On the 92nd Saudi National Day.. a spotlight on the achievements of Saudi women in the field of design

Saudi women have stormed all fields and excelled in all fields, the most important of which is the field of design in all its forms. On the path of persistence and hard work.

Princess Noura bint Muhammad Al-Abdullah Al-Faisal: We achieve the goal through persistence and learning from experience

Princess Noura bint Muhammad Al-Abdullah Al-Faisal

Her designs are one of a kind, she does not like to be repeated, but instead creates each piece with a special thought and form; To be distinguished by the person who owns it and give it a special beauty, she did not study design, but believed in her talent from an early age, and excelled in it until she founded the Nuun jewelry design brand in France but when she decided to transfer her work to Saudi Arabia, she was surprised by her lack of knowledge of the environment and society to a large extent, which made her decide to create a platform ” Azlal Design”, Princess Noura bint Muhammad Al Abdullah Al-Faisal, we get to know her more in the following interview, which we had with her during her visit to my lady’s glass house in Riyadh City Boulevard.

How did Princess Noura enter the world of jewelry design?

Jewelry is a world that attracts every woman, and I love design in all its forms, and designing jewelry has been a hobby for me more than anything else. For example, when the mother wanted to change any jewelry that I designed specifically for her, but I never thought that this would be my field of work. When I traveled to England before majoring in interior design, I tried to learn jewelry design and manufacturing, but I don’t have enough strength in my hand to manufacture. The coach told me at the time that I had talent, but not in the industry. “and I prefer that you focus on design”, and I actually took her advice, there are People whose talent is in their hands, and my talent is in my mind, and everyone should know what his strengths are and what his talent is.

How did Princess Noura develop herself in the field of design?

I believe that a person should focus on self-education, and I am always interested, research and read about design and even research issued in this field and everything related to designers as well. I am one of the first they see and follow; Because I’m very inspired by design in terms of industry and design thinking as well, and how to solve problems when using design and not just design. When I was studying interior design in England, it was my destiny that the graduation project I worked on was. A jewelry store, so it looks like I had it inside me.

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Fashion designer Nora Suleiman: The world is eager to learn about our designs and culture

Saudi fashion designer Nora Suleiman

The Saudi fashion designer, Nora Suleiman, was a guest at My Lady’s Glass House, in the Boulevard, Riyadh City.

What distinguishes the designs of Nora Al-Sulaiman?

Our designs are also characterized by precision and details, but what distinguishes us the most is that our designs are Saudi designs, and now the world has a passion to see Saudi art and Saudi designs, not because they do not do not know, but on the contrary, because our culture, civilization, customs and traditions are rich in diversity and diversity, as well as our geographical nature that includes the desert mountains and seas. The world wants to see this Saudi art and Saudi designs.

How has Nawar Suleiman reached the world since the first batch?

I don’t see that I have reached the world yet, and it was (a lovely coincidence) when the global coordinator Leroch saw a dress of my design and chose it for a movie or an international artwork, but I see that universality lies in having an international Saudi brand that people wear, that’s what I think it’s global.

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Designer Arwa Al-Ammari: My work as an ambassador for the Fashion Council requires Arab representation in international forums

Designed by Arwa Al Ammari

With a message that shows the Saudi identity to the world through fashion, Arwa Al-Ammari, a Saudi fashion designer and entrepreneur, has succeeded in proving her presence in various regional and international forums, showing the creativity of Saudi -women, their perseverance and their ability to excel wherever they go. After recently winning the EMI GALA Award, the designer Al-Ammari allowed “Madame” to dive into the world of her creativity, excellence and her vision of the fashion sector in Saudi Arabia and the world, so we have this had a meeting with her.

You grew up in a family that was scientifically and professionally distinguished, and loved the arts. What is the importance of this background in building your personality as a creative and always striving for success?

I belong to a family that loved the arts, but none of them took it as a profession; My father is one of the leaders of the health sector in Saudi Arabia, and he has many fingerprints in this field, and drawing has always been one of his main hobbies. My mother is a doctor, and she was fourth in her class in Saudi Arabia, and she got a scholarship to study medicine in Pakistan, and while she was there, she designed an amazing collection of clothes, and she inspires me in my work. My parents were always keen to enroll us in art training courses, to keep us occupied with something useful, and because they saw our interest and talent in this field. Even on our travels we used to visit museums, galleries and theaters, all these in my opinion build an artistic sense in a person from childhood, and influence creativity in later stages. Although I started my practical life in a profession far from the arts, and my studies came late in fashion, because I had previously studied in other fields, but my love for the arts always followed me.

