila Al-Dulaikan
Filmed at Nova Resort in Riyadh

“The development of the tourism and entertainment sectors and attention to the development of cultural and artistic heritage are some of the factors that have made the Kingdom a center of attraction.”

Emerald green shirt dress, Initials Insignia bag, CH Kaleidoscope earrings
All pieces CH Carolina Herrera

We live in a time that gives us room for creativity in various fields, in addition to your official profession you manage a studio specializing in the field of engineering design and decoration How have you felt this development and progress as an entrepreneur?
I believe that the scientific and professional path I have taken has helped me a lot to draw inspiration from heritage and creativity in the field of architectural design and decoration. The programs of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 contributed to the launch of creative initiatives, including making Riyadh a center of urban and technical attraction. I had the opportunity to be a part of that transformation, not just a witness to it.

Carolina Herrera
“There is hardly an artistic or cultural forum or activity in Saudi Arabia without outstanding talents proving themselves in the arenas.”

Green taffeta coat dress with fabric belt, CH Kaleidoscope earrings and necklace
All pieces CH Carolina Herrera

The Saudi heritage is a source of inspiration in our practical and personal lives How does the Saudi heritage define the identity of Nouf’s work today?
The tangible tangible heritage of buildings, tools, costumes and necessities of life, and the cultural heritage of arts, poems, songs and others are part of our formation and our civilizational identity, and to absorb and preserve them is our duty as citizens or specialists. There is no doubt that the state’s interest in preserving that heritage through initiatives, institutions and bodies specialized in this is an important factor that makes us all part of the workshop launched by the Kingdom’s vision to preserve the heritage to preserve and draw inspiration from.
Saudi women are pioneers and make history and have achieved great things. What is the secret of their success?
The citizen in general is at the same time the goal and instrument of development. The secret to success is unleashing the energy to achieve the quality of life goals outlined in the Kingdom’s vision. Perhaps we find that the vision’s focus on the goal of empowering women has shown results on the ground to increase the level of their participation in the workforce, and to find sectors that help deepen, support and develop that participation .

Carolina Herrera
Tangible tangible heritage is part of our cultural formation and identity.

Red crepe coat-style dress, Initials Insignia bag, cuff, Between the Line ring and Rosetta Insignia crystal earrings.
All pieces CH Carolina Herrera

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has become an artistic center in the region, where everyone locally and globally strives to share their work and projects and showcase them within seasonal events. How do you evaluate this development and the level reached by Saudi Arabia? What is the strength of its influence on you?

The development of the tourism and entertainment sectors and the interest in the development of cultural and artistic heritage were some of the factors that made the Kingdom a center of attraction in these sectors. To the extent that the development of tourist areas at home and on the beaches attracted tourists from abroad, it was a factor in introducing citizens to their natural treasures, which contributed to the movement and internal movement between regions. As much as cultural and artistic events have contributed to introducing the world and its creators to our cultural wealth, they have also contributed to the promotion of the cultural and artistic product in our country. For me, participating in organizing events was an opportunity to get to know creators from all over the world who had the opportunity to showcase their creativity, as well as an opportunity to introduce them to our peers and their products in that artistic field. to introduce.

Carolina Herrera
“Having provided the opportunity, opportunities and frameworks for creativity, the talents of many young men and women have been introduced.”

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Between the line
All pieces CH Carolina Herrera

What is Saudi Arabia’s approach to art? How do you translate this into your work?

The role of Saudi Arabia lies in creating the institutional structure of laws, bodies and financing instruments, and encouraging individual initiatives and talents. One of the quality of life programs launched in 2018 played a prominent role in this, including creating the necessary environment to support and develop new options that increase the participation of citizens, residents and visitors in cultural, recreational -, sports and tourism activities and other appropriate patterns that contribute to improving the quality of life, creating jobs, and diversifying economic activity, and improving the position of Saudi cities worldwide. The program worked to launch the film sector, organize local and international entertainment, sports and cultural events, such as hosting the Dakar International Rally, Formula 1, or the Noor Al Riyadh Festival, the Diriyah Biennale, and the opening of a number of museums, cultural exhibitions and music festivals. The program also invested in the development of human cadres in various sectors of quality of life, and launched many academies, institutes and programs concerned with the development of talents, such as the Film Maker Development Program, and the provision of scholarships to male and female students to specialize in those programs.

Carolina Herrera
“The development of the tourism and entertainment sectors and the interest in the development of cultural and artistic heritage were among the factors that made the Kingdom a center of attraction.”

Pink silk chiffon maxi dress, Initials Insignia bag, Between the Line and Bimba ring, Between the Line cuff and Insignia earrings

All pieces CH Carolina Herrera

What does the Saudi artistic community mean to you?
After the occasion, opportunities and frameworks for creativity were provided, the talents of many young men and women were launched. There is hardly a forum or artistic or cultural activity in Saudi Arabia without outstanding talents proving themselves in the local and international arena.

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