Ahead of its unveiling next month.. New leaked images without camouflage for the BMW BMW M2 2023

The BMW M2 2023 sports coupe appears in some interesting leaks from time to time to reveal the new leaks about the shape of the new sports car, before its official unveiling next October, specifically on Tuesday, October 11.

These leaks come as a prelude to the official and total unveiling of the car, which will be a qualitative leap in performance and design for the M2 coupe, which shines with the characteristics of sports racing cars.

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The article below will show you the highlights of what has been revealed about the BMW M2 2023 Sports Coupe ahead of the official unveiling in October 2022. BMW M2 2023 Sports Performance Specifications

BMW recently said that the 2023 BMW M2 Coupe will have “the same level of performance as the BMW M2 CS”, powered by the same engine; It’s a 3.0 liter V6 twin-turbo engine, also similar to the M3 and M4.

But she confirmed that the engine in the M2 will generate high power ranging from 450-460 hp, with torque of 620 Nm, and also confirmed that the BMW M2 will be available with a six-speed manual gearbox, or with a automatic transmission Drive of eight speeds.

It will only send thrust to the rear wheels; Although reports have indicated that an all-wheel drive system will be added at some point. Design features of the BMW M2 2023 sports coupe

Some of the leaked images showed the bold and aggressive design of the new BMW M2 2023 sports coupe. The BMW M2 2023 comes with a bold front end with more intakes at the bottom and horizontal slats in the upper grille.

The front and rear wheel arches are wider than the regular 2 Series, with side skirts that blend into the exterior. Recent leaks reveal some innovative design elements in the car, which include:

Side mirrors with the M. brand division logo

carbon fiber roof

Hood inspired by the standard M240i

New, more aggressive rear bumper

Distinctive set of four sports exhaust tips

vertical reflective strips

The BMW M2 2023 sports coupe appears to ride on 19-inch front and 20-inch rear aluminum wheels, with high-performance brake discs fitted with red M-branded calipers hidden behind them.

As for the color of the car, the color of the M2 coupe is expected to be a brand new M Zandvoort Blue, in addition to expectations of modern colors inspired by the colors of sports racing cars; As green, yellow, black and other prominent modern colors.

The leaks also include an image showing what the new interior design elements are; Some people familiar with the new BMW M2 2023 claim; Buyers will be able to choose the seat upholstery from brown leather, black Alcantara leather, faux leather and even other genuine leather options.

The interior of the M2 2023 shows off M Carbon sports seats inspired by the M3 and M4 models – which are expected to be optional extras – and the dual-screen dashboard of BMW’s latest model, which features the latest BMW iDrive 8 software system use.

These were the most prominent details on the recent leaks related to the BMW M2 2023, which will be officially revealed during the month of October, with production starting in Mexico in December, as the first cars are expected to arrive in the first Australian showrooms . half of next year, in line with the European deliveries.

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