During your career you have won several awards including the EMI GALA Award held in Dubai. What is the importance of this award to you, tell us about the awards you have won so far?

My first award was the Italian Grazia Award, part of which is related to my participation in Fashion Forward, one of the Dubai Fashion Week, a huge event that brings together famous designers and professionals in the field of fashion. The second prize is Fashion Star, a competition held over a period of three months, in which twelve Arab designers competed, and it was a very rich experience, during which I got to know many creative designers.New York. Fawzi had a great value as a Saudi designer, as this field was still a beginner in Saudi Arabia. The third award is the National Culture Award in Saudi Arabia, which is a tribute to Saudi artists who have participated in the formation of the culture in Saudi Arabia in the past period, and this award is one of the most important prizes for me and the most valuable. The fourth award was EMI GALA, which is one of the most prestigious fashion awards in the Middle East and North Africa region, and is attended by international experts in the field. Winning it means a lot to me, especially representing my country, Saudi Arabia, which reflects the cultural scene happening in Saudi Arabia right now.

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Designer Ahdaab Serafi: Learning design techniques is the secret of the designer’s success

Designed by cilia banker

The Saudi fashion designer, Ahdab Serafi, has been characterized by her eye-catching designs that have won everyone’s admiration, as she is distinguished by the ability to understand the client’s personality, high taste and beautiful print in the pieces she creates. She entered the field motivated by an old love of design, and a great experience helped her in her success, which was formed from an early age, where she refused to wear ready-made clothes, and made beautiful pieces herself for tailors has. lacking the “technique of success”.

When did you take your first step into the fashion world?

My passion for fashion design started at a young age. At that time, I went to the market with my mother to buy clothes, but I found that most of them were not suitable for me, so I would buy a variety of materials and turn to tailors for certain models, to adjust what I specify. for them, and I get most of them from European fashion magazines.

What was the first piece you designed, and what was the response to it?

The first piece I designed was a crepe dress with strings of pearls, and I wore it at a family function, then I went into the field of designing abayas, and thank God, I got great approval from everyone who saw these pieces from family and friends, and I was able to form a base of customers.

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Designer Wateen Al-Tuwaijri: Every woman visiting Saudi Arabia is excited to try on the abaya

Designed by Wateen Al-Tuwaijri

A law graduate, businesswoman and owner of the Sunsets brand, Wateen Al-Tuwaijri has been drawn to everything new and different in the world of fashion since her childhood. She always got comments about her elegance and daring fashion. Her mother also had her say on her clothes, and her father always encouraged her to give free rein to her ideas.

We noticed you mixed art into your brand, tell us about it?

Art is an integral part of design for me, all designs in our brand are pieces of art that every woman can own.

Where did the brand name Sunsets come from?

The brand name Sunsets is the plural of the word sunset, and sunset is not just the end of a day, it is a new hope, a hope that the sun will rise with greater brilliance, a better life and a renewed spirit will return

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Fashion designer Khawla Al-Aiban: My designs are inspired by Saudi culture and authentic Arab beauty

Designed by fashion designer Khawla Al-Aiban

Saudi designer Khawla Al-Aiban has made her way in the world by presenting fashion that combines local authenticity with modern fashion. Through her designs, which target all tastes, she won great praise, and was admired by all who bought her, because of her beauty and splendor. She made her mark and proved the ingenuity of Saudi designers by participating in international exhibitions and events specialized in the field of fashion and fashion. Madam met her in the following interview.

You moved between law, marketing and fashion design, why did you choose the latter to complete your career?

The world of fashion is completely different, and better in terms of creativity, because I always come up with ideas outside the box. I chose this field because I’m obsessed with beauty and fashion, and everything new in fashion, and there’s no doubt that I also love law, and I’m also interested in marketing, and I’m still working in it. My destination for the world of fashion was not a study, but rather a love, passion and continuous knowledge, since I was young, when I started designing from friends and family for those around me, and I felt that everyone was fascinated by the results, and then I intensified reading and courses in this field.

What are the main challenges you have faced as a designer? And how did you overcome it?

To find qualified manpower for the success of a unique and distinctive piece, and especially to find fabric factories, similar to what I drew, and I think that every field has its challenges and problems, but the challenges of fashion design continue.

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