Britain is a sin and ongoing sins against our Palestinian people

Written by: Rasem Obeidat

I am almost certain that all the tragedies, forced emigration, displacement and calamities that have befallen our Palestinian people are the result of colonial Britain, whose Foreign Secretary Balfour promised the Jewish billionaire Rothschild on 2 November 1917 a national home for the Jews in Palestine at the expense of the Palestinian people and their land, and this Giving of those who have not to those who do not deserve it was not spontaneous or without colonial planning, vision and strategy. It was rather one of his colonial goals, that this entity is located in the heart of the Arab world, separates its north from its south, and prevents any unification process in the future and the establishment of any Arab national project and the control of the Arabs about their wealth and wealth, as well as setting a strategic mission for this entity, to be the spearhead of the colonial countries, in the suppression and attack of any Arab country or liberation movement, which is an exit from the forces of colonialism and emancipation of their proposal, and within this vision Britain worked to facilitate Jewish immigration to Palestine, as well as to supply this entity with weapons, in order to ensure the expansion of the Zionist project over the entire Palestinian geography… and Britain used the harshest punishments against the Palestinian resistance, so that the possession of one bullet was enough to sentence to death or life imprisonment. D to its owner,… because of Britain’s colonial policy and the complicity of what was known as the Arab Salvation Army, which has no part of the salvation except the name, since most of them were led by the leaders of the British colonial army, and their weapons were corrupt and their preparations for war were verbal, verbal and slogans, and in fact it was in accordance with the project The colonial and occupier.. Britain, which supported the entity state, and always stood by it, and supported it. it with all the elements of strength and survival militarily, financially, economically and politically, and sees in the struggle and resistance of our people, a form of “terrorism” and that the entity state has the right to defend itself in the face of terrorism Palestinian and Arab “terrorism”… Within this vision we have found that successive British governments stand up and any decisions or sanctions proposed or sought to be imposed in international institutions by the UN Security Council, the General Assembly, failed. and the United Nations Human Rights Council on the entity state for its establishment By committing crimes against our Palestinian people, and practicing racism and all forms of ethnic cleansing against them, and even went further than that by amending its laws, to allow the arrest and prevent trial of any of the soldiers and leaders of the occupation accused of committing war crimes on a It also criminalized those who call for a boycott of the state and its institutions on account of its racist policies, as well as anyone who calls for the withdrawal of investments from it. And politicians such as Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the Popular Front are considered “terrorist” organizations, as well as a large part of the policy of the European Union countries, which insist on provide conditional money to Palestinian civil society organizations and organizations, as these institutions are required to include an attachment in the financing contracts rsign, with approval Considering many of the political expressions of the Palestinian national struggle as “terrorist” organizations, as well as the need to verify the beneficiaries of these funds.

Britain, more than a century after Balfour, refused to apologize for this ominous promise, even on the centenary of its centenary, as our Palestinian people and its political forces demanded an apology to the Palestinian people, and accepts its political, legal, moral and material responsibilities for this unjust promise. But she refused it and held a celebration on the centenary of this promise, insisting on the rights of our people, our cause and denying our national rights, and her disgusting talk that she supports a two-state solution is nothing more than throwing ashes in the eyes.

Britain and other countries of the colonial West and America, who say that they are against the permissibility of seizing the land of others by force, as is the case in Ukraine, where they are waging their war with America against Russia in Ukraine described, that Russia has no right to invade another country and occupy its land, and they know very well that The military operation carried out by Russia is essential to protect its national security, to prevent NATO reached the “bedrooms” of the Russian leadership, as well as to include Ukraine in NATO and the deployment of strategic weapons on its territory that threaten Russia’s national security.

These double standards and selective policies, we see clearly in the discussions taking place in the United Nations General Assembly at its 77th session, as America and Britain will be among the first countries to begin to oppose any resolution voted on in the United Nations Security Council, after getting nine votes and accepting the right to recognize its right to a Palestinian state under occupation.

Britain has its new right-wing prime minister, Lisa Terrace, who promised her friends in the Jewish lobby when she was foreign secretary in Boris Johnson’s government to move her country’s embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and she met the prime minister. of Israel in New York on the sidelines of the General Assembly meetings, and expressed her desire to move her embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, similar to America, which led during the era of former US President Trump, the process to move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on the anniversary of the Nakba of our Palestinian people May 15, 2018, followed by three other countries, Guatemala, Honduras and Kosovo .. Britain is hostile and denies the rights of our people And the protector of the occupied country, together with the powers of the colonial West and America, of any decisions or punishments that may be taken or imposed against it as a result of its flagrant violation of the law and international treaties and agreements. Many of them are mourning them declare. … In a strange Western paradox, those countries did not lower their flags or declare mourning over the death or martyrdom of many Arab and Palestinian leaders.

Here is Britain, where you flocked to attend her funeral, and slapped you in the face and on your “points” and told you that it would only be on the side of the entity state in its occupation and violation of international law.

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