Thank you for reminding us of your loving husband of children with cancer, Lara Trump

Our win-win chicken dinner for the stupidest response to New York Attorney General Tish James suing the Trump family business into oblivion in his noble efforts to fucks make their end. It comes from Lara Trump, Eric’s confessed wife, who must get a job as a Wal-Mart welder if the family is to return all their heinous crime money. Do you know who is not qualified for this position? Laura Trump. (Why? Because first, they’re supposed to have a “sunny disposition.” Second, they’re supposed to check customer receipts for any discrepancies and Cough Cough WTF Do you think Tish James investigated here?)

Fuck the end of them! New York AG Tech James sues to end all Trump business as Trump Joint Charitable Association

Yeah, anyway, here’s the same old Sunny Disposition, babble That’s because Tish James investigated the Eric Trump Charitable Foundation, which partially raised money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, which treats children with cancer, and then children with cancer died of TISH JAMES! How many children with cancer will not die if Tish James does not stop Eric Trump from saving children with cancer!

“This is a woman – people may not know – my husband started a children’s charity at St Jude Children’s Hospital when he was 22 years old.

“He raised $30 million for children in Saint Jude, and Laetitia James is so vile and hateful with the last name Trump that she decided to investigate my husband’s charitable foundation despite the fact that it has one of the lowest spending percentages of any private charity has in America.

“And unfortunately, guess who got hurt by that? It wasn’t my husband. They are the children of Saint Jude.

“Who knows how many children died needlessly thanks to her investigation and just the barb and hatred of anyone with the last name Trump?”

Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-hawk, you idiot.

Couple of things here:

1. The fraudulent nature of the Trump charities is so well known that NY AG James actually shut down the Trump Foundation’s fraudulent incriminating fund and other loose liquor as well. Then there was the Eric Trump Foundation, which seemed to be the only one in reality try to To do anything good, but over time it also became clear that the Young Eric Foundation was very good at funneling money to my father’s business. Lara Trump talks about how Eric Charitable has a low spending percentage, but if you read what the big 2017 Forbes magazine revealed, you’ll see how this low spending percentage was kind of fake. Donors were told that their money was going to children with cancer, and that Father Trump was giving away golf courses and other things for free. But it turns out that the Trump Organization actually charged the Eric Trump Foundation for its services. And why? Because Donald Trump lost his shit when he found out Children with cancer might get money that he felt was worth.

Yay! Washing charity donations between family members is fun and easy! Anyway, Tish James didn’t shut down the Eric Trump Foundation, I just started asking questions and he shut the whole thing down. in spite of We think it should.

2. St. Jude is great. This writer lives in Memphis, and it’s easy to forget what a treasure we have here, simply because we’re used to having it everywhere in our lives. And we mean “ubiquitous”. You see, St. Jude is not an underfunded nonprofit just trying to make ends meet, worried about making the payroll next month. St. Jude fucking lot of moneyAnd Eric Trump takes his toys and goes home just because the detectives are walking around that won’t do much for the bottom line.

As ProPublica explained last year — in the kind of hit article you don’t really need to read, to be honest, since it seems so confused about how big nonprofits work — in 2020, St. Jude raised $2 billion. In 2019, it was $1.7 billion. At that time, it had $5.2 billion in reserves. She doesn’t spend all her money every year. here they are billions with “B”. It’s a method far greater than Trump’s money, even the fake kind he claims he doesn’t actually have.

So no, go screw yourself, Lara Trump, the kids didn’t die because Letitia James did the investigations into Trump. What a burning piece of dirt Use of children with cancer As props to complain and grumble about the fact that the worthless trash family has finally started to have its consequences for all that it has caused in the world.

Children’s Cancer Charity Pie! shock! Donald Trump dipped his short fingers into a childhood cancer charity pie

Hot tub acid! The Trump Foundation melted as if dipped in a hot tub of acid

I said it!

The first runner-up in the contest for dumbest response to Tish James destroying the lives of the entire Trump family is former Attorney General Bill Barr, which just started bubbling On Fox News about THINK OF THE CHILDREN! I think children are our future! Watch the things you say, Tish James, kids will listen!

He was talking about Trump’s children. He said that in the real world, kids aren’t expected to use their own prudence, and you can tell it’s a witch hunt because James is going after poor kids. really.

For some perspective, while Don Jr was said to be just as good at using the big boys bathroom when he was in college as a normal little kid, Trump’s kids are 44, 40 and 38.

They were CEOs of his company (not even in no-show positions!), they were directors of his charitable foundation, and one of them was a senior advisor to the President of the United States (UGH). They know what they did.

Someone please stop the crazy lady if you try to take Barron’s allowance but that would be rude.

[transcript via JoeMyGod]

